Whether you are a regular survey taker or new to the game, you may have recently noticed Nicequest on your radar. Until now, this worldwide market research company and its 1.7 million members primarily resided outside the U.S. Nicequest is in the process of making a massive push to enter the U.S. market, but are they legit or a scam?

What is Nicequest?

In operation since 2005, Nicequest got its start in Spain, where they still maintain their headquarters. The company quickly gained headway in the European and Latin American markets by conducting market research for Fortune 500 companies, public opinion polls, and more.

Most importantly, they gained a sparkling reputation for paying their survey takers fair compensation for their time and delivering rewards on time as promised. In the business of paid surveys, reputation goes a long way.

So how does Nicequest work?

For each survey taken, you’ll receive Shells (Nicequest’s currency), which you can redeem for gifts including Amazon gift cards, electronics, and a host of other items with completely free-of-charge shipping. You can also expect to receive surveys by email whenever they are available.

Because Nicequest does a great job at targeting collaborators, you will rarely be disqualified once you have been invited to participate in a survey. On the off chance that you are disqualified, you’ll still receive some Shells for your efforts.

In addition to regular surveys, after becoming a member you may be invited to the “Premium” program. This is a program that collects your browsing data: websites visited, apps that you use on your smartphone, etc. Installing the app poses no risk to your devices and doesn’t affect your connection speed. You will also receive an instant 100 Shell bonus for participating.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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So how much can I make?

Like most survey panels, you won’t be quitting your day job anytime soon. You can expect to earn $1-$3 worth of Shells per survey completed. Surveys will rarely exceed 25 minutes in length, but if they do you will earn more for your time. Another “nice” perk is that upon signup you’ll receive a 40 Shell bonus, equivalent to roughly $4.

Keep in mind as well that Nicequest does not pay cash in any form. All rewards are by gift card or merchandise. The minimum cash-out amount is a $5 gift card. Thanks to the sign-up bonus, most users will be able to cash-out for their first $5 gift card within 10 minutes of joining!

So what’s the verdict: is Nicequest legit?

There is absolutely no doubt that Nicequest is on the level and a welcome addition to the survey landscape. With a solid track record of on-time, fast payments, there’s no reason not to give them a try.

The only real negative at this point is there not being enough surveys to complete. Hopefully, available opportunities will increase as Nicequest expands in the U.S. However, the surveys you will receive certainly pay on the high-end and you don’t have to worry about receiving your rewards. You should sign up for free at Nicequest today to start earning!

What’s the Internet saying about Nicequest?

So far, the American response to Nicequest’s increased presence on the survey landscape has been overwhelmingly positive. Surveys are short and complaints are non-existent when it comes to delivering rewards. In fact, Nicequest is so proud of their record of reward delivery they’ve posted this picture on their site showing gifts in hand of their loyal users: (Wanted to align these horizontally. not sure how to do w/o visual mode.)

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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