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Getting started at FusionCash is much easier than most programs. You won’t be asked to fill out an extensive profile since the site is focused more on completing tasks than on matching you with particular surveys. Fill out 5 simple fields and get a $5 bonus.

Rewards Summary

FusionCash doesn’t get fancy with their rewards process. It’s all cash. There are so many types of offers and ways to make money here you’ll see anything from $0.25-$30. Some offers, like joining Netflix, do require you to sign up with a credit card for service. Most include a free month, so you are able to cancel before you are charged. There are also a number of daily survey opportunities, which can be completed once every 24 hours.

Redemption & Processing

FusionCash has a low cash-out threshold of $25, which you can request instantly via PayPal or check. Once you reach this amount, fill out a simple request form. Unlike some other programs, there is not a much more significant delay when a physical check is requested. Within 3-4 weeks of your request, you will have PayPal cash in your account, or a physical check in your mailbox.

This program is accepting new users!


A minor hang-up that some members have with FusionCash is the 30-day redemption and verification period. The first time you request your cash, you will be required to wait 30 days. This is more of a nuisance than a problem, but it helps them deal with people that attempt to create fake profiles. The greater scrutiny helps keep the program paying you the most possible, so it is definitely for the best.

Closing Thoughts

FusionCash is a “Get Paid To” site more so than a straight market research outlet. There are literally hundreds of ways to make money here, so if you have extra time to make money, this is a great program. You can easily earn cash by taking surveys, watching videos, searching with Google, and even listening to Internet radio. If you’re serious about making cash you should definitely try FusionCash. It’s also hard to deny the instant $5 bonus.

This program is accepting new users!

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Learn more about FusionCash with this video overview.

This program is accepting new users!

Reviews of FusionCash

  • I will do FusionCash.I just got angry because I never got my $5.00 bonus. I put in a support ticket. And I was told that it was at the same beginning. I went through every email I gotten. No sign up bonus. Please Help

  • I agree! FusionCash is the best place to start earning Real Cash online doing the things you already love and do! I have made hundreds of dollars doing things I already spend my time doing: reading emails, chatting with friends, watching videos, and taking short surveys.

  • Although I have only logged on a few times, the survey opportunities are great.

  • I enjoy Fusion Cash, but I would like to participate in more cash driven surveys that i am actually qualified for.

  • I like it so much! The surveys are super easy so far and I’ve earned $6.00 already.

  • I enjoy my time on Fusion Cash and have to do it every night. It seems to have a way for everyone to earn money toward the cashout. I love doing the surveys, watching videos, and clicking on ads. There is a way for everyone to earn money. No reason not to join.

  • I give you guys five stares I think its great that you can do things like this . Its wonderfull.

  • Fusion Cash is a great opportunity to earn cash. You can get paid for surveys, videos, cashback shopping, you are paid to search, refer friends. Its just great.

  • I really enjoy these surveys. Everyone should want to take them.

  • i love fusion cash. It is one of my favorite paid survey programs.

  • Wow fusion cash has a lot of surveys to complete with a wide variety. I am please with fusion. Cash. So what are you waiting for!! Sign up now to make money at your own pase.
    Thanks for listening. ~cindy~

  • I really like fusion cash. They have nice surveys and pay pretty good. I just lead a very boring life, so I don’t qualify for many surveys.

  • It is a good site it has good surveys.

  • Pretty good…but has the same as every other site.

  • It is easy to get into kind of hard to find your way around but learning. just started so it will take time to earn money.

  • I’m still new to this site… Only been a member for a short time… But so far so good…. Lots of REAL surveys!!

  • Very worthwhile app

  • Fusion Cash is a great survey site. There is always a way to find an interesting survey to take and earn a little extra money. Thanks Fusion Cash, love this site.

  • Great oppurtunities and easy to recieve answers to participate in all offers and surveys.

  • It’s good, just took way too long to accumulate the minimum cash out.

  • I joined this site and never received a payout. The points that you earn expire. You have to spend a lot of time on the site to achieve a payout. There is a lot to do on the site, but I have found many other sites that pay out quicker and better than this one. Last month, I decided that this site is not for me.

  • I great

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This program is accepting new users!

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