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  • Help yourself and charities by taking surveys
  • Take interesting surveys on politics and social issues
  • Earn $1-$3 per survey
  • Choose from hundreds of non-profits and track your donations
  • Redemptions sent via PayPal or check on set dates throughout the year
  • High paying focus groups with payments up to $50 available


Members must be 13 years of age or older and residents of the United States or Canada. After selecting the “Join Op4G” option on this website, you will be asked for your name, address, email address and date of birth to confirm you are 13 years of age or older.

Rewards Summary

You can generally expect around a $1 for a 10 minute survey, but keep in mind a minimum of 25% will be going to the charity of your choice. Some longer surveys will pay more and occasionally focus groups and webcam discussions will be made available for payouts which generally pay $25-$60 for participation.

Redemption & Processing

Member payments are processed on the following dates for Members who reach the minimum payout balance amount of $20.00 during the corresponding period/quarter.

If being paid by PayPal, you should expect to see your funds in your PayPal account by close of business on the 6th at the latest. If being paid by check, please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

Quarterly payouts are distributed on the following dates:

  • May 5th: Jan/Feb/March
  • August 5th: Apr/May/June
  • November 5th: July/Aug/Sept
  • February 5th: Oct/Nov/Dec

This program is accepting new users!

Customer Support

Customer service is responsive and you can generally expect a response to any inquiries within 24 hours.


One downside Op4G has is it’s infrequency of payment. Getting paid quarterly may be a bit too long for some users.

It should also be noted that back in 2010 and 2011, there were numerous reports of members receiving late payments. These issues have been fully resolved according to our research.

There have also been some complaints of a lack of earning opportunities and high disqualification rate for users. If you find yourself getting disqualified often, you’re probably not in a demographic that is currently sought after.

Closing Thoughts

Op4G is ideal for people who want to help the charity of their choice and earn a few bucks. The surveys are genuinely interesting covering hot topic issues, politics, and various products. The payout rates on surveys are just average at best, but they do conduct focus groups relatively frequently so you can make out on that end.

The company had a bit of rough beginning in 2010 with users getting paid late, but it appears they have righted the ship and are going strong now with an A+ BBB rating.

There are literally hundreds of non profits to choose from and you track your donations to your chosen charity. It’s a great way to donate without coming out of pocket. You’ll have to be a bit patient to see cash in your own PayPal account, but this program is a win-win for users and charity.

This program is accepting new users!

Official Description

Here’s a summary from the official Op4G (Opinions 4 Good) website.

Our program provides recurring donations for Non-Profits without asking their donors to open their wallets. A minimum of 25% of each Member’s activity earnings are donated to their Non-Profit of choice.

This program is accepting new users!

Reviews of Op4G (Opinions 4 Good)

  • Op4g is a scam. They have you take survey for months and accumulatedall this cash and never paid you. Do not waste your time. You will never get pay.

  • I have been taking thier surveys for 2 years and am still waiting to getva payment this site sucks what a terrible way to do bussines

  • They are horrible I still have not yet received my payment and I am totally convinced that they are a total scam and every time I do a survey I get kicked out for no reason!! I feel like they only pay certain members!!!

  • Total scam! They sent me surveys and I earned half of the amount required for a payout..then started getting error messages saying they were “unable to get me to the right place” every time I attempted a survey! This happened for months and I complained to the help desk. I was informed that I may have been “flagged for suspicious activity” but no one could tell me why or what that even means. All I’ve done is answer survey questions! Really?!
    So now they refuse to pay out the $ Ive earned saying I need to take more surveys to build it up to the required payout amount! I am owed $ and cant access SCAM. Avoid this company at all costs!

  • Total scam! They sent me surveys and Ibearned half of the amouny required for a payout..then started getting error messages saying they were “unable to get me to the right place” every time I attempted a survey! This happened for months and I complained to the help desk. I was informed that I may have been “flagged for suspicious activity” but no one could tell me why or what that even means. All I’ve done is answer survey questions! Really?!
    So now they refuse to pay out the $ Ive earned saying I need to take more surveys to build it up to the required payout amount! I am owed $ and cant access SCAM. Avoid this company at all costs!

  • This used to be a good site to support charities. More recently, however, it is a waste of time to answer any of their pre-survey questions. Takes several minutes giving responses – which, I might add – can be used in a survey, and then you’re told you don’t qualify or they’re gotten the number of participants they need. Strikes me as more of a scam at this point. Don’t waste your time.

  • Hi All, I completed a Diabetes Study sponsored by the Martec Group on Monday December 3, 2018. OP4G who facilitated the incentive payments began to work on getting the payments out as early as today. I will say that despite a communications glitch, both companies handled their end of the arrangements very well! I extend a standing ovation to Barb Lhota, Project Manager of the Martec Group, Inc. and Frank Hayden, COO of OP4G for their expedient handling of my concern. They both did a stellar performance in customer service and satisfaction. Frank took the time to personally call me to assure me that I would be paid ASAP. Barb has been excellent with returning my emails. In today’s business environment, one could not ask for anything more. Both of these individuals exceeded my expectations! Suffice it to say that I received an email from PayPal indicating the $200 payment was available; that was 20 minutes ago. Thank you. Here’s to continued success and blessings to both OP4G and the Martec Group in their future endeavors. Happy holidays!

    Mark Wilson

  • I did only 1 survey back in 2016 that said it would pay $2, just to see if this site was legit & I’ve never gotten paid for it. Clearly from the many other negative reviews I’m not going to waste my time tracking down $2 especially when tons of other people say their customer service is awful & they won’t pay anyway. Just a terrible way to do business. Unfortunately I’ve had way more negative experiences than positive with these survey sites, even the ones where reviews are positive. Be sure to do your research before you sign up for any of these sites, they usually pay out beans for your time even if you do get your money or they’re a complete scam like OP4G.

  • I’ve been on this site for about 2 years now and I have never gotten an email or any notification if there are any surveys for me to take, so when I do get the chance to log on all of the survey opportunities are closed or full. Here recently, the majority of the surveys have been broken and say for days that they are “under maintenance” or they will completely log me out of my account every time I click on one. It also shows that I have taken only 3 surveys, but I’ve finished around six or seven completely with no payment or proof that I even took them. They just disappeared. I can’t really be mad, considering the amount of scam sites. It is irritating, though that I did get paid for the three that are still on my account, but somehow the most recent ones just disappeared. Ridiculous. Don’t waste your time.

  • Op4G does a great job of not over sending surveys to me. Their profiling is the best of all the surveys companies. They pay on time, which helps me and my Non-Profit! Their customer support is very helpful when there is a survey.
    Great job Op4G..

  • They do not pay their members and have the worst customer service! Major scam!!!

  • Op4G is one of the many survey companies I take surveys for and this is the only one that has ever refused to pay me what is owed me. I would not recommend Op4G to anyone looking for a survey company. Worst one I have ever came across. If I ever do get the money owed me, I will delete my account forever. Do not waste your time on Op4G. They are dishonest and very untrustworthy. I have spent a lot of time on their surveys and they have treated me very unfairly by not paying me. They have stopped answering my emails about my earnings. I am sure they are hoping I will just give up and go away. Would not recommend Op4G to anyone ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Awful, scam. Worst customer service you can imagine. WASTE OF TIME. You complete the survey and never receive credit and customer service refuses to help you. Also half the website is under construction 100% of the time. Forget choosing a charity or even SEEING what you’ve chosen. Don’t waste your time.

  • Sorry, but I don’t buy into all these 4-star reviews, half of which are likely employees of Op4G.
    I recently joined and took about a dozen surveys promising $6-$8 payouts, but have earned nothing. And getting booted or disqualifying due to demographics does not count or justify. A demographic is really anything, not a cheap excuse to ripoff the consumer for taking the time.

    Sorry…. THUMBS DOWN

  • I love this site. I do have one problem with them, they need to send more surveys. That is my only complaint. The rest of the site is perfect.

  • Playing lets your favorite charity win also. Kudos for the surveys!

  • This survey site does two things. It lets you split the rewards between a charity @ yourself. The surveys pay in the upper stages of rewards also. It equals a win – win for everyone

  • Op4G is a good survery place to take surveys. Gives u good surveys an good opportunities.

  • Finally a survey site that is honest and open about what they do.

  • Love earning money

  • I’ve been a member of Op4 for about 4 months now and I love it! You can earn money from surveys AND donate a certain percentage of your earnings to one of their many charities. Definitely would recommend this survey site to anyone.


  • Love the rewards,you can also donate to your favorite charity and earn rewards,i received a pay out of 20.00 dollars in a check.thank you

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This program is accepting new users!

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