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  • Tons of daily survey invites and earning opportunities (up to 10/day!)
  • Take surveys from your account dashboard, no waiting for invites
  • Average surveys pay $1, longer surveys can pay much more
  • Rewards based on survey length, not a set redemption value
  • Surveys on a wide variety of topics, usually take under 20 minutes to complete
  • Get points even if you’re screened out of a survey
  • You may receive invites for focus groups that pay $20/hour
  • Get sent free samples if you qualify and get points for your opinion


Sign up in about three minutes or so and then i-Say will ask new members to complete 3 profiling surveys (10 – 15 minutes) about their personal life, technology use and finances/employment. They are compensated with one entry into the $5,000 quarterly sweepstakes for their time. You can register with your Facebook account to save some time.

Residents from the US and CA are eligible 14+ years old.

How You’ll Earn

Rewards Summary

The i-Say system is very straightforward and is set up so that 1,000 points is equivalent to $10. In terms of sweepstakes, i-Say has a quarterly drawing for $5,000, and they also have a Monthly Click Draw where they give away 56 different prizes.

Members of i-Say will receive entries into various prize draws just for being active members, for taking surveys, etc. Prizes vary but include things like electronics, vacations, and prize packs.

Redemption & Processing

Cash out minimum is only $10 which you can choose to receive in the format of your choice including their extensive product catalog.

The Ipsos point system also rewards you for holding off on cashing out. For example, you would be able to cash out 9500 points for a $100 PayPal credit.

This program is accepting new users!

Customer Support


Ipsos is a massive operation so sometimes customer service can get a bit backlogged along with reward redemption.

If you are primarily a mobile user this might not be the panel for you as the app as proven to be rather clunky and the site isn’t really optimized for mobile users.

More Details

Ipsos Panel is now looking for Males 30-54 and Females 25-64. If you fall within this group you’ll have a better chance at being invited to high paying focus groups and other top paying surveys.

Closing Thoughts

Ipsos is without doubt one of the most reliable panels in the industry. By far the best feature is the volume. You rarely have to wait for email invites to take surveys so you can pretty much earn much as much you like. Unlike many survey panels you may only receive 10 invites a month whereas with Ipsos you might get 10 in a day.

You won’t get rich taking the average surveys but that fact is more than compensated for in terms of volume. Keep in mind, if Ipsos happens to be looking for someone in your particular demographic you could be invited to take higher paying surveys up to $95 or invited to online focus groups.

With all of the advantages of being an Ipsos member and number of earning opportunities, Ipsos needs to be part of your survey taking strategy. Why not join today?

This program is accepting new users!

Official Video

Learn more about Ipsos with this video overview.

Official Description

Here’s a summary from the official Ipsos website.

Ready to be heard? Our surveys give you the chance to voice your opinion on everything from global brands to entertainment to advertisements and more.

Plus, we make it easy to participate. Every time there’s a new survey available, you’ll receive an invite directly to your inbox – or, log into your i-Say account at any time for a list of available surveys. We know your time is valuable, that’s why we’ll always tell you how long a survey should take to complete before you begin.

The more surveys you take, the more i-Say points you earn and the more rewards you’ll enjoy.

This program is accepting new users!

Is Ipsos a scam?

See our full article about how Ipsos is not a scam.

Reviews of Ipsos

  • i like surveys but make the qualification more easy with short questions ! Thanks have a good Evening !

  • Im new to ipsos and already recieved products to review and survey. It has been an enjoyable experience for me and have told friends and family about it and have got them to join.

  • Love love love ipsos!! Great all the time. No complaints here!! Easy quick way to make money.

  • I really like this site!!! Lots of good quality surveys right off the bat!!!

  • I Love ipsos It’s A Great Way To Earn Money Online Without Having To Quit Your Job And I Would Like To Say Thanks For Creating This Way Especially Being A Single Mother Of Three Daughter’s.

  • This is a fun, exiting, and rewarding experience!!!

  • Been on for a short time, really enjoy the surveys. Looking forward to participating in a lot more.

  • I love doing surveys, so Ipsos I-say surveys is one of my favorite things to do! Especially the poll predictor–it is so much fun! And I sometimes even guess right! And the rewards and contests are super!

  • Since I have joined this survey site I am very happy to be part of it. It is more fun than I initially thought.

  • I love being a member of ipsos I-say survey company they really allow u to express yourself. Although I don’t usually like belonging to a company that pays in points there still a good company to take surveys for. I love playing the poll predictor game at the end of the survey also

  • Have been doing surveys on and off for a while now. This is one of my favorite, love the option to play the game for prizes. Of course, haven’t won anything yet but I keep trying. Would love to find out more about the TV and movies to watch for cash

  • most of the time the surveys are very interesting

  • i just want to be heard

  • enjoy! wish i could have more long paid surveys to do…are FUN

  • I have been doing surveys with other company and Iposo is one of the best

  • I think Ipsos is a fine site for surveys.It’s right there, keeping up with all the others out there.

  • been doing surveys for a year. love them. Honest

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This program is accepting new users!

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