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  • $5 instant sign-up bonus
  • Earning opportunities ranging from product testing to paid surveys
  • Rewards in cash only; no complicated points system
  • Automatic sweepstakes entries for every survey you take


Getting started is extremely simple. Register in just a few seconds, but for better surveys or offers you should fill out your available profile surveys as much as possible.

Rewards Summary

There are a ton of ways to earn on Cashback Fortune, but the payouts vary with the amount of effort required, type of activity, and various other factors. For example, you can receive up $20 for trial offers while most surveys will pay around $1 or less.

As an added bonus, you can even earn a few cents for every email you open. Search the site and your account dashboard to see which earning method works best for you.

Redemption & Processing

A minimum of $25 is required to claim your gift card or cash reward. To claim your rewards, your profile must be complete with valid information. Also, a minimum of 3 surveys or offers must be completed for each cash-out you request.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Customer Support

Many members seem to have difficulty reaching email support and getting timely responses. Cashback Fortune seems to be lagging in this department.


Cashback Fortune has been generating quite a few complaints concerning paying their users on time, and sometimes not at all. This is obviously a very bad sign and you should use caution if you decide to put a lot of effort into their surveys. It is suggested you should try and cash out as soon as possible once you hit the redemption threshold.

Closing Thoughts

Although Cashback Fortune is a new operation, they show every sign of being a great addition to the “get-paid-to” site community. Since the site is new, the opportunities may not be as numerous as other sites but the rewards are commensurate with the activity.

The site’s layout is very professional and responsive and you can easily access your opportunities from your account dashboard. In short, there’s no reason not to give Cashback Fortune a try. The $5 registration bonus alone make this program worth a try.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Official Description

Here’s a summary from the official Cashback Fortune website.

Our goal is to make you the most money and find you the best opportunities for great deals and promotional discounts. How do we do this? Our team strive in finding you best offers, surveys, games, trials and discounts.

We bring it all in one place so that you don’t have to look any where else. Earn cash and gift cards simply by completing offers. Also invite your friends for a chance to enter and win our Las Vegas Trip Sweepstakes.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Reviews of Cashback Fortune

  • I’ve tried to cash out but 1st they say my PayPal account is incorrect. Put in a good email account. It’s my only account. I’ve sent 3 tickets and never heard anything. I sent them a request twice to there help line. Nothing. Now when I try to log in they say my email account is incorrect. Don’t join this survey site. They are theives.


  • Getting very frustrated they won’t pay me. I wish I had a number also won’t answer my emails.

  • I see I have the same problem as others
    I too haven’t received my reward. So how do u get it

  • It’s taking longer and longer to get paid now. I recently had to put in a support ticket because I never received payment for April earnings into my Paypal account, which usually occurs at or around the last day of the following month. This time it took until 6-9-17 to see the payment from OBA Media and Marketing LLC in my Paypal account. Hopefully, this doesn’t happen again next time I try to cash out. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt as they sent an email concerning the implementation some new policy changes, due to the “abuse of some members on CashbackFortune”.

  • Takes forever to get your cash, if you ever do get it. It is impossible to get ahold of this “company.”

  • Avoid this one like the plague, folks. I’ve been a member for just over a year and something has changed, and drastically! I cashed out ONCE with this place and had no problems doing so. Now, as I near that $25 mark once again, I find myself LOCKED OUT of my own account! To make a long story short, I receive their emails on a daily basis for surveys. I had no problems whatsoever doing their surveys. All of a sudden, over the past couple of months, when I click on those emails, I suddenly get the message “there are no surveys available.” It went on for awhile and I just thought there actually weren’t any surveys for my demographics. After awhile, I wrote to their “support.” I get a reply from them that I’ve been placed as a “preliminary fraud.” This tells me that someone may have been trying to use my account with them. I wrote them back and asked them why I was never informed of any fraudulent activity on my account, and they promptly locked me out. NO replies to two sets of tickets sent in asking the same thing. They refuse to answer that question. This place is the REAL fraud. I’m close to cash out again, and this is how they handle their screw-ups AND their members. If you like to get paid for the hard work you do on surveys, don’t bother with this place. You’ll definitely be very sorry. PS: I’m apologizing for the ONE star I gave them, but I can’t rank them any lower than that.

  • Don’t use this site. I sent them a ticket asking where’s my damn money and they said it would be processed in 1 week. Guess what. it’s 2 months later and it still hasn’t.

  • I feel like they cheated me. Cashed out on 4th January, April is going on now, but still not received any payment and no replies to my emails also. Cheaters!!!

  • Same problem as eveyone else regarding getting paid. Was supposed to get paid end of February and now we are almost into the 2nd week of MARCH and no paypal payment yet. Sent many many emails and created many tickets and first got standard auto reply that my ticket was being reviewed. After a week they said they were aware of the problem and rewards should be issued end of week. But then the message said that if I dont hear anything in a couple of days that I should get back to them. Of course I will get back to them! Will it help? We shall see. I will post again and let everyone know what happens.

  • I signed up for this. I thought it would be a few extra dollars, from time to time. In late November 2016 I put in a cash-out request for $25. Was told by the site information that all cash-out request would be sent out the last week of the following month. So I waited the last week of December came, first , second, third week of January. Now is February 5th 2017 still no cash-out check in the mail.
    I put in the fact on the site, 5 times, and asked when it would arrive. No check has arrived and no contact with the support!

  • garbage..they do not respond to any emails, they do not pay out the advertised rewards and are probably just making money off of your opinions and will never pay out. This is a scam, the company address is a me for information to put them out of business by getting their DOS pulled from the state of New York. Total waste of time

  • I have requested 2 cash out a in the past month and a half never received anything I emailed support numerous of times never received a response regarding my payment for successfully completing the offers I believe it is just a scam since I never received any payment or any response from the so call support center

  • i am a member of cashback fortune and i have no problems getting surveys from them and have even finished quite a few of them. but my problem with them is when i have cashed out and i have twice, the first time they did not offer amazon gift cards so i cashed out for a $25 prepaid visa card which i never recieved and i kept submitting tickets and always got a generic response from them and then finally after 4 months i got a $25 amazon gift code in my email and now i am having the same problem i cashed out a $25 amazon gift code in mid-october so i gave them the benifit of the doubt because their cashout policy is that they will pay cashouts the end of the next month. so i never heard anything from them and submitted a ticket on 12/10/2016 and nothing then after 1 week went back and checked status of ticket nothing said so i messaged them again still nothing, so i went back today to check status of ticket submitted all info and got a message that access was denied. so i fired off another ticket and complained yet again more then likely all this falls on deaf ears. i am getting so sick and tired of them taking their sweet time with cashouts.

  • I signed up and cashed out for $25.00 during the month of October. The site said payments will be made by the 20th of the following month on the FAQ page. However, I have also seen it elsewhere on the site indicating payment would be processed by the end of the next month. It is now 12/4 and not only have I not received my payment, but, they refuse to answer any emails regarding the whereabouts of my payment. What a scam!

  • Have not receive my payment and I keep emailing and emailing and emailing and no one’s getting back to me I knew it was the scam for my money wasn’t posted in my account at midnight and all of a sudden if I had another issue they will email back but now it’s time for payment no one so happen to see the emails bunch of BS don’t waste your time people Kash Doll September 25th payment posted in my account October 20th midnight nothing they’re not answering their emails scam

  • This site doesn’t pay and their IP address is hidden by WHOISGUARD Protection. They have a company listed OBA Media & Marketing, LLC, whose address is 5343 Bell Blvd. Bayside, NY 11364. This is a house and most likely isn’t even a real address.

    I signed up and cashed out for $25.00 during the month of July. The site said payments will be made by the 20th of the following month. It is now 08/26/ and not only have I not received my payment, but, they refuse to answer any emails regarding the whereabouts of my payment.

  • I am having the same experience as Jeri Morgan, and I too sent them a email telling them that every email I get, regardless if the email is several hours old or I just got it within seconds it always tells me “no surveys available.” I was told that I wont always be accepted for a survey, but Im not getting ANY.

    While they do give you 5 cents for each email you open, I did read in their rules that you must do at least 3 surveys to cashout. What Im thinking will happen is once I get to the cashout amount I wont be able to because of the 3 survey rule

    I am leary about this one, not even sure how I found out about the site.

  • Sign up was easy and went well and I received about $8 in the first two days. Since then (several weeks) I have received multiple emails daily, which lead to links saying “no surveys available.” I have written to their CS multiple times and received a “service ticket.” Still getting the emails with links to nothing. What a waste of my time.

  • My experience depicts a true story where all expectations are met in a timely and professional manner.

  • My experience with CASHBACK FORTUNE has been amazing!!

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