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13 Paid Survey Reviews


An instant $5 PayPal gift code just to join

With MobileXpression, all you have to do is let the app run in the background, and watch as the easy passive money flows directly into your PayPal account or as a convenient gift card, month after month.

Our Rating [4.71/5]
16 User Ratings [4/5]


Grab an Easy $5 Sign-Up Bonus

One of the most well-established companies in the industry, you can rack up quick payouts by reading emails, watching videos, and of course taking surveys for money. In addition you’ll snag a $5 instant sign-up bonus when you join.

Our Rating [4.71/5]
43 User Ratings [4/5]

Survey Junkie

Over $10 million in survey payouts to date

Survey Junkie scours the Internet for cash-paying surveys that match your profile. Once you join, you can access your account dashboard for daily paid surveys and maximum earning opportunities.

Our Rating [4.7/5]
24 User Ratings [3.5/5]


Join and receive payments within 24 hours

If you’re looking to get paid fast, Quick Rewards totally lives up to their name, processing rewards in just hours. Take surveys, read email, and watch videos for PayPal cash , Amazon gift codes and more. There is no minimum cash-out.!

Our Rating [4.7/5]
23 User Ratings [4.5/5]

National Consumer Panel

Scan barcodes on what you already buy for real money

Join Nielsen’s National Consumer Panel and earn cash, electronics, gift cards, sweepstakes entries and more just for scanning barcodes on the products and groceries you purchase every day.

Our Rating [4.69/5]
15 User Ratings [4.5/5]

Media Rewards

Passive income just for downloading the app

Make an easy $15 of passive income per month, plus sweepstakes entries, taking surveys for money with Media Rewards. Earn for surfing, playing games, and doing pretty much anything on your smartphone.

Our Rating [4.67/5]
4 User Ratings [4.5/5]


Get real cash in as little as 24 hours for participating

Over 5 million members have made PrizeRebel a top tier paid survey program. Their modern interface, abundance of survey options, and 24 hour cash-out process allow you to earn both quickly and easily.

Our Rating [4.65/5]
8 User Ratings [5/5]

Nielsen Mobile

The Easiest $60 in Passive Income You’ll Ever Earn

Earn $50 worth of rewards just by using your Android or iOS device as you already do. The Nielsen company wants to do for smartphones and tablets what they’ve done for TV. Help them and get your share of rewards.

Our Rating [4.62/5]
9 User Ratings [4.5/5]


One of the best GPT sites…you’ll always find a way to earn here

You’ll never run out of ways to make money at ySense. Get paid for taking surveys, searching Google, and hundreds of other small tasks that can build up your PayPal account.

Our Rating [4.6/5]
28 User Ratings [4.5/5]


One of the only GPT sites with Crypto for rewards! allows users to earn extra cash or cryptos like Bitcoin for playing games, surveys, taking free trials, offer walls and more. They’ve quickly become one of the largest sources for online earning in the world.

Our Rating [4.6/5]
9 User Ratings [4.5/5]

SurveySavvy Connect

Outstanding passive income opportunities up to $180

Simply install the SavvyConnect App and go about your online life. You can easily make $60 just for surfing online and earn even more by joining special research projects.

Our Rating [4.5/5]
10 User Ratings [4/5]

Nielsen Digital Voice

Terrific passive income from simply downloading an app

Here’s your chance to earn some truly passive income. Run the Nielsen Digital Voice app then surf the web like you always do. You’ll get entries into a monthly sweeps with $10,000 in prizes.

Our Rating [4.45/5]
5 User Ratings [5/5]


PermissionResearch gives you the chance to win up to $100,000 each month. Downloading their free software allows them to monitor your Internet usage and earns you automatic sweepstakes entries.

Our Rating [3/5]
1 User Rating [5/5]