You know those extreme couponing reality shows where someone buys $2,000 worth of stuff for $10? It’s amazing. And believe it or not, extreme couponing really does work. Unfortunately, there are some downsides to extreme couponing that they just don’t show on TV.

Paid surveys don’t make for great TV programming. However, when you compare extreme couponing to paid surveys, it’s clear that paid surveys are a much more effective use of your time. Let’s take a closer look.

Extreme Couponing is a Full-Time Job

You might feel awesome at the register getting a full cart of groceries for five bucks, but what the guy in line behind you won’t see is all the time and trouble it took you to accomplish this feat.

To achieve that level of savings is a monumental effort. You’ll have to do research, be extremely organized, and have impeccable timing. You’ll be required to contact companies for special offers, keep track of sale times, and make use of limited double-coupon windows.

Not to mention, you’ll have to hoard hundreds of weekly circulars. And when you get to the store, the deals you worked so hard to score may not even be available. Bummer!

Extreme Couponing Costs Money

No matter your approach, you’re going to end up spending money to achieve big savings with extreme couponing.

Of course the reality shows never mention this, but if you’re really going to succeed with extreme couponing, you’re gonna need to hit several stores. So, you’ve got to account for travel time and gas money, not to mention wear and tear on your vehicle.

Plus, until digital coupons take over, you’re going to be stuck spending $20 a pop or more on printer cartridges just to print all those coupons. Not to mention the printer paper. Okay, let’s be real, you just snag printer paper from work like everyone else, but anyway.

Unless you’re really on top of your extreme couponing game, you might actually end up losing money in the long run. Gas may be cheap right now, but tires aren’t.

Do You Really Need 26 Toothbrushes?

26 Toothbrushes

I like Costco as much as the next guy, but to realize the incredible savings you see on extreme couponing TV shows, be prepared to add a new wing to your house. Almost every major deal you see on those programs involves buying an absurd amount of stuff.

While you might save a bundle, do you really have space for 50 gallons of laundry detergent? When you join a paid survey program, the only thing you need to make room for is cash in your wallet. Or gift cards. And unlike 50 gallons of detergent, you don’t even need to load them into your car.

Instead of Saving Money, You Can Make Money

With extreme couponing, you’ve got to spend money in order to save money. It seems like a great plan, until you consider paid surveys.

When you join a reputable paid survey program, it won’t cost you a dime. All you have to do is act quickly when a new survey comes your way, share your opinion, and you can make money and earn points that you can redeem for gift cards and merchandise.

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Let’s Recap The Advantages of Paid Surveys

Here are some of the biggest advantages of paid surveys over extreme couponing…

  • Paid surveys are fast and easy, plus you can do them on your own time. Extreme couponing takes a ton of time, and you’re working on someone else’s schedule

  • Paid surveys are always free, provided you join a reputable program. Extreme couponing puts wear and tear on your car, and requires a ton of printer ink

  • With paid survey you frequently earn cash you can use anywhere to buy anything you want. With extreme couponing you’ll end up with 50 rolls of toilet paper

  • Bonus: Some survey programs also offer high-paying focus groups where you can earn up to $100 in one shot

The goal of extreme couponing and paid surveys is the same, to supplement your income. Unfortunately, extreme couponing is a full-time job that’s not only exhausting, it won’t directly add to your income. Paid surveys let you put in as much or as little effort as you want, plus they make a direct impact on your monthly income.

Yes, it is possible to make those huge shopping runs for little money, but the effort far outweighs the reward. You might not get rich taking paid surveys, but at least you’ll have real cash or gift cards in your hand at the end of the day.