Amazon Gift Cards are a popular reward for taking paid surveys, and most legitimate programs offer them. It’s pretty obvious why. Since you can buy just about anything from A to Z on Amazon, an Amazon Gift Card is nearly as flexible as cash.

As with gift cards from more traditional retailers like Best Buy, many survey programs will offer you the option of a physical Amazon Gift Card or an electronic Amazon E-mail Gift Card. Here’s tip #1:

Always choose the Amazon E-mail Gift Card instead of the physical card.

Why should you choose an Amazon E-mail Gift Card?

Well for starters, Amazon doesn’t even have brick and mortar locations, so a physical card doesn’t make much sense. Plus, with physical cards, most survey programs expect you to wait up to month or more until they send them to you.

With Amazon E-mail Gift Cards, you’ll typically get your redemption code in just a few days. And when that email comes, do NOT leave it in your inbox or stick it in a folder of stuff to do later. Chances are it’ll get buried or forgotten. Instead, follow tip #2:

When you get an Amazon E-Mail Gift Card, apply it to your Amazon account immediately.

That’s right. Stop everything you are doing and apply the gift card to your Amazon account right then and there. It only takes a few seconds (here’s how) and will offer you a number of benefits.

Why should you apply your Amazon E-mail Gift Card to your account immediately?

First, as noted, it prevents you from forgetting about the gift card and having your hard-earned money become part of the billions of dollars in gift cards that never get used.

Second, it lets you guarantee that the code is valid and for the amount you expected to receive. If it isn’t, you can reach out the survey program’s customer service department right away, instead of later when they may not be able to help you as easily.

And finally, you do NOT need to actually spend the money right away. The funds will be stored in your account and never expire. Then you can use your gift card when it makes most sense for you, whether it’s for something mundane like air filters or something cool like a unique gift for your nephew.

In short, redeeming your card right away gives you peace of mind now, and will make your life easier down the road.

What are some survey programs that offer Amazon E-Mail Gift Cards?

There are no shortage of paid survey programs that offer Amazon E-Mail Gift Cards. Plus, if you’re taking a multi-program approach to paid surveys, you can rack up funds on Amazon pretty quickly.

Here are a few of our favorite programs that offer Amazon E-Mail Gift Cards…

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If that’s not enough, here’s a list of more paid survey programs that offer Amazon Gift Cards which should keep you busy for quite a while. Hope these tips work for you, and happy earning.

P.S. If you’re new to paid surveys, take a look at our Paid Survey FAQs for more advice on how to get started and maximize your earning potential.