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Operated by Nielsen, a market research powerhouse since 1923, Nielsen Digital Voice is a legitimate passive income program. If you’re not a member, you missing possibly one of the easiest chances to earn ever.

To get familiar with the program, you might want to read our full review of Nielsen Digital Voice. The short version is that you install their app on your computer, giving them limited access to information about how you use it, and in exchange you get entered into some big money sweepstakes.

Of course, it’s undertandable that you might be a little nervous about downloading an app to your computer. To help put you at ease, below you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about privacy and security with Nielsen Digital Voice.

Is it safe to download Nielsen Digital Voice?

As mentioned, Nielsen Digital Voice is backed by Nielsen, who have been trusted by thousands of families in hundreds of countries for close to a century. With this in mind, you can feel safe downloading their app.

Of course, as with any program, you’ll first want to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy and member agreement on their site. Both of these are written in pretty plain terms which is nice.

Do I have to do anything special to participate in Nielsen Digital Voice?

Other than install the app, no, you truly don’t have to do anything to participate. The app works completely in the background for a truly passive experience. Whether you’re gaming, checking your stocks, or just trolling on Facebook, you need not do anything different. Just surf the web and use your computer like you always do.

Once you’re running the software, you may also be offered a chance to take surveys as you surf the web. These are totally voluntary though, so you can skip them, but it will give you a chance to earn extra sweepstakes entries.

How does Nielsen Digital Voice know what I am doing?

By running the Nielsen Digital Voice “NetSight” software on your PC, the progam is able to track the usage of the computer both offline and online. The software then encrypts the information and sends it back to Nielsen automatically.

The Nielsen Digital Voice website goes into great detail about exactly what information is collected. This includes such things as the names of the software applications you use and what websites you visit. They CANNOT see the contents of your emails or documents.

Nielsen and their partners also use “tracking pixels” on their website, as does pretty much every company online, so if that’s your concern you probably already know how to participate in do not track programs.

Does Nielsen Digital Voice share my personal information?

In short, no, you are never personally identified in Nielsen Digital Voice’s market research. The company is only concerned with reporting on “aggregate” data about groups of people. They are not interested in how you personally use computers to work and surf.

“We use tools and methods to make sure that there is no reasonable possibility of identifying an individual panelist in the reports that we [Nielsen Digital Voice] create for our clients.”

For example, rather than reporting that Mike Gordon from Sudbury, Massachusetts likes going to, instead they might report that 40-50 year old males from Massachusetts are more likely to shop for expensive scarves than 40-50 year old males from Tunisia.

Will Nielsen Digital Voice slow down my computer?

The Nielsen Digital Voice “NetSight” software is unobtrusive and runs in the background. If you have a somewhat modern computer and operating system running, you likely won’t notice any difference in your computer’s performance, though you may notice yourself winning $1,000. Read on to find out how.

What is the Nielsen Digital Voice sweepstakes?

In exchange for running the Nielsen Digital Voice, you’ll earn entries into the Nielsen Digital Voice sweepstakes. Every month, 400 winners are selected to receive part of the $10,000 prize pool, with a monthly grand prize of $1,000.

In addition, your loyalty will be rewarded. The longer you keep the program installed, the more entries you’ll get for the monthly sweepstakes. Multiple users have reported receiving $10-$100 twice a year.

How do I join Nielsen Digital Voice?

It takes about 10 minutes to get up and running with Nielsen Digital Voice program. You’ll have to complete a signup form on their website, then download and install the software. To get started, click the Join Now button and choose your country.

This program is accepting new users!

Considering Nielsen’s reputation and the chance to earn truly passive income, there’s little reason not to join Nielsen Digital Voice as part of your multi-program approach to paid surveys.