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  • Operated by one of the most respected Internet research firms
  • Earn $60 within the first two months for participating
  • Earn $10 per month for each month you stay an active member
  • Bonus payments for every three consecutive months you stay connected


Getting started with Digital Reflection Panel is a little more involved than your typical survey panel. It will actually involve receiving some free equipment in the mail to begin.

First, you’ll take a short questionnaire to ensure your internet connection is compatible and wireless. You MUST have a wireless network at home in order to participate. Then register in full and provide your contact info.

After registration, you should receive the Internet Meter (a small piece of hardware about 3.5 inches long) shipped to you for free. Follow the simple instructions and you’re all set to go. Support is available if needed.

How You’ll Earn

The meter works automatically to collect information about how your household uses the internet. The more devices you register, the more you’ll earn.

You’ll be compensated for your participation as follows:

  • *$25 for installing the Internet meter
  • *$25 for completing your first device update
  • *$10 each full month there after plus a bonus payment every 3 months for always keeping your meter plugged & completing all device updates

Redemption & Processing

You must earn $50 before you can request a payout. You’ll receive payment based on the period of when you began participating. Since verification can take awhile, new users can generally expect their first payment within 10-12 weeks.

Choose PayPal or VISA gift card as your method of payment.

This program is accepting new users!

Customer Support

Digital Reflection Panel has a full staff when it comes to phone and email support. Most users report getting through promptly with effective responses.


Digital Reflection Panel claims the Internet Meter has no effect on your browsing speed, but some participants disagree. There are a handful of complaints you can find online about the device dropping Internet speeds by up to 50%. It should be noted that multiple users have also reported no effect whatsoever.

There’s too many factors to determine what could cause a connection speed slowdown, but new users should consider it a possibility that your speed will decrease when using the device. Of course if this becomes a concern, you can cancel at any time.

More Details

Obviously, the number one concern a potential user may have is privacy concerns. Digital Reflection is really only interested in aggregate data from your demographic. Here’s a snippet from their website to explain more in detail:

Our member’s Internet usage data is aggregated with other panel member’s data in order to create research reports for businesses around the world. These research reports never contain any personally identifiable information. Moreover, as a research organization, our goal is to understand members’ browsing and buying habits – not influence them. To that end, we do not advertise on our site, nor do we use any personal information that members provide us to advertise or market products or services to them.

Closing Thoughts

Most people will either fall in one camp or the other when it comes to Digital Reflection Panel. One big pro is that you can earn about $200 in a year for really doing nothing after. Users report no difficulty about getting paid on time, so it really is passive income you can count on.

On the flip side, there have been a few complaints about the Internet Meter affecting speed. In addition, if you’re sensitive about sharing your usage data even on an anonymous level you may want to pass on this one. It’s really no different than a Nielsen family allowing their TV viewing to be tracked, but it’s completely understandable that Digital Reflection may not be for everyone.

The parent company truly has an excellent reputation, so there is very little worry anything underhanded would be done with your data. Digital Reflection Panel is certainly worth trying for a really simple way to make money and add a drop in the bucket every month.

This program is accepting new users!

Official Description

Here’s a summary from the official Digital Reflection Panel website.

Digital Reflection is a market research community dedicated to understanding how people use the Internet in their homes. Internet access is no longer restricted to computers – now we have access to the Internet on our phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and even kitchen appliances. And companies are interested in expanding these products even further. That’s where you come in. As a member of Digital Reflection, you’ll be able to participate in research that may contribute to enhancements and new ways to experience the Internet.

This program is accepting new users!

Reviews of Digital Reflection Panel

  • As soon as I installed this device and within a few months I had nothing but problems. I contacted them several times and never had any resolution. I finally gave up because it slowed my internet down tremendously and it was just not worth any more money. They happily told me they would cancel the service and then right after it cancelled they let me know that all the money I collected in my account for my trouble would be forfeited because I did not earn over a certain threshold. Now here it is a YEAR LATER and they are sending me a prepaid envelope to send their junk back. What a scam. I am sure that if I threw it away after all this time I will suddenly receive a bill from them. Don’s waste your time, there are other companies that are not scams you can work with. You have been warned!!

  • I have been with digital reflection for over a year and i am very pleased to say they have kept there word with me and i am earning the money i was promised no problem here so far

  • Digital Reflection Panel offers you $5 a month to collect large quantities of information regarding your internet usage. It collects all of your browsing history, purchases, and other online transactions. They have access to your credit card numbers and any other financial information you use during the time the meter is plugged in. The box they send plugs into your wireless router and acts as a hub between your devices and the internet. After connecting mine, I began to have trouble accessing certain apps and websites, which made me wonder what this box is REALLY doing. The box arrived with no warning, although they stated they would send a shipment notification. I’m assuming this is to con people out of the $20 fast set up bonus. I was never sent any surveys or device updates, which means it would have taken me another 6 months to be eligible for a payout ($50 is the minimum and you can only redeem in $50 increments). Your personal information and detailed info about your internet usage is worth more than $5 a month. I deciddd to cancel and was told I would forefeet my “earnings” because I only had $25. They promise $50 in the first two months but that was a lie. Don’t bother with this. They are definitely capitalizing on the information they collect and offering meager rewards to participants.

  • I’ve been a member for some while and very pleased with the program . today I tried to log in to my account and could not log in. Has this good thing finally cone to a end?

  • I have been given everything I was promised. I am delighted.

  • I was suspicious of said reviews that the tracker would slow down our internet speed. I have had no problems with this device at all. The money is real and its a passive income stream. I have not been hacked, my identity has not been stolen. Overall, it’s a pretty neat deal.

  • After installing their device, my internet slowed down considerably and we couldn’t connect devices. I unplugged the device almost immediately and no longer have it connected however mysteriously our internet usage has increased 10x’s the normal amount since this was first plugged into my router. Spoke with our internet company and it appears that plugging in the meter to my router hacked the IP address and scammers have been piggybacking off our internet. I never would’ve known had we not been alerted to our overage, something that never happens to us. Hackers hijacked 1000gbs worth of data off us during the month of March. If you have or have had a meter installed, check how much your internet provider thinks you have used and compare it to how much you used on average prior to installation.

  • I was hacked within minutes of installing this little black box of Thiers. So you have been warned. I called customer service and they could care less. I burnt their little black box in the coal stove

  • Love it!! I have made $100 so far!!

  • i have had this unit for awhile do not even know its there…is out of the way and virtually invisible…

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This program is accepting new users!

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