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  • Quick and easy signup with your Microsoft Live account
  • Earn rewards for searching the web
  • Redeem for gift cards, airline miles, and even movie tickets
  • Donate credits to local charities and schools
  • NO Surveys to take, just use Bing to search and get rewarded


First you’ll need an account with Microsoft Live, which just takes an email and a password. Use the link provided here to join and you’re in!

Rewards Summary

Earning credits is easy. Search with Bing on your PC and phone, try new features, and take advantage of exclusive offers to see your credits start adding up. Status upgrades allow you to earn even faster. All you have to do is stay signed-in and keep searching with Bing.

The reward options are nearly endless when it comes to redemption time. Any gift card you can think of is readily available in your account dashboard.

Redemption & Processing

Bing Rewards has a very wide range of reward offerings. Redeem your credits for airline miles, fuel points, savings on food and movies, or request gift cards from top retailers including Starbucks,, Sephora, and more.

If you would rather use your credits to try and win big, you can enter sweepstakes for amazing prizes like Xbox One consoles and games, Surface tablets, and $500 gift cards.

With Bing Rewards, you even have the option to give to charity. You can select from a variety of charities, or pick a local charity or school to get things like free Surface tablets.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Customer Support

Supported by Microsoft itself, they always act professionally and respond quickly to each and every inquiry. It helps to that this program is backed by one of the largest companies in the world.


If there’s any downside to Bing, it’s the fact that you can’t rack up points by taking surveys. Also, cash is not an option for reward redemption, but as previously mentioned there are hundreds of gift cards and other options from which to choose.

More Details

Microsoft Rewards has bronze, silver, and gold levels of membership which improve with how much your participate. All users start out as bronze, but it doesn’t take very long to achieve gold status. Once you are gold, you can earn more points each day and points are worth more when you redeem them.

Also note that Microsoft Rewards was once also known as Bing Rewards.

Closing Thoughts

If you use the internet to search for things like most people on this planet, there’s no reason not to sign up for Bing Rewards. It really is just searching. No surveys or extra work whatsoever are required. Backed by Microsoft, you’ll never have to worry about not getting paid. Bing is every bit as good as Google, so get searching and start earning.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Official Video

Learn more about Microsoft Rewards with this video overview.

Official Description

Here’s a summary from the official Microsoft Rewards website.

Microsoft Rewards and start earning toward rewards including gift cards, Microsoft Points for Xbox, movie nights from Redbox, donations to charities and more.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Reviews of Microsoft Rewards

  • I use Bing rewards to purchase games and apps from Microsoft Store. Why do you feel compelled all the time to offer games and movies for purchase in order to gain points. That to me is defeating the purpose of using Bing in order to gain points to purchase gift cards, games and apps from the rewards page. Instead you should give extra points to someone when they use their points to purchase Xbox and Microsoft gift cards because it is only helping Microsoft in the long run. The home page of the Bing rewards has got so cluttered and confusing to me that I am about to skip Bing altogether and use another browser to get my info.

  • Don’t download this. Once you build up a lot of points they cancel your account for some stupid reason. Don’t waste your time like i did!

  • Great way to earn rewards

  • Have used Bing Rewards for quite awhile. Won’t use anything else!!!

  • I love everything about bing

  • I like Being Rewards not hard to complete and get rewarded for what I already do.

  • good reward’s

  • I love everything about bing

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Microsoft Corporation

  • One Microsoft Way
  • Redmond, WA 98052

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