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The Best Passive Income Apps for 2024

As our lives increasingly revolve around mobile devices, tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Apple are investing in understanding how you use the apps on your mobile devices. Enter the best apps for passive income in 2023.

What are passive income apps?

Passive income apps are simple tools that collect information about how users interact with their smartphones. These apps track things like which applications users prefer, how much time they spend on them, whether they watch TV shows and videos on their phones, or if they enjoy shopping with their mobile devices.

The answers to these questions are extremely valuable to businesses.

How much can I earn with passive income apps?

Since businesses place a high value on this information, they’re willing to pay good money for these insights. This means an amazing chance for you to earn some extra cash – even making money while you’re sleeping!

With the best passive income apps and a smart approach, you could potentially add an extra $500 or more to your yearly income. But remember, this might not be the case for everyone, so it’s always wise to be realistic about what you can earn.

How do I get started with passive income apps?

Getting started with a new passive income app is usually very straightforward. Once you’ve signed up, all it requires is a quick registration of your device and the installation of a small app. Then all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch as your earnings increase. See our FAQ on signing up for a paid survey site if you’re new to all this.

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What are the best passive income apps?

Keep reading to discover some of the highest-paying passive income apps then sign up for the ones that interest you most.


An instant $5 PayPal gift code just to join

The MobileXpression app is a market research platform that monitors your internet usage and behavior, and rewards you with points that can be redeemed for gift cards or merchandise.

Our Rating [4.71/5]
16 User Ratings [4/5]

Media Rewards

Passive income just for downloading the app

The Media Rewards app collects data on your TV viewing habits by running quietly in the background and provides users with reward points that can be exchanged for various gifts such as gift cards.

Our Rating [4.67/5]
3 User Ratings [5/5]

SurveySavvy Connect

Outstanding passive income opportunities up to $180

The SurveySavvy Connect app collects data on your internet usage and rewards you with entries into monthly cash draws. Additionally, users can earn more by completing surveys available through the app.

Our Rating [4.5/5]
10 User Ratings [4/5]

Nielsen Mobile

The Easiest $60 in Passive Income You’ll Ever Earn

The Nielsen Mobile app collects data on your internet usage and demographics, with users entered into sweepstakes draws for having the app installed, and active participants have additional opportunities to earn through surveys.

Our Rating [4.62/5]
7 User Ratings [4.5/5]

Want more? See our full list of sites that pay you to share data with passive income apps.

Closing Thoughts: Are passive income apps right for me?

If you’re keen on boosting your income through surveys and online market research, passive income apps are an easy way to enhance your earnings. These non-invasive apps won’t interfere with your device’s performance, and the signup process is a breeze.

In addition to the potential $500+ you can earn yearly just by registering, you could qualify for special surveys to pad your passive income further. If you’ve got a smartphone or tablet, it’s high time to maximize its earning potential with these programs.

P.S. If you’re willing to complete some surveys to earn from your mobile device, see our article about the best survey apps. You can get paid for sharing your opinion while you’re on the go.