How to Join Pinecone Research

Unless you’re brand new to paid surveys (in which case you should read our paid survey FAQs) you’ve probably heard of Pinecone Research. It’s one of the most respected paid surveys programs, but also one of the hardest to join.

Why is it so hard to join Pinecone Research?

There are a few reasons it’s tough to get onto the Pinecone Research panel.

  1. Pinecone has very strict quotas. When Pinecone adds new members, they usually need a specific number of people in a certain age group and demographic — for example Hispanic men aged 45-54. If you meet the criteria but they already have enough people like you, you’re going to get rejected.

  2. Members never get disqualified from surveys. This is one of the things that makes Pinecone so great, yet it’s also the very reason it can be difficult to qualify in the first place. Pinecone needs to be a little more careful about who they let join so they can guarantee this great offer.

  3. Pinecone helps major name brands do research. When you work with global brands like Pinecone does, you can expect your clients to be very demanding. Pinecone takes care to make sure they can provide these clients the best market research possible, which starts with recruiting only the best members.

  4. Pinecone reveals unreleased products. Frequently, Pinecone will ask for your opinions about products that aren’t available yet. It’s critical for Pinecone to ensure that every member will agree to help ensure the confidentiality of this highly secretive information.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons it’s hard to join Pinecone Reseach. So why should you care? Let’s find out.

What’s so great about Pinecone Research anyway?

Like most things that take a little extra effort, there are some handsome rewards for joining Pinecone Research.

  1. You’ll never get disqualified. As you read above, you’ll never get disqualified from a survey with Pinecone, so you really won’t even need these tips to avoid getting disqualified from paid surveys, which is nice.

  2. You’ll always get $3 per survey. Fifty Cent need not apply to Pinecone since they’re all about dollars. You’ll earn USD $3 (or your country’s equivalent) for each and every survey, and there are no cash-out minimums.

  3. You know you’re going to get paid. Pinecone Research has a pretty solid pedigree as a division of market research powerhouse Nielsen. You can count on their payments to be reliable and consistent.

  4. You’ll work with brands you know. Again, as noted above, you’ll be sharing your opinions about products from world-famous brands and even get early info about new products before they’re released.

How do I get a Pinecone Research invite?

If you’re looking to join Pinecone Research you’ve come to the right place. Just click here and look for the join button. Once you’ve found the join page for your country, answer some basic questions about yourself and you’ll instantly find out if you’ve qualified based on your gender, age, and ethnicity.

What if I don’t get in to Pinecone Research?

Fear not! If you don’t past the initial questions, it just means they have enough people like you right now. But Pinecone is constantly opening the door for new members of different ages, ethnicity and genders.

  1. Subscribe to Paid Survey Update. If you don’t want to miss your next opportunity to join Pinecone Research, just subscribe to P$U and we’ll notify you immediately when Pinecone opens up to new members in your demographic.

  2. Join some other survey programs. Don’t sit around and wait for Pinecone. There are dozens of other reputable survey programs that will pay you for sharing your opinions. Read our reviews and go join a few of those!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more tips and advice to earn more money.

Robert Fleming
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Robert Fleming

Robert Fleming is a 20-year veteran of the market research industry and now serves as co-CEO of Paid Survey Update which he co-founded in 2015. He resides in Myrtle Beach.