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Maru Springboard America Ratings

Our Rating

Overall [4.55/5]
Opportunities [4.5/5]
Rewards [4.5/5]

User Ratings

User Rating [4/5]

Maru Springboard America Highlights

  • $0.50 to $5 for each survey
  • Choose from electronic payment options like PayPal, Venmo, and more.
  • Find focus groups paying $100 or more
  • Surveys pay more based on length, there is no set amount
  • Be entered to win $1000 for joining
  • Fun and engaging surveys on topical issues and exciting products

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Our Maru Springboard America Review

How can I earn with Maru Springboard America?

Paid Surveys

Springboard America has a concerted focus on surveys and only surveys. Topics will vary, but paid surveys are your only earning avenue. Paid surveys are by email only and cover a wide variety of issues and product feedback questionnaires.

Focus Groups

Although infrequent, you may qualify for unique focus groups on various topics. If you are lucky enough to be selected, you’ll generally be asked to participate in depth online discussions about an issue or product. The average focus group pays $100.

Here are some of the most popular ways to earn on Maru Springboard America:

  • Take Surveys Take surveys for money, just share your opinion and earn.

What payouts and rewards does Maru Springboard America offer?

You can expect up $5 per survey which stands as one of the better payouts in the industry. Once you start establishing your reputation as reliable participant, you’ll soon receive sweeps entires, and occasional third party offers with higher earning potential.

You’ll also receive surveys that reward you with sweepstakes entries for various prizes including a $1,000 draw.

Here are some of the top payout options on Maru Springboard America:

  • Amazon E-Gift Codes
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal
  • Sweepstakes Entries
  • Venmo

How do I join Maru Springboard America?

Unlike most survey panels which like to get started with some personal information from prospective panelists, you will be about your views on a number of subjects. You must be an American resident and be 14 years or older.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

How do I redeem points and get paid with Maru Springboard America?

There is a $50 cash out requirement and processing can take 2-4 weeks. Once you reach 50 Survey Dollars, you will be able to select the ‘Redeem Now’ button which appears below your Survey Dollars account summary.

Does Maru Springboard America have good customer support?

Springboard has an effective email support ticket system for customer support. Expect to receive a response to your inquiry within 24 hours.

What are the most common issues with Maru Springboard America?

If you’re looking for a fast payout, Springboard isn’t isn’t the best in the biz as hitting the $50 threshold can take awhile, typical users will receive about 1 to 4 surveys monthly which is a bit on the low side. In addition, there will usually be a month processing period once are you ready to cash out.

What else do I need to know about Maru Springboard America?

Recently Springboard America has also merged with Canadian research group Maru to expand the breadth of their survey pool.

Closing Thoughts: Is Maru Springboard America right for me?

Springboard America is an outstanding survey panel from which you will certainly get paid. It might take awhile to get your rewards in hand, at least the surveys are enjoyable and pertinent. If you like to answer questions about topical issues, travel, or gadgets for cash; this program is for you.

Springboard America needs to be part of your survey profile. With payouts of up to $5 per survey, this program should not be ignored. The chance you could selected for a $100 focus group alone warrants giving this program a try.

Official Maru Springboard America Description

By joining Springboard you become eligible to receive invitations to take part in research on topics ranging from politics to consumer products. For each survey you take part in, your answers are collected along with those of fellow Springboard members and the results analyzed by our research experts before being presented to our clients.

As a thank you for sharing your opinions with us, you will receive Survey Dollars for taking part, or sweepstake entries. We’ll also share key insights with you via our newsletters and portal, and you give us instant feedback in our quick polls.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Maru Springboard America User Reviews

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4 stars // 31 reviews

  • I joined several years ago, and this seemed to be a fairly good survey site at the time. I’ve had a number of bad experiences with them since then, however.

    I participated in a focus survey a few months ago, but it was poorly designed, and I still haven’t received the promised incentive payment. I was told payment would be within one month, but it does not look like they actually intend to pay anything, at this point.

    I tried contacting them, but as someone else mentioned, the only contact information is an email. It can take several days to receive a response (if you even get a response).

    I have also noticed that the “points” rewarded for taking surveys has dropped, making it harder to gain enough points to actually receive any payment. Surveys average less than $1 and they only send a few per month, so it’s very hard to do enough surveys to make the minimum amount to receive payment ($50).

    Needless to say, I won’t be wasting any more time with Springboard America.

  • SLOW response from springboard. to never been answered other times!
    payouts take forever.
    first payout turned into a credit card “type” that took me 6 months to find anyone that would accept it.
    yes, it was a regular looking mastercard for $50.00.

    THEIR CONSTANT WEEKLY MOSAICS will drive you crazy!

    They only have answers to fit their customers.
    ie. they have no good answers for some people, like me.
    then, you are kicked off the survey, only to wait weeks for the next survey.

  • I have been waiting for over 3 months to get my prepaid visa card.does anyone know how to contact Springboard? most of surveys I,ve done give phone # & address,s but there is no way to get ion touch with them.Yes I,ve tried e-mailing them & thats not easy either & they take several days to respond.Maybe someone else knows how to go about this if so would appreciate it.thank you

  • This is my first Time using Springboard America it’s been awesome so far I think it’s pretty cool I would totally recommend this to others who have extra time an there lives.

  • I dont really know to much but the part i do know whoever invented this is smart, has a good head on their shoulders and i want them to keep up the good work

  • I enjoy participating with Spring Board America for you get to try free products and also you get paid for taking surveys

  • It is a good company to work for but the required level to cash-out is too high. It takes too long to reach the payout amount because they do not send too many surveys.

  • I don’t like springboard America is much the surveys are not as interesting as most places

  • I like doing surveys for springboard America, but they don’t send enough. At least send them once a day.

  • straight forward and honest questions.

  • have made a little bit of money But Don’t like the new way they pay. Why did they stop using PayPal

  • I have been a member of SpringBoard America for some time and have not yet earned very much for the surveys that they have sent me. I do not receive that many surveys like I do from other survey companies but I still like Springboard America

  • I really enjoy being a member and would recommend Springboard.

  • springbaord America is a great site

  • I’ve been a member for a while and the surveys are easy and fun to do. I have earned money with this web site, but don’t like the new pay system they, it use to be paypal

  • I would take very long surveys and be disqualified at the end many times. Then I spent two hours on an audio survey about a new tv show and a technical problem occurred on their side. I emailed them and they failed to fix the problem. After being with the site for one year I had made $14.00. A total waste of time

  • I just started and i love it so far

  • I like all the surveys sent to me from Springboard, some are too long tho.


  • Good survey site

  • Springboard America is one of the best survey programs where you can earn money, not getting rich, but certainly earn money. The reason I love Springboard America is there is no way that you could not be qualified, because they base surveys on your profile and interests. The next best thing is that the surveys don’t take long to answer. If you want a program that pays and I do mean really pays, check them out.

  • Surveys are easy to understand, this makes your survey experience wonderful and please don’t let surveys be an hour long for 50 cents.

  • I enjoy doing survey with Springboard America. But they don’t give you a lot of survey to do of sharing opinions to earn more points. I’m still a member with this website of the years. Thank You !!

  • I don’t receive as many surveys as I’d like but they are interesting.

  • Springboard America has surveys that are meaningful, wanting honest answers. Most surveys are short and they are also fun.

  • One of the more honest, down to earth, informative programs on the computer. I enjoy my association, immensely.

  • I love Springboard America it is a great way to have your voice heard.

  • I’m still new and spend only a little time on here and the survey questions are easy to understand

  • I think that it is a fantastic idea to the setup the way that is it. Quicker get to the point. It is by far one of favorite sites to go to. I actually learn thing or two.

  • I have just begun my experience with Springboard America, so there’s not much to review yet. So far it looks set up well, professionally, & is easy to follow.

  • Earned $183.60 since 07/2013 with little effort. Prompt payment upon request. Intelligent surveys created with pleasing visual style. I suggest a panelist always answer honestly or you’re wasting your time and theirs.

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