Online market research veteran PointClub has been on the rise of late, and their recent redesign not only looks great but also offers you the opportunity to earn more money with less work.

To help you see just how far they’ve come, here’s a breakdown of what’s new and different since you last tried PointClub.

Higher payouts

To kick things off, the new PointClub addresses the most important part of paid surveys, the payout. While most paid survey programs reward you with points worth just a buck or two, with the new PointClub it’s possible to earn up to $10 per survey.

Bigger sign-up bonus

Not satisfied with offering a mere $2, the new PointClub drops 5,000 points in your account when you sign up and qualify for the program, which is basically like having someone hand you $5 just for saying “hello.”

Mobile-friendly design

The newly redesigned PointClub features a mobile-friendly design and clean dashboard that’s responsive to all screen sizes. Plus it’s easier to navigate and you can quickly find available surveys.

More killer, less filler

PointClub offers plenty of opportunities to earn with a focus on stuff you can actually make money doing. Unlike most programs, they won’t crush your inbox with dozens of emails and hard-to-qualify-for research projects.

Better pre-survey info

It’s never fun to go in blind, not knowing how long a survey will take or how much you’ll get paid. With the new PointClub, you’ll know in advance how long and how much, so you’ll never waste your time.

Points if you’re disqualified

While it’s always better to avoid getting disqualified from paid surveys in the first place, the new PointClub offers you a few points even if you get DQ’d. It’s not much, but it sure beats the fat zero most programs offer.

Potential for multiple monthly payouts

With huge minimums and slow redemption times, most survey programs make it hard to earn multiple payouts monthly. With a bit of diligence, the new PointClub puts multiple monthly payouts within your reach.

Lower minimum Paypal payout

Here’s a little bonus for the PayPal people. Instead of $50, PointClub’s PayPal redemption threshold is now the same as any other payment method – $25, greatly reducing the time it’ll take you to get paid via PayPal.

Personalized offers

When you join PointClub you’ll be asked to answer questions about your likes and dislikes. PointClub uses this information to match you with relevant surveys that pay more and reduce your chances of getting disqualified.

Closing Thoughts

If you were a PointClub member in the past, it’s certainly worth your time to revisit the site and see what they have going on. If you’re new to PointClub, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the ease of use, modern layout, and extensive earning opportunities.

Wow, still here? If you’ve made it this far, lean back and watch the new PointClub commercial for a quick and funny take on what they have to offer.