Since nearly everyone has a smartphone or tablet these days, companies are desperate to better understand how people are using them. To help them out, market research companies have created a variety of new mobile market research tools.

That’s good news for you too, because now you can get paid just for using your phone or tablet. From simply taking surveys on your phone to more unique (and even easier) opportunities, there are plenty of ways to make money using apps.

Let’s take this show on the road with 5 of our favorite mobile apps for making money:

1. Nielsen Digital Voice

It’s no surprise that one of the leading mobile market research companies is Nielsen, the name you know for tracking worldwide TV viewership. Their Nielsen Digital Voice app has got to be one of the most simple ways to make money ever.

Nielsen App Logo

Just install the app on your computer, then… do nothing. For real. You don’t have to do a thing. There are no required surveys, no videos to watch, and no strings attached. Just let the Nielsen Mobile App run in the background and you’ll earn about $50 for participating.

If a lesser-known company were running this program you might have security and privacy concerns, but Nielsen has been protecting consumers rights in market research for many years so it’s safe to say you’re in good hands.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks runs one of most popular cash-back survey programs around. It is easy to see that they’ve put a ton of effort into their mobile app with a bunch of ways to earn from just about anywhere.

Swagbucks Logo

One of the bright spots of the Swagbucks Mobile App is the different ways it provides to make extra money. For example, who doesn’t enjoy watching movie and TV clips? Now, you can earn rewards for doing these already fun activities.

In order to take full advantage of the Swagbucks Mobile App, you need to join Swagbucks first. Once you have registered with Swagbucks, you can just head to your device’s app store and download the app for free.

3. iPoll

iPoll isn’t your standard survey and money-making app. It features a wide variety of ways to earn cash, called “missions,” plus the app has a user-friendly interface.

iPoll Logo

Using the iPoll app on your mobile device could net you some nice cash via PayPal for things like taking a picture of a product in a store, or even indicating how clean that store is. The more missions you complete, the more you can earn.

The best feature of the iPoll app is the push notifications, which signal you when your next mission is available without having to check the app. It’s super convenient, especially if you’ve got other things (read: rowdy kids) on your mind on your way into Target.

4. Toluna

One of the longest running paid survey programs, Toluna has made an aggressive shift to mobile. Earning rewards with this app is pretty simple. All you need to do is open the app and look for invitations to give your feedback on various products and services.

Toluna Logo

Toluna’s research range from the latest 4k TVs to potential vacations spots to who serves the best burger in your town. For most of these things, you may already have formed an opinion, so no extra research is necessary. Otherwise, a quick trip to the local Best Buy or burger joint is all it takes.

After answering some simple questions on the Toluna mobile app, you’ll be rewarded with points redeemable for gift vouchers, cutting-edge products, or PayPal cash.

5. SurveySavvy Connect

The mobile offshoot of SurveySavvy, SurveySavvy Connect is a great complement for your regular SurveySavvy account. Since launching, the app has become a popular option for earning “passive” rewards, meaning you don’t actually have to do anything to get rewarded.

SurveySavvy Logo

Once you install the application, you are automatically enrolled in the SurveySavvy behavioral research panel, for which you can earn up to $60. Like the Nielsen app, you can just leave it open in the background. The app will anonymously track your mobile usage, and you’ll get paid.

If you’re concerned about privacy, SurveySavvy Connect lets you go “incognito” mode, so you can participate while staying in control of what you share. Best of all, using SurveySavvy Connect while also taking regular surveys can open up even more opportunities, including high-paying focus groups.

Closing Thoughts

The world is shifting from the desktop to mobile devices. Now, you can take advantage of that shift by participating in market research from your mobile device.

Whether you use these money-making apps independently, or as part of a multi-program approach to paid surveys, they’re a great way to work smarter instead of harder to increase your earnings.

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