Not familiar with Swagbucks?

Over 11 million participants have earned over $100 million with Swagbucks. Take a look at some Swagbucks ratings & reviews and join the program before you read on.

As a Swagbucks member, you’ve usually got to work for your points by taking surveys, watching videos, and so on. But did you know there’s a way to score some points for free? There is: Swag Codes.

Just like other coupon or promo codes, Swag Codes are little text codes you can find online, enter into your Swagbucks account, and earn yourself some totally free points worth anywhere from $0.50 to $2.00.

Sounds good, right? Here’s the catch: these little buggers expire very quickly, and that’s IF you can find them in the first place, which isn’t always easy.

Swag Codes can appear anywhere, and at any time, throughout the Swag Bucks network.

To help you on your quest to find the Swag Codes that you seek, we’ve put together this list of the top five places to find new Swag Codes. Let’s take a look:

1. Swagbucks website & social media

Not surprisingly, Swagbucks itself is your best place to find the best Swag Codes. Frequently, the company will publish limited time codes (they may only last a few hours!) to their official Swag Blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account. Once you become a member of Swagbucks, it pays to check these resources frequently as they also post limited-time high-paying offers in addition to Swag Codes.

2. Coupon sites & Swag Code trackers

You may think a simple Google search would be an easy way to find Swag Codes, but alas this method is rarely successful as the codes expire so quickly. A better option is to follow a couple of high volume coupon code sites like Retail-Me-Not and dedicated tracker sites like Swag Codes Spoiler. These sites update frequently, giving you a better shot at finding unexpired Swag Codes.

3. /r/Swagbucks on Reddit

If you’re not using Reddit to learn about opportunities to earn, you should be. In fact there’s a forum (called a “subreddit”) completely dedicated to Swagbucks where Swag Codes get posted automatically within 12 minutes of release (or so they say). You don’t even need to sign up for reddit. Just check the page frequently so you don’t miss out.

4. Swagbucks browser companion

The Swagbucks browser companion offers a number of ways to earn with Swagbucks. But perhaps best of all, the extension will alert you instantly when new Swag Codes are made available. Plus, if you use their toolbar to search the web, you’ll have a (slim) chance to win a Swag Code worth 1,000 SB a few times each day.

5. Paid Survey Update Emails

We’re constantly on the look out for Swag Codes, not to mention other ways to help people like you get paid for sharing your opinion. Be sure to subscribe to Paid Survey Update so you don’t miss out on the next great opportunity to earn.

Closing Thoughts

If you like to make money taking surveys, Swagbucks is an absolute must-join program. It’s the most popular paid survey site on the planet, where you’ll never run out of ways to earn. Plus, now that you know how to find Swag Codes, you’ll have a chance to earn points even faster.

Ready to start finding Swag Codes?