While there are dozens and dozens of reputable paid survey programs, only the best have been around long enough, and grown big enough, to have paid out over $1,000,000 to their members.

It goes without saying, there’s a reason these programs have stood the test of time. Let’s take a look at what makes these paid survey programs so great, so you know what to look for if you want a reliable source of surveys that actually pays you.

1. Established Track Record

Because there are a lot of pseudo market research sites and straight-up scams out there, reliability is perhaps the most important factor when deciding what program to join.

You’ll find that all of the $1,000,000 programs have a strong record of reliable, timely payments.

2. Survey Availability

While some sites may only invite you to take a few surveys a month, if you want to make any kind of significant money you’ll need multiple opportunities to earn daily.

High-paying programs generally have a bevy of surveys and other ways to get paid, so there’s always something to do.

3. Customer Service

It’s easy to overlook customer service in the excitement to join a new program, especially if you’re new to paid surveys (in which case you should immediately read our FAQs that will teach you how to do paid surveys).

Naturally, programs that have been around for many years will have effective customer service, which is key in case you encounter technical difficulties or need to check on a payment.

4. Reward Threshold and Processing

Programs that have paid out $1,000,000 or more tend to have lower payout thresholds, usually $10 or less.

This means you’ll get your rewards faster, which is a huge bonus when it comes down to it. You want money in your pocket sooner rather than later.

Top 10 Survey Programs That Have Paid Out Over $1 Million

Now that you know what to look for, let’s take a look at the top 10 paid survey programs that confirmed payouts of at least $1,000,000.

Total payout numbers are estimates.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re just getting started with paid surveys, or you’re just looking for a “sure thing,” look no further than these 10 paid survey programs that have paid out over $1,000,000.