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Ever wondered about making some extra cash with an online side hustle? With “Get Paid To” (GPT) sites you can earn money by performing simple tasks, turning your spare time into a profitable endeavor.

What does Get Paid To mean?

“Get Paid To” means you can earn money or rewards by completing certain tasks or activities on a dedicated GPT Site. These websites act as a middleman between you and companies or brands that want your time, attention, or opinion.

Once you complete a task, you’ll be rewarded with cash, gift cards, or other perks. See our FAQ on types of rewards for more on that.

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What can I Get Paid To do?

There are a variety of ways you can make money through “Get Paid To” opportunities, from watching videos to playing games and using search engines. Here are detailed explainers on some of the most popular GPT side hustles:

How will I Get Paid?

Get Paid To (GPT) programs reward you with points for participating, which you can exchange for cash or other perks.

Top Ways to Get Paid

Common redemption options include:

  • Cash: Usually via PayPal, ensuring quick, secure transactions; set up an account for smooth access.
  • Gift Cards: For popular retailers like Amazon, Target, and Walmart, as well as specialty stores like Starbucks.
  • Sweepstakes Entries: Though risky and uncertain, they can lead to significant rewards if you win.
  • Merchandise: Uncommon but valuable, particularly in product testing programs that offer in-home trials.
  • Charitable Donations: A thoughtful option for those who prefer to donate their earnings.

Each GPT program has different rules for cashing out, but most require at least $10 worth of earnings. If you need some help choosing rewards, see our guide to choosing cash vs gift cards.

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What are the best Get Paid To sites?

Below you’ll find some of the best “Get Paid To” sites. These sites offer a variety of tasks and activities that can help you earn money or rewards. It’s important to research each site to determine which one is the best fit for you and your interests.


$10 Sign Up Bonus

Make money with Swagbucks by participating in activities like answering surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. Accumulate points and exchange them for gift cards or cash, providing a fun and rewarding way to earn some extra cash.

Our Rating [4.82/5]
125 User Ratings [4.5/5]

Focus Group

Paid studies up to $200

Become a Focus Group member to share your valuable opinions on various products and services, while getting paid for your insights. Contribute to shaping the future of these offerings and enjoy the benefits of making money.

Our Rating [4.71/5]
28 User Ratings [5/5]

Survey Junkie

Over $10 million in survey payouts to date

Take part in online surveys on different topics with Survey Junkie, and get paid for sharing your opinions. Earn points redeemable for cash or gift cards, offering a straightforward and convenient method to make extra money.

Our Rating [4.7/5]
24 User Ratings [3.5/5]

American Consumer Opinion

Great way to earn with solid paying surveys daily

Register with American Consumer Opinion, complete engaging surveys, and evaluate new products to earn rewards. Collect points and exchange them for cash or other appealing incentives, making it a fun way to enhance your earnings.

Our Rating [4.76/5]
15 User Ratings [4/5]


Grab an Easy $5 Sign-Up Bonus

Increase your income with Inbox Dollars by participating in entertaining activities like reading emails, taking surveys, and playing games. Complete tasks, accumulate rewards, and redeem them for cash, providing a fun and simple way to boost your finances.

Our Rating [4.71/5]
43 User Ratings [4/5]

After exploring the top “Get Paid To” sites, choose the ones that resonate with your preferences and goals. Keep in mind that diversifying your options can help maximize your earnings.

What are the key benefits of using GPT sites?

With Get Paid To websites every click brings new opportunities and rewards. Here’s why you should consider exploring these platforms:

  • Cashback Rewards: Enjoy shopping even more with GPT sites that provide cashback rewards at major online retailers. Get more value for every dollar you spend.

  • Engaging and Varied Tasks: Say goodbye to monotony with a variety of interesting tasks always available for completion. Engage your mind, learn new things, and get rewarded in the process.

  • Welcome Bonuses: Start your journey on a high note with new member sign-up bonuses. Most GPT sites offer an instant boost to your earnings from the moment you join.

  • Profitable Online Engagement: Turn your time online into a productive venture. With GPT sites, your online hours are not just entertaining, but profitable too.

  • Contests and Sweepstakes: GPT sites often host fun contests and sweepstakes, giving you a chance to win exciting prizes and further enhance your earnings.

  • Diversified Earning: GPT sites are not confined to surveys alone. They offer a multitude of ways to earn, opening up multiple revenue streams.

How can I maximize my Get Paid To earnings?

To make the most of your Get Paid To side hustles, consider the following tips:

  • Join Multiple Sites: By signing up for multiple GPT sites, you can increase your earning potential. Each site may offer different tasks, activities, and rewards, so joining several sites can help you maximize your earnings and find the best opportunities for you.

  • Use Form Fillers: Many “Get Paid To” tasks require you to fill out forms or surveys. Using form filler software or browser extensions can save you time and make completing these tasks more efficient.

  • Don’t Get Disqualified: Be sure to read the instructions and requirements for each task carefully to avoid getting disqualified. If you don’t meet the requirements or fail to follow the instructions, you may be disqualified from the task and won’t earn any rewards.

  • Avoid Scams: Unfortunately, there are scams out there that prey on people looking to make extra money so it’s important to know how to avoid a scam. Be cautious of sites that ask for upfront payment or personal information beyond what’s necessary for payment. Research each site and opportunity thoroughly before signing up.

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What are some Get Paid To do’s and don’ts?


  • Research each site and opportunity before signing up
  • Join multiple sites to maximize your earning potential
  • Follow instructions and requirements for each task
  • Use form fillers to save time and make tasks more efficient


  • Fall for scams that ask for upfront payment or unnecessary personal information
  • Expect to get rich quickly from GPT opportunities
  • Share your login information for GPT sites with anyone

I’m ready to Get Paid To do stuff, how do I start?

Now that you have a better understanding of what “Get Paid To” means and how it works, it’s time to start exploring the various opportunities available.

Once you’ve done your research, sign up for GPT sites that align with your interests and start completing tasks to earn money or rewards.

With dedication and persistence, you can unlock the potential of “Get Paid To” side hustles for extra income. Stay focused and take advantage of these opportunities to enrich your financial situation and broaden your skill set.

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