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  • “Earning Station has fun and easy to follow surveys with great rewards.”

  • “I got paid for taking the surveys right away.”

  • “Lately, I decided to start surveys again and Earning Station has always been a favorite of mine.”


  • Registration is free and easy with Facebook connect
  • Rewards for playing games, watching videos, and more “get paid to” activites
  • Tons of great prizes like gift cards
  • Responsive interface works great on desktop and mobile
  • Wide variety of survey opportunities
  • Earn rewards for shopping and buying daily deals


EarningStation has an easy signup form, and even lets you use Facebook to make it even faster. Although simple registration is easy, more info may be required if you want to participate in longer surveys and projects that may require a deeper commitment.

How You’ll Earn

EarningStation’s main focus is paid surveys, and they’ve got a lot of them. Plus, they’ve also got a variety of other earning opportunities that shouldn’t be ignored. Let’s take a look:

Paid Trial Offers

In addition to standard surveys, EarningStation offers paid trials that will add anywhere from $5-$15 to your account. Please note that you may be required to shell out your own money to try an online service like Lifelock or Netflix so be sure to cancel you subscription when your trial period is up.

Coupons & Deals

EarningStation also lets your earn StationDollars for shopping online and taking advantage of daily deals. Just take advantage of the deal or use the coupon from EarningStation when you shop online and you’ll score some extra StationDollars on top of your savings.

Watching Videos

Did you know you can get paid to watch videos? Well you can, and with EarningStation, watching videos is yet another way for you to put a few StationDollars together.

As you can see, there’s a little of everything when it comes to making some extra loot at EarningStation, and those aren’t even all of them.

Rewards Summary

EarningStation has one of the most comprehensive rewards options on the market today. Cash in your reward points (called StationDollars) for cash via PayPal, or you can choose from a variety of gift cards to your favorite stores and restaurants.

Due to the wide array of “get paid to” activities throughout the site, naturally rewards will vary according to time commitment.

Redemption & Processing

You will receive your gift card within 4 -6 weeks of requesting it. You will receive an estimated delivery date when you submit a payment request.

This program is accepting new users!

Customer Support

EarningStation takes great pride in their customer service. They are easy to contact by email and even have a toll-free phone number.


Despite the super-simple signup form, you will need to provide additional information to receive any signup bonuses and/or qualify for other promotions. For example you may need to provide your martial status or the ages of people living in your house. The registration process can be a bit tedious as phone verification is require if you wish to participate in trail offer activiites.

More Details

In addition to their own surveys, EarningStation excels at bringing in a wide array of surveys from other well-known market research companies. This saves you the time of having to seek out multiple survey sources on your own and filling yet another mind numbing profile just to get started.

EarningStation also has a modernized account dashboard that will help you keep all of your rewards neatly organized along with all of the new earning opportunities available.

Closing Thoughts

EarningStation is a newcomer, but their “get paid to” style has been carefully constructed to include a bit of everything. You will keep busy with their wide-ranging survey opportunities and even have a bit of fun earning while playing video games and watching videos.

The site is certainly growing by leaps and bounds and people are loving it. A one-time niche player, the company has begun to nip at the heels of giants like Swagbucks. You’ll never run out of ways to earn here. The site is certainly deserving of your consideration as a primary earning source.

This program is accepting new users!

Official Video

Learn more about EarningStation with this video overview.

Official Description

Here’s a summary from the official EarningStation website.

EarningStation is a free and simple to use customer rewards platform that provides users with a variety of online offers and activities such as games, surveys, shopping, and others which they can complete to earn various gift cards.

Consumers join EarningStation to participate in surveys, games, and advertiser’s special offers while earning cash and incentives for their activity. The dashboard is easy to navigate, so anyone looking to make extra money can simply sign up and get started.

This program is accepting new users!

Is EarningStation a scam?

EarningStation is by no means a scam. Established in 2011, the company has a solid record of timely payments and very few complaints overall. The worst thing users have reported about them is slow delivery on gift cards, but that is to be expected as the program does openly claim it takes 4-6 weeks to receive physical gift cards.

Reviews of EarningStation

  • I love this site

  • Can’t figure out how to request paypal… I go to “My Rewards” scroll down to the option I want (paypal) then click on it, there is nothing other than “enter your paypal email” I do that, it just reloads the page my balance doesn’t change, I have nothing in showing up in orders…

    Seems complicated to request the money I’ve earned.

  • They gave me the wrong giftcard and it took so long to even earn enough for a 10$ gift card. HORRIBLE SITE.

  • This site is honestly horrible! I spent hours taking surveys and they NEVER credit me. I emailed them 3 times, and they never responded. If you’re looking for a better website, I recommend instaGC. Their surveys have higher payouts as well.

  • I LOVE Earningstation… I signed up for all the free trials and, as long as I cancel the trials before you I’m charged, I didn’t have to spend anything to get my rewards. I have been a member for a few months and so far I have gotten 4 $10 Babies R Us gift cards, a $10 Home Depot gift card and a $25 Walmart gift card. I have spent MAYBE $5 total… I have a baby due in December and this site is PERFECT for earning gift cards to buy baby stuff 🙂

  • Don’t know why someone would post “I got paid right away”, because there is no “pay”. A member only accumulates points. Cash back on purchases is possible, but there is no way to EARN cash without SPENDING cash.

  • Earning Station has fun and easy to follow surveys with great rewards. It is a great site to give your thoughts and opinions on interesting topics and be rewarded.

  • So far so good!

  • I liked everything that earning
    Station does. Great job

  • I got paid for taking the surveys right away. There are some good surveys but wish that they paid more.

  • I have been doing a little interested survey with Earning Station. I don’t know to much about this website of answer question to earn points. I’m a new member of getting started to know the different kind of survey program to be reward. Thank You!!

  • I like the website I like to website very much it’s easy to use and secure way to make money

  • I have not been a member for long, but enjoy their surveys very much.

  • I was an earning Station member about 4 years ago and stayed with it for a long time. As time went on, I got out of the habit of taking surveys. Lately, I decided to start surveys again and Earning Station has always been a favorite of mine. I qualify a lot for surveys at Earning Station and the surveys are always interesting. If anyone is interested in giving your honest opinion and getting paid to do so, I recommend joining Earning Station! I have never regretted being a member!

  • Easy to do and honest about what it says

  • Horrible! I spent hours after hours answering questions taking surveys and no points! And then went back and tried again thought maybe I did something wrong, I could not get approved for more surveys so I just spent more time answering questions after questions !!!! Total BS

  • This is a great survey site. You can actually make money here if you have the time to take surveys and join in all the other fun exciting things they have. Sometimes I find it hard to be able to be here a lot due to a very busy lifestyle but when I am able to I find it very interesting.

  • iinteresting, always something new to do, enjoyable to visit your site.

  • This survey was quick and easy and easy to use and understanding

  • It would be good if I qualified for more surveys.

  • Pues quiero ganar

  • I like them!!

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