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  • Hundreds of daily surveys available
  • Get automatically matched with surveys you qualify for
  • Varying survey payouts from $0.50-$10.00
  • Know how much a survey pays BEFORE taking it
  • Respondents from ALL countries are allowed
  • Never receive unwanted email; all surveys taken onsite
  • $1 minimum cash out level for PayPal, $5 for Amazon eGift Cards


Answer some very basic profile questions about yourself and the system will select surveys for you based on your demographics. Get started in less than 5 minutes.

Rewards Summary

Surveys come from so many various sources, so you can expect the payouts to vary greatly. You will end up receiving an average of about $2 a survey, although if you fall into a highly desirable demographic you may receive special invites for high-paying surveys and focus groups.

Redemption & Processing

SurveyRewardz is a cash only operation, with no complicated point system. Whether you choose PayPal, check, or Amazon eGift Card all payments go through a verification process which takes around a week. Currently, the company has a $1 minimum cash-out level for PayPal and check and $5 for Amazon.

This program is accepting new users!

Customer Support

Customer support inquiries will create a “ticket” in the SurveyRewardz system. Tickets are generally replied to within 2 business days, but please allow up to 3-5 business days before inquiring again. Tickets are sometimes re-routed for proper handling, which may extend the time before you receive a reply.


While SurveyRewardz is a very simple program, qualifying for surveys can be somewhat of a difficult task. It may take multiple attempts to find surveys that fit the demographics market research clients are looking for.

Closing Thoughts

Using SurveyRewardz is extremely simple. fill out a short profile and check your account dashboard for surveys available for you to take. The company has a vast array of clients so you can be sure you’ll find something you’ll be interested in.

Another nice touch is how straightforward the program is. You will know exactly how much you’ll be rewarded before each survey you take. With a super low cash out level of just a $1 via PayPal, it’s nice to know you’ll get paid within days and not weeks like some other companies.

Where this company runs into some problems is actually qualifying for the surveys they offer. Although you’ll be told quickly if you qualify for a survey or not, finding one that’s right for you can be a bit frustrating.

Nonetheless, if you have the time and are in a sought after demographic, you can rake in some nice PayPal cash with this one. It’s certainly worth a try to sign up (which takes about 2 minutes) and take a chance.

This program is accepting new users!

Official Description

Here’s a summary from the official SurveyRewardz website.

SurveyRewardz is a survey site that provides you with the best fitting surveys and helps you to complete more targeted surveys. You will get paid in your preferred currency through your favorite rewards platform.

SurveyRewardz asks you pre-qualifier questions and ‘routes’ you through surveys until there is a good fit just like other survey sites.

What is different though, SurveyRewardz is more efficient at matching surveys with your profile so that you will not be disqualified as often and earn more in the valuable time you have available.

This program is accepting new users!

Reviews of SurveyRewardz

  • I worked really hard doing their survey and reach $100.08 and tried to cash ,they blocked my account telling me that I was not honest!!! what should we do to get paid and close this fraud website, it’s a waste of time and money, please help.

  • I took the stupid survey, which took for ever and at the end I was red flagged! What the hell!

  • i requested 150 dollars. ive been waiting a week for it now they tell me im blocked? like what what did i ever do wrong? so u cant request a big amount or they will block you thats stupid ive ran into errors such as the 500 error now that errror when i cant access withdraws? like foreal ive been with them for 2 years they have blocked me for no reason 3 times already. this website cant handle big withdraws thats the honest truth.

  • Surveyrewardz never pay.

  • I work hard on these surveys but don’t get paid. They owe me 5.00 for 7/19 and 5.00 for 11/11/19. I wrote support and they say they replied but they didn’t. Will believe this is a SCAM survey until I get paid!!!!!!

  • This is a dishonest company whose primary goal is to get you to do their work for them and then keep the money!!! Run don’t walk away from them. They are experts at late declines and then finding fault with whatever you do, in order not to pay you. It can take weeks after you do the surveys to get paid, another particularly unattractive feature that they have and reason not to interact with them.

  • Same thing is happening to me 🙁

  • ATROCIOUS customer service. They will take your money, close out your support tickets and refuse to respond. The customer service is rude, the responses are riddled with typos and grammatical errors and I have not been paid for more than 20 surveys I have successfully completed. Although I have been taking surveys with the company for years, I would not be surprised to find that the customer service agents and the company itself are data miners. I feel disappointed in myself that I gave these people so much of my information even if I did reap the “rewards” for a while (pennies on the dollar of what we should be earning for how much time it takes us to complete these surveys). I have submitted multiple support tickets over the years and have never received an intelligent, satisfactory response to a single one. Your time would be so much better spent on SurveyJunkie or OpinionOutpost. Warning, the customer service on SurveyJunkie is also extremely low-class and unburdened with the complications of a university education, at least they will pay you!

  • This company hounded me with constant surveys. Payouts were minimal and if you were not suitable the offering of even 2c was never added to your account. When I paid a fee to get a tiny $4 payout to Paypal my score rating went from VERY GOOD to CRITICAL. I tried unsubscribing to no avail, so blocked incoming messages. Low and behold I STILL have an acount that is back up to scoring VERY GOOD!!!! WARNING~ STEER CLEAR and join many other paying survey sites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I strongly advise not joinhg survey redwardz! I been a member for well over 6 months and cashed out a few times, however this last time trying to cash out they blocked my account. So I messaged them and asked them why they blocked it there response was your using a proxy so were not unblocking it. I can assure that every since I opened the account nothing has changed. I always utilize WiFi when on the internet! There are plenty of other survey sites that pay way more for ex survey junkie, one opinion and ipoll just to name a few. Yes I’m very upset takes a really low company to keep my earned money. Pretty funny they still send me survey invites but wont pay me! Beware!!

  • what can we do about these scammers they owe me 15 dollars blocked me for no reason

  • I asked a general question about the minimum withdrawal 3 days I even tried resend the code takes me to another site you put your email in goes straight to an error they block my account. This is a serious joke until they sort this out there only getting 1 star

  • This site is garbage , I m open a few account because when I try withdraw my money they block me, I have amount big of money that they don’t want to pay

  • This site does a bait and switch, they basically get you to do surveys, then fail to pay out when they are done.

  • Scam, after you withdraw they will deny your request and close your account.

  • They used to be very good with their surveys and payouts. However out of nowhere I was blocked for no reason after attempted to withdrawal with a gift card option. It was said later that I was blocked for misleading answers, however I got no warning on quality score. It never went down and I now can’t access the money I earned.

    I would not recommend based on this.

  • I don’t understand . I went to cash out than I get a message my account is blocked . Is it because I tryed to cash out . I do not understand I took my time did my surveys at home used my own internet that i pay for answer honestly take my time.I just wanted to voice my opinion on the surveys offered

  • signed up, I guess I had my name address etc auto fill they banned me after I had earned some points. I got the email to activate my account and it would not allow me to as the account was blocked. I wrote to support to only find out the auto fill banned me and it will stay banned! Sorry never saw anything about filling persona; info in automatically, never use it to try and scam any survey site and fill in honest answers. No warning….Stay clear of this site, I think they are email harvesting.

  • DO NOT USE I completed plenty of surveys got to £30 for a Amazon voucher but never received voucher so got blocked for asking where it is shocking company to deal with they just fob you off

  • I have joined surveyrewardz and ordered my reward to be sent to my paypal (a small $4 reward). Next thing I know, my account was blocked and of course no $4 reward was sent to my paypal. It was a waste of my time! Please be ware!

  • Cashed out only once and now completely blocked from their website (We are experiencing some technical issues, please try again. 400 BAD REQUEST). Contacted through their facebook and quick to response until I gave them my email- never heard from again. Still getting their emails though.

  • waste of time. dont use this site for surveys.

  • It was so easy to sign up but getting paid is a hassle.

  • SurveyRewardz is a computerized relationship based on domestic violence. They charm you and make you think you can be successful, then they start to kick you around and misuse you.

    At first they seemed legit and I was getting paid properly within 2-3 days as they say they will do.
    Then I began doing surveys worth over $1 payouts and I was not getting credit, their support told me that this was because it sometimes takes up to 48 hours; but I simply never got paid.
    Now they owe me approx $10 and have blocked my account saying I’ve used a proxy or logged in too far from home or at a public location and have not responded to the support ticket I sent on this days ago. It seems silly $10, but I’m agoraphobic and a single mom so every dollar counts, especially when you’re not working and a $1 error can set forth a series of bounced checks.

  • Been waiting 9 days to receive payment. Emails just go unanswered. Would have no problems with them, if they could just pay in the timely manner that they say they do. Surveys are interesting but hard to keep doing them, not knowing if I will ever get paid.

  • If I was VERY desperate for cash I would join. I have been a member for a year. I am constantly getting my “score” dinged for things out of my control and you CANNOT argue because they can’t trace anything back to you. Although they can trace things well enough to ding points and refuse payment? Doesn’t make sense. Had a score of 900+, went back on 2 months later and it was around 100. Not worth my time or energy. I have been waiting for a cash-out payment via Paypal for TWO MONTHS which is more than enough time to get the money together. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Worse site ever.
    Don’t take surveys in this site. Ive been member about 6 month and I made $10.00 when I requested my money aparently its gonna last 1 to 2 days but it was more than that. Then they sent me a massage that my withdraw was block because my answers was randomly chosen. But why in the firt time they added the money? In my opinion they are holding the money. They dont want to pay for your time and effort completing surveys.

  • Well, I have been waiting over a week for my $6.54 to be paid. It says 1-2 days but that is not true. I refuse to do anymore surveys until that money is in my Pay Pal account.

  • I have been a member for about a week now and I have made 3 withdrawals and got all 3 paid to my PayPal account in 3 to 5 days just like it says. Just be honest and consistent with your answers and you shouldn’t have a problem.

  • This survey site started out ok ,but I spent hours and hours filling out surveys honestly, but after all that time, I only made 5 dollars. Then one day I was blocked from surveys and without explanation. Customer service never got back with me. This might not seem too bad, but when they blocked me, other survey sites blocked me from surveys as well. Before you join this site, be sure and read all of the fine print.

  • Worst site ever ! I CASH OUT TWO TIMES once via check of 5$ nothing bug but I never got my check I cash out in April and now we in September . I just cash out 1$ for paypal and I never got anything ! I send an email to them and all I was told was it takes 3-5 days . I cash out the 1$ 2 weeks ago -__- paypal send me an email saying they did get the statement but in Surveyrewardz part they canceled it .

  • worst survey site ever. its very slow. support doesn’t answer or return responds in the time frame mentioned and advertised on their site. receiving your money doesn’t take 1-2 days as stated on the site, it takes over one week. many times you’ll finish a survey and you wont get paid for it. they’ll accuse you of not taking the surveys serious or that you randomly selected answers so they block you from taking surveys or even cashing out. support doesn’t always respond to your tickets.

  • They are really slow about paying. They say 1-2 business days and that is a flat out lie. I’ve had status of ready to be paid take up to a month! They are also VERY SLOW about answering tickets. If they would fix them 2 MAJOR problems it would be a awesome site. But that is holding them back.

  • I have conducted a few surveys and I have always been paid. But the last one I did they denied rhe payment for no apparent reasons. I was therefore forced to conclude that the payment was denied because it was a bigger amount ($5.00).

  • This is a fun thing to do it is really important to keep on top of all the emails with chances to do a survey. It is also good to remember YOUGOTTAWANTA! Thanks all

  • I am a member of several servey clubs and for the most part I find the surveys to be interesting. There are times that I do get frustrated though because I open the survey and it says I don’t qualify it lets you start taking the survey and then stops in the middle and you don’t get credit for those surveys. But over all I’m satisfied with the servey rewards program.

  • They don’t flood your email site with advertisements or surveys. If you haven’t taken a survey for a while, you don’t get them hounding you or see 20 surveys waiting that you haven’t taken yet.

  • This site is excellent! The payout is as little as $1 and it goes straight to your PayPal account. The dollar amount of each survey is exactly how much you will get paid. There are no points or fake-money values. They have many different ways to earn rewards, money and tokens. This site is a definite must-have when it comes to your list of survey sites!

  • I tried to cash out and my payment was marked “ready to be paid” for a month, then they denied my payment saying I didnt take any surveys, but the money returned to my account. I filed a ticket and they said they would respond in 2-3 days, well its been 2 weeks and nothing.

  • This is my first experience taking part in this program. I think that it is one that i shall enjoy in the near future after I get acquainted a little more. So far it seems to offer the kind of material that I like. Time of course will tell.

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This program is accepting new users!

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