Opinion Outpost is a legitimate market research company that offers you a variety of opportunities to make money. While you won’t get rich with Opinion Outpost, you will get paid. In fact, you don’t have to go much further than YouTube to find dozens of people willing to tell you about their success with the program.

Survey Chris

Survey Chris gives a positive review of Opinion Outpost, concluding that you can make money with the program. He recommends it for teenagers in particular, and validate his earnings with proof of a $30 payment. Don’t miss the part near the end where Chris wisely suggests you take a multi-program approach to paid surveys.

Mae Beerman

It’s encouraging to see non-survey-pros like Mae Beerman discuss how paid survey sites, specifically Opinion Outpost, are not a scam. Mae explains that it was easy for her to make over $30 and shows screen shots including proof of payment from Survey Sampling International (the company that owns Opinion Outpost) via PayPal


Here’s a pro tip from BoredBoyChronicles, a guy who seems like he could be your neighbor… next time you’re bored, take some surveys and make some money! Be sure to listen in near the end as BBC goes through all the different cash-out options for Opinion Outpost.

Walter Brady

This reviewer, Walter Brady, seems to be pretty serious about paid surveys, and he gives Opinion Outpost his stamp of approval as a legitimate program. Walter also stresses the importance of being consistent when taking surveys, which is great advice if you want to avoid getting disqualified.


Here’s a contrary perspective from Aussie RhysAtWar, who didn’t find Opinion Outpost to be a great program for himself. However, he does agree that the program is legitimate and also explains that Opinion Outpost is called Opinion World outside of the US and UK.


This video from ACBHG answers the question we all want to know, is Opinion Outpost real or fake? Plus, watch and learn how easy it is to redeem Amazon gift cards you can use to buy pretty much anything.

Is This Site Legitimate?

Neil from “Is This Site Legitimate” claims to earn about $7-8 an hour taking paid surveys with Opinion Outpost, so it’s not surprising that he describes the site as “completely worth your time.”

As you can see, Opinion Outpost is not a “get rich quick” scheme, but rather a way for people that want to help shape the future of important products earn a little bit of extra cash. If you’re new to paid surveys, Opinion Outpost is a great place to start.