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  • Cash out $140 per year just for staying active
  • Passive income, absolutely no work needed
  • Collect an easy $5 for every month your keep the app
  • Earn even more by participating is special surveys
  • Operated by the prestigious Verto Analytics Research firm
  • Expanding international presence including India, China, Japan, and Germany


Getting started with Smart App Community is a little different than your average survey program. Simply register with a short questionnaire, then you will be you receive an email with instructions on how to install their app on your PC, smartphone, or tablet. Smart App Community takes user privacy very seriously and all statistics are anonymous, so you won’t even be asked to provide your name.

How You’ll Earn

Earning with SSmart App Community is primarily focused on letting their mobile app run in the background on your device to score you some truly passive income. They’ve also got some paid surveys to help you pad your earnings a bit.

Rewards Summary

As soon as you install the Smart App Community App to your devices, you start earning Smart Rewards. You’ll get $5 just for qualifying, $10 more for having the Smart App installed at least two weeks, and $5 for every installed month after you keep the Smart App Community App installed on your device.

Redemption & Processing

Simply login into your account dashboard and withdraw your initial reward of $15 after a week and $5 per month in PayPal cash or Amazon gift codes. Transfer is instant with no waiting period.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Customer Support

Backed by a well-established market research firm like Verto Analytics, the company strives to ensure their data is accurate and their customers happy. Expect quick responses to inquiries about payment, technical issues, and other inquiries.


There really isn’t too much to complain about with Smart App Community. You certainly won’t get rich and there isn’t much to do besides download the app, but who doesn’t like free money?

Closing Thoughts

Smart App Community is what’s known as a “passive income” program. You simply download their app and it tracks your device usage anonymously. Only your general data is collected, none of which is personal, so you don’t have to worry about any privacy issues.

When it comes down to it you get $5 for every month you have the app installed plus bonuses for staying active. In one year most users will make $140 for doing almost nothing. There really is no downside. In addition, most users report little to no effect of the app slowing down the typical functionality of a device whether it be smartphone or tablet. Download with confidence and start raking in that easy cash.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Official Description

Here’s a summary from the official Smart App Community website.

The Smart App Community is a group of people helping to improve your favorite web sites, mobile apps, media, and technology. It’s an ongoing market research project, run by Verto Analytics, that asks you to provide anonymous information about how you use the internet. That info is then aggregated and analyzed to help companies understand how to give you a better online experience.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Is Smart App Community a scam?

No, Smart App Community is not even remotely a scam. In fact it’s easily one of the more popular money making apps out there. It’s function is simply to collect anonymous about mobile internet usage. In exchange they are more than happy to shell out an easy $5 bucks a month.

The program has an extensive privacy policy and your personal information will never be accessed. The worst complaints you see about the app is difficulty with installation. However, this more like a function of users using outdated devices or not being tech savvy enough to enable the app, which is quite easy.

A simple Google search of VertoSmart’s Smart App Community app will reveal overwhelmingly positive feedback. You have no reason to fear this company scamming you or anyone else.

Proofs of Payment

Here are some proofs of payment for Smart App Community:

See How Karen Uses Smart Panel for $75 in Passive Income

Watch Karen Vanegas show you how easy it is to download and install Smart Panel. Jump to about 2:44 where you'll see proof that she scored $5 just for being qualified.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Reviews of Smart App Community

  • When I went to cash in for $10 Amazon card it would not let me. So I sent a email and asked why, about 3 weeks later I get a reply that the research team said I broke terms of service. ?How could I even do that, it runs in the background and what wrong could I do?

  • i have to say based on the reviews I’m not going to try it. I just don’t feel comfortable providing so much access to my personal information for $5 per month. I have three devices but at the end of another year I will probably upgrade my system. if I read it right, once I change any of the original devices are changed I’m in violation of the original agreement. I There’s just too much uncertainty and ch sacrifice, and not enough reward.. However, it would be unfair to give it a negative rating, I am compelled to give it a good rating

  • When I first started it worked well but since latter part of may I very been told to wait until middle of June to cash out I’m still active earning but i’m still not able to cash out they told me to get in touch with support team so when will I be able to cash out

  • I love this app. I have receved replies from customer support very quickly and have received my rewards promptly to paypal. I have had no trouble making my quarterly and monthly rewards and receiving.

  • I used Smart Panel for about a year. It made my Phone battery die very quickly but I stayed with it. I thought I might be able to add it to my Mac Book but was unable to download it. I felt that was okay because it did make the phone much slower. Unfortunately, Smart Panel decided to hold my rewards of $25 as ransom until I did download it on to my MacBook. I attempted to contact them 2x but never received an answer. I feel this was uncalled for as they used my phone for 5 months that I was never paid for. I find this to be very shady business and I do not recommend this company.

  • Very bad customer service can not get any response nor can I get my rewards cashed out I would urge everyone to avoid them there are better apps

  • I had this app installed on my pc, ipad and iphone. Everything was running smoothly until I approached the time for me to receive my quarterly bonus, the app suddenly stopped working on my pc yet works fine on my other devices from the same wifi connection. I have emailed verto several times and got no satisfactory response. So i looks like I have had this app running for nothing. Shame their suctomer support is so poor

  • I joined under the idea I was going to be paid to have the app on my phone. The app suddenly updated and started something new every time my phone turned on which drained my battery terribly. I put up with it. However, when I went to withdrawal the $100 I had accumulated, neither PayPal or Amazon worked. I emailed the company THREE times trying to figure out what’s going on. I finally was sick of an app draining my phone battery for no reason and deleted it. I suddenly get a response to email someone else. I did that, and they FINALLY responded that “I had a change in devices that voided my payment.” Yes, because I deleted the phone app after NOBODY would help me with the fact that I couldn’t withdrawal the funds! Unless you want your phone to die for no reason and receive no help until they don’t actually have to pay you, don’t even bother with this.

  • Not long after I joined, made my first 10$ through PayPal, then I started getting a “reviewed by 3rd party” notification, my check card was compromised, still trying to figure how much I lost. Live in Florida. Card was being used in Nevada, not sure if it was this app. But after I removed it, notifications stopped. So your taking the chance, if you do it, good luck.
    I made $10, I lost more

  • I had this for a few months. It made my phone awful happy I figured out how to finally get it off my phone for good. Many of my apps that needed to connect with Facebook didn’t work. I couldn’t connect to the internet when I was out of the house often. I couldn’t even use my google maps. It made my phone stink. Had to get rid of it which was a mission in itself.

    If you rather not have a working phone for $5 a month then that’s your choice but I pay for my phone and would like it to work the way it was intended.

  • I have to keep disconnecting it, because it interfering with my Internet service. And that’s a very huge problem.

  • Straight forward and honest,they do exactly what they say and actually pay out when they say they do.If you have problems and send an email you get a quick response and an easy fix!:)
    The download /app that’s installed is non intrusive, you don’t even realize it’s there.

  • I just tried to redeem rewards through Smart Panel…you can get PayPal and Amazon. I chose PayPal, and when I did, it prompted me for my cell phone for them to send me an SMS. On their redemption page, it says make sure you provide the right email that is associated with your PayPal account

  • It’s been over a year since I joined Smart Panel. It states clearly that ALL the registered devices must be active to get paid. If one is no longer working, remove it from the account; otherwise SP will not pay. During those times my computer crashed or there were inactivity for two weeks, I wasn’t paid because I didn’t delete the broken/inactive device.

    You may need to call/email them to ensure that you will continue to get paid. Or if you’re new, begin with one device. Once you’re paid, add a second, and after you’re paid, delete it to see if SP will continue to pay for one device. If SP doesn’t, email/contact the company explaining you were paid for one device when you signed up, and after you deleted the second device you added you weren’t paid. If there’s a problem, tell them it’s an unfair policy to stop the pay after you delete one device.

    Still, I never had any problems with SP, and the company is very responsive. I also got bonuses for surveys and a video. Thanks Smart Panel!

  • Love having the Smart Panel app on my devices. It’s so easy to earn with the app and it causes no problem on my devices. The support is great, too.

  • I love being a part of the Smart Panel. It’s the easiest way I have ever earned extra spending money.

  • The only problem I have with this app is the lack of customer service support

  • I am very disappointed with my experience with Smart Panel. My computers connected with no problem but my mobile Motorola Maxx2 will not connect with the updated version of their app. The assistance from their support team was lacking. I kept getting emails that were no help and not once did they explain the error I kept getting. I must have downloaded their app at least 20 times. It has been over 24 hours since they last contacted me.

  • Alright, first off I was excited to get started with this app. Who couldn’t use the extra cash for doing nothing? I started back in March and their was an extra device on my account that I never had. I emailed them 3 times to get it removed. Finally they did. I had everything installed since March and it’s not almost July they’ve only given me $10 on top of that I can’t redeem the cash because they say my apps aren’t active. I have never touched the apps since they were installed. All in all it just seems like a scam to get information from your devices. This place sucks

  • Great app. No work required

  • I joined Smart Panel over a year ago and they state after 90 days you will receive a loyalty bonus which is not so. They keep changing there rules to keep from paying you. They say they are new but when I signed up it stated the same thing about the 90 days now it has been a year and three months and not once have I got a bonus. Yes I have got my $5 a month but no bonuses like they state. I am with many survey companies and have never been cheated out of any pay. I will be removing this off my computer and will never trust them again. They write you with the same old message every time and they don’t have a customer service number like all the other survey companies I am with and this really makes it hard because you really don’t know who is behind this site. Also I looked them up on whois and they are not even in the US which makes me believe this is getting to be a scam. If you do sign up I would really ask them about this matter or just be careful. I don’t like shady people like this. So no I do not recommend this company.

  • I love Smart Panel. It pays me just to have it installed & it gives me an opportunity to do surveys and other things to make more money.

  • After reading the reviews I now know why my battery goes down a bit, otherwise enjoy the opportunity to earn a few dollars.

  • Easy to install not much to do afterwards simple easy way to make money

  • I really like being a member of Smart App Panel and have been for several months. Until they changed how to receive one’s reward, requiring a cell phone, I’ve had to play “cat and mouse” to advise that I do NOT have a cell phone and unprofessional for them to ask to use someone else’s to receive the reward. It took from Nov 21, 2015 to the end of Jan 2916 playing “cat and mouse” receiving the same response–i.e. to ask to use another’s cell phone. NOT going to happen, even if I did know someone here in the willy-wags–unprofessional. However, I did get gift code after the above length of time–FINALLY. Feb another request for gift code with same comment as above-i.e. not every one has a cell phone; unprofessional to expect everyone to have one, or to ask to use another’s. etc etc. This month it’s been over a week since 1st request acknowledged, sent 2 more emails–one with repeat request, and another wondering why I haven’t rec’d loyalty rewards for the time I’ve been a member. OVERALL: 4 stars as easy to earn, not giving 5 because struggling to receive my rewards promptly since the tech changes in Nov 2015!

  • I’ve never had any issues with the app. You don’t have to do anything to earn a little bit of money every month. There’s also surveys to do, if you’d like to earn more. Honestly, I don’t even notice it on my PC. I don’t get any annoying e-mail offers, and they’ve offered me a couple bonuses for being loyal. I really like the smart panel app!! I have no complaints.

  • I really wanted to like this service, but found it to be extremely frustrating. During the sign up process I was simply asked which devices I owned, not how frequently I used them. This would be key. I was then required to install their application on every single device I had listed as owning, which I did. Unfortunately I do not use my laptop on a regular basis, or what was considered frequently enough by Smart Panel. When one of your devices has not synced in a few days, Smart Panel removes you from earning any rewards until that device syncs. I messaged customer service requesting the device be removed from my profile as I do not use it frequently, however unless I was going to replace it with another device, they refused to comply with my request. Ultimately I had to drop out of the program simply because I was honest about the types of devices that I owned, but did not use one of them frequently enough. During this entire time Smart Panel was receiving continuous data from all of my other devices, which they got for free due to a technicality. The lesson I learned from all of this is that honesty is not the best policy when it comes to Smart Panel.

  • This app really does what it says! It’s so easy, all I have to do is what I do anyway, surf the internet, Thank You Smart Panel YOU ARE THE BEST.

  • Their customer service does help a great deal. I accidentally had two two devices to the profile I wanted to delate one. They helped right away and removed and once i removed the membership by mistake and right away they activate it and I downloaded the app. They are helpful and this is an amazing app!

  • I have been a member of smart panel for three months now and it’s the easiest money I’ve ever made, I don’t have to do anything, I installed the app and started earning money right away

  • Total scam. Couldn’t get paid the $30 after several months and after all this time I finally got an e-mail saying “Unfortunately, you have broken our terms of service and therefore you are unable to redeem rewards through our service. ” I didn’t do anything and this was their explanation. Avoid them.

  • Smart Panel is a great service that gives us a chance to earn money while doing the things we normally do. The only downside is the customer support. It is a pre typed message.

  • took off a half star easy to install wish they wood give u alittle more money but its free money for me love it anyway

  • Download app and let it run. Does not drain battery. No spam mail. Get money just for having it installed. No run around sueveys like alot of survey sites. Nothing to buy, no gimmicks. Plus your helping improve the internet.

  • I sign up for all kinds of survey sites but I often delete them for various reasons (i.e. bad customer service)… Smart Panel is not one of those. This is one that will stick around. It’s easy to use–you just install it and boom! You start earning money. The best part is that you can cash out your rewards through PayPal. Plus, from PayPal, you can send the money straight to your bank account, for free! 🙂 Great combination of you ask me.

  • I found this app. To to very helpful,at the time. I needed money to buy gifts with for the holiday season.with smart panel,they gave me a chance to earn reward bucks to buy the thing i was interested in thank you smart panal for your help.

  • Love being a member – easy way to earn a few dollars. Does eat up some battery but not a big deal.

  • Smart panel is relatively good. Everything has it’s kinks, but I’m satisfied with how it works.

  • I love using Smart Panel. I have redeemed for Amazon e-gift cards and have not had any problems with the app. The app does not slow down my computer I don’t know its there. I would highly recommend it for a little extra cash.

  • Honest, Fast, Rewarding, love it!

  • This app is awesome seriously I recommend to everyone who has free time.

  • Smart Panel has always worked for me and pays me faster than any other source…

  • I appreciate being paid and helping to improve the internet.

  • It was so easy to download and start! Dony even realize its there. An easy $5 each month

  • I tried to download it on my iPad and it’s not found in the App Store, so I downloaded it thru the email sent and it downloaded but because it’s not a recognizable app it won’t allow me to open it and now I can’t edit my profile to take it off. Frustrating. It worked great on the android. But I use my tablet more than my android. Anyway. Overall I thinks it’s ok.

  • I have had a little bit of trouble with it interfering with the operation of some of my apps. When I log onto some it tells me that I am not connected to the Internet. If I turn off the VPN then the app will work. The main one is Facebook. Ido t know if your app has a problem, my iPad, or the app that won’t work right.

  • Easiest panel I have ever belonged to – and the monthly reward is very much appreciated. Thank you.

  • I just downloaded the app and got $5!

  • The VPN keeps a lot of my apps from working properly. For example, Apple Music refuses to work with the VPN active. Same for the iTunes Store. I’ve reported the problem to support, but for the last 3 weeks, nothing has been done to fix the problem.

  • So far the Smart Panel app is a great thing, it sounds like you can earn some extra money just by doing simple things. I am always looking to make some extra cash and I look forward to making some with Smart Panel.

  • I love it, just I wish there was like some type of sideline minigame that could earn you BONUS money each month. That would be great. Thank you!!!

  • I love this app but I am having trouble keeping it active on my laptop. I get an email from vertosmart about once a week saying one of my devices isn’t working. If anyone has anyone has any ideas why I can’t keep it active on my laptop please let me know! No problems with my phone. No you won’t get rich but it is a great way to earn actual money. What surveys?

  • This is a good app to have…. they reward you for keeping it going and there are some very good surveys that go along with it. It doesn’t slow down your computer or hurt anything.

  • Joining Smart Panel is one of the smartest things I’ve done on my pc. After installing the app, it’s the easiest $5.00 I make all month! And it doesn’t interfere with other programs or apps on my computer. I love it!

  • I have had had a very enjoyable time on the Smart Panel. I would refer a friend if I had a friend that would enjoy joining the panel.

  • I Love Love this app. It’s so easy to install and they pay through Paypal or Amazon.

  • I had trouble with Smart Panel and it did not work out well with my iPad tablet.

  • The best app I have on my phone is Smart Panel. I don’t even notice it’s there.

  • Sometimes hard to complete a whole survey but overall a good experience.

  • Quick and easy rewards just for downloading an application. They are a good way to earn money just for doing what you do everyday online.

  • Smart Panel is a great app that pays. I had no trouble downloading and installing it.

  • This is legit easy and fun to use they support team are on point and treat you with respect. Thank you vertosmart

  • My personal experience has been a negative one and I’m contemplating unsubscribing. It’s very difficult to retrieve the surveys and then when I finally do I rarely ever qualify. And if I do the payout is not detailed for me to receive and it’s too low.I joined this site to make extra money. I don’t feel as if I’m benefiting from it and I believe this is spam.

  • I enjoy the surveys alot even though I may not get many yet. But they are very easy and enjoyable .Thank you and keep the surveys coming please 🙂

  • i wish i could could give it a higher rating but ive had my laptop downloaded with the app and havent got one survey. It has been two weeks and I check a couple times daily. Does anyone have some advice? thanks


  • This is the best app ever that actually pays and help you with installing your app.

  • I really like Survey Savvy as I have had it on my computer for quite some time. It doesn’t interfere with anything and I get good surveys from them, and have gotten some rewards.

  • No complaints… requires only moments to submit logs, hasn’t affected my phone at all. Love it.

  • It has a pretty good security system?

  • I love using Smart Panel. It works in the background without you realizing and you get paid!

  • I dont seem to be getting many surveys that I qualify for ,I was hoping this would be the best one around,but I think so far the best survey is Inbox Dollars I get check after check mailed to me ,sometimes I dont qualify for those either but at least I see some profit ,many others I see nothing

  • Like the start up bonus and that you get weekly and monthly incentives just for using your computer.

  • I do take surveys at home all the time in hopes that I can make a little extra money. So far it has been good on here.

  • I had this on my laptop for awhile. They never really hooked me up and every couple of days I would get an email saying that I haven’t done what they wanted. I also got the msg’s that “someone will get back to me”, they never did. I finally gave up.

  • You’ll not get rich, but you will get $10 for downloading the SmartPanel app. Plus, $5 per month the app is active. It doesn’t cause lag problem at all.

  • Don’t go out of town and not be able to keep the app going, they claim you can rejoin but customer service never got back with me. Don’t get on their bad side

  • The required VPN and software made my phone’s data features practically unusable. The VPN constantly disconnected and would not reconnect, which prevented my data from working. I sent support a message, and their really helpful response was to tell me that I was required to have the VPN and app on my phone or be removed from the panel but maybe I reinstalling the app would help. It didn’t. I reinstalled the app and VPN, and the issue actually worsened. The time you spend refreshing your browser on your computer or dealing with the VPN on the phone you more time that what they pay you. It is not “passive” income.

  • I joined…or should I say attempted to join the Smart Panel. I signed up and installed the Smart App on my PC. When I installed it on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 with the latest Android version) when I tried to sign in I got the message “Suspicious activity detected. Please try logging in from a different network.” I tried signing in from 3 different Wifi Networks and using 4G….same message. I contacted Support and they told me to update my Android and sent me the instructions to install. I tried again with a fresh install and nothing changed. I wrote to support again and never received a I got an email because saying I had been permanently disqualified from the panel because I had failed to install the app on all my it was MY fault. I didn’t even get the $5 for signing up. What a ripoff! I wasted 3 weeks of my time trying to get it to work for nothing. I will stick with Media Insiders and Savvy Connect. They work properly and support is far superior to Smart Panel.

  • I really like smart app . it is easy to install and they live up to there promise I don’t have anything negative to say they really live up to there word

  • i like how they try to send you surveys that you are interested in.

  • I love this app. I can sync everyday, and evey second. It’s like running a store 24/7. Just last week, I went to the website and I thought I will have $5 still, I saw I had $15. Good!! Keep up the great work Smart App producers!!

  • I love smart panel an easy way to make a little money every month , just by clicking.

  • I have been a Smart Panel member for a few months and I love it. I would love more apps like this one!

  • The app for the Smart Panel they require on your computer is very subtle – you don’t hardly notice it when it syncs your data. You get paid $5 a month to do practically nothing – as long as you keep the app installed and sync your data sometimes (which only takes second to do), the Smart Panel will add $5 every month to your account. Pretty easy work!

  • They are awesome!

  • I installed the Smart Panel app and I have never had a problem of any sort. It really is very simple.. ..just install and every month $5 will have deposited into your Pay Pal account.

  • Extremely happy

  • This is a nice way to earn a few dollars. The only problem I am running into is that the app eats up a lot of battery time and I have to recharge my phone just about every night. Also, when I get an OS download, I have to remember to reset the app. Otherwise, it’s a pretty painless experience. Thanks for letting me participate!

  • I love this opportunity easy easy easy!!!!

  • I’ve enjoyed being a member and look forward to more surveys

  • good surveys and good rewards

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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