Looking for another way to make money from your website or blog? Now you can get paid for helping market research companies find new participants.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up as a “publisher” with one or more paid survey affiliate programs (see suggestions below)
  2. Promote those programs by posting “affiliate links” and banners on your website
  3. Get paid when new people sign up for the program using your links

Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that, but not much. Most programs also allow you to use email newsletters and social media to promote your affiliate links, giving you more ways to earn.

As a publisher, you’ll be able to log into an affiliate account to find new offers, banners, and links that you can use on your site. Plus, you’ll be to track your performance and see how much money you’re earning.

Paid Survey Affiliate Programs

You don’t need to join a ton of affiliate programs to make money. Instead, consider joining just one or two of these top-performing programs.

CenterPoint Media Affiliate Program  

CenterPoint Media is a performance-based media company, with headquarters located in New York City. If you are a blogger and would like to earn money sending traffic to CenterPoint’s surveys, just complete the application on their site.

Click here to apply to CenterPoint.

Panthera Affiliate Program  

Panthera Interactive is an online marketing company specializing in performance-based advertising since 1998. As a publisher you’ll find tons of offers to match your audience and maximize conversion rates.

Click here to apply to Panthera.

ShopHer Affiliate Program  

Specifically designed to appeal to women, ShopHer has a variety of survey panels and other great offers that your users will love. This affiliate network is ideal for websites and blogs that skew toward the female demographic.

Click here to apply to ShopHer.

Best of luck in your new money-making effort! If you have questions about these programs, or becoming a paid survey affiliate in general, please contact us.