Let’s be real, taking surveys can get a little bit boring. If you’re looking for a change of pace, consider doing a bit of product testing.

What is product testing?

With product testing, companies will send you products for free and in exchange you’ll share your opinion the products. You’ll get paid for the effort, and often you’ll get to keep the product when you’re done.

To put it another way, product testing is a fun way to increase your work-from-home earning potential since you get paid to try new things.

What type of products will I test?

There’s really no limit to the types of products you might find yourself testing. Most often you’ll end up testing common household items like cleaners, cosmetics, and snacks. Occasionally you may get lucky and score a chance to test a high-end smartphone, video game, or highly sought-after gadget.

How much can I earn testing products?

Compensation for product testing varies widely, with the key factors being the value and novelty of the product, how much feedback you’re expected to provide, and of course if you get to keep the product.

In a typical product test, the company will send you a product, you’ll use it for a bit, then you’ll write a review of the product. Once your review is approved, the company will pay you around $3 to $5 for your time.

Does product testing cost money?

No. Product testing scams are everywhere these days, so always keep your guard up. A typical scam will require you to complete a bunch of “offers” to get the product, or make you pay for the product you are testing.

Legitimate product testing companies will NEVER charge you to test products. They pay you, not the other way around.

How do I qualify to become a product tester?

Qualifying for product testing is similar to qualifying for paid surveys. Market research companies always want to know a bit about you first, so expect to fill out a short questionnaire when signing up for a new program.

Always answer the questions honestly. This not only helps you avoid disqualification, but may also help the company determine what products you’re asked to test. If you said you don’t eat sweets when you signed up, you won’t be asked to test a new ice cream flavor loaded with gummy bears — even though that sounds delicious!

Alrighty then, where do I sign up?

To get started, all you’ve got to do is join a few programs that offer product testing. Here are a few of them now:

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for a fun way to supplement your paid survey income, you should certainly consider product testing (and other get paid to opportunities). You’ll get a chance to try new products for free and make a little extra spending money for sharing your opinion.

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