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  • Worldwide presence accepting members from almost every country
  • Low cash-out threshold of $5.00
  • Maximum privacy; only provide your email address
  • Get paid $0.50-$5.00 per survey
  • Fast payment; instantly redeem and receive your balance
  • Accepts teens 15 and older


Getting started is extremely simple as Surveyeah only requires an email address for membership. As always, it is recommended you fill out your personal profiles sections upon joining to ensure higher paying surveys and to make it more likely you’ll qualify.

How You’ll Earn

Rewards Summary

With a name like Surveyeah, you might have guessed this program specializes in surveys only. Expect to earn $0.50-$5.00 per survey, depending upon length, which averages around 5-20 minutes.

Redemption & Processing

Redemption is instant and couldn’t be more simple. Once you hit $5 in your country’s currency, simply go to the redeem section in your account and choose PayPal or Amazon Gift Codes. Within a few seconds, you will receive an email confirmation.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Customer Support

Surveyeah’s customer service is one of its stronger points. Support is available by email and even Facebook. Expect to get a personalized and timely response to your inquiry within around 24 hours.


There’s very little not to like about Sureyeah, but the volume of surveys you receive may be less than with the competition. Most members report receiving a maximum of four surveys per month. With a portion of these paying less than a $1, you won’t be getting rich anytime soon.

More Details

Closing Thoughts

Surveyeah has no blemishes on its record as far as fast payment and customer service goes. The account dashboard is modern and easy to use. They are expanding rapidly across the globe with interesting surveys on varied topics from high fashion to everyday products.

The low cash-out threshold of just $5 (euros or pounds) somewhat makes up for the lack of volume. Plus, when you do hit the minimum redemption level, you can instantly get your rewards unlike many sites that have extended processing times. Surveyeah is certainly recommended and is a great way to earn a trickle of monthly cash. In the future, the volume may increase, but for it’s certainly still worth joining.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Official Video

Learn more about Surveyeah with this video overview.

Official Description

Here’s a summary from the official Surveyeah website.

From fashion to cars, from kitchens to technology, from home to travel, you will receive surveys on a wide range of topics in line with your profile and your preferences. You can complete them wherever and whenever you like and they rarely require more than 15 minutes of your time.

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Is Surveyeah a scam?

Members have nothing but good things to say about this program. You’ll find nothing but positive comments online except for an occasional complaint about lack of survey invitations, but that’s to be expected. All signs point to the fact that Surveyeah is in no way a scam.

See our full article about how Surveyeah is not a scam.

Reviews of Surveyeah

  • So far so good no complaints

  • Sounds good, let me have a try.

  • A leading website to make money you are wonderful

  • All sounds good so far,ready to start making money.

  • I was thinking of some sites that post ads but don’t answer because they are schemes and scams but Paid Surveyeah doesn’t have that.

  • Sweet

  • Surveyeah seems to be a very trustworthy survey company/site. They do not flood my mailbox with scams and tricky subject lines. I am probably a member of at least 30 online survey sites, and from what I’ve seen as far as quality, honesty and pure straightforwardness, they are one of the top three, and my other two top survey sites have been great.

  • Genial es algo increíble pagos instantaneos

  • Great place to make cash

  • Fast quick way to earn money not a scam instantly tranfers cash

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Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Surveyeah is operated by:

Private: Tradatech S.r.l.

  • Via De Amicis, 47
  • Milano, 20123

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