It’s no secret: filling out forms for paid surveys is time consuming and boring. Especially when you have to answer the same question over and over. And let’s face it, relying on your browser to remember your form filling info is a guessing game at best.

For example, every time you sign up for a new paid survey program, you’ll need to enter your basic info: name, email, address, and so on like it’s your job. It’s boring enough to kill the average man, and it takes up time you could be using earn cash.

That’s where RoboForm comes in.

Roboform is an “auto form filler” that securely stores your personal information, then uses that info to completely fill out web forms with just the click of a button. Seriously! Imagine never having to type in your home address or phone number again? It’s almost like magic.

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But wait, there’s more. Roboform is also a sophisticated password manager. Once you’ve logged into a survey program site for the first time, Roboform can remember your information and log you in automatically the next time. That way you only need to remember one password for all your programs.

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Here’s some more good news about Roboform. It’s totally free to try for 30 days. There’s no credit card required and no strings attached. Plus, it will work for every website you visit, not just paid survey sites. In fact, it’s especially helpful for job-seekers filling out online applications.

After the 30 day trial, Roboform costs only $9.99 for a full year. Personally, I put off buying Roboform for a while. I even tried some of the free options. Eventually I took the plunge and could not be more pleased with my decision. If you have over 500 different logins like I do, the time you save is invaluable.

If you want to save some time and make more money taking paid surveys, do yourself a favor and download an automated form-filler like RoboForm. It’s an extremely powerful tool that can make your survey-taking life much easier on any device.

Ready to save time and make more money?

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Please note: Roboform can be uninstalled at any time. Please visit if you have questions about how to use Roboform or need other assistance.