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  • Tons of ways to earn including surveys, watching videos, and more
  • Low disqualification for surveys (at least 2 available daily)
  • Targeted surveys which can pay higher based on demographic
  • Reliability: CashCrate has paid out over $40 million in rewards
  • Huge array of daily earning opportunities


Getting started at CashCrate is pretty simple without a ton of questions. They’ll even credit you with $1 when you sign up.

Rewards Summary

There’s a ton of ways to earn on Cashcrate, but the free trial offers are some of the best paying. The surveys pay decently (around a $1) and there’s plenty of rewards to be found just surfing around their site.

Redemption & Processing

CashCrate is very proud of their record of payouts, you can even check out the proof on their site.

The minimum payout is $20. In order to have a payment sent you must reach at least $20 in earnings.

Earnings for the current month are sent on the 1st or on the 15th of the following month, depending on member status and the payment method selected (see below).

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Customer Support

Most users report a very positive experience with missing points or other problems being handled quickly and politely.


One downside with CashCrate is that they do send you a lot of offers. You can certainly earn by trying free services but you might quickly find your inbox overwhelmed. Be sure to go into your account and modify your email options unless you want to receive additonal opportunities.

Closing Thoughts

CashCrate offers a little bit of everything in terms of ways to earn and definitely pays out in a timely manner.

In general, their survey program is on the higher end of the spectrum and there’s plenty of other ways to complement your earnings on CashCrate.

CashCrate may not be the quickest way to rack up cash as their tasks, surveys, and offers will take you some time to complete. Anyone that tells you earning online is fast and easy isn’t being upfront with you.

The good news is that you can rely on being paid for your efforts and on time which makes CashCrate a nice addition for anyone!

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Official Description

Here’s a summary from the official CashCrate website.

Do you know that companies are paying top-dollar to have users like you try their products and services for free? At CashCrate, we pass that money on to you. Simply complete free offers and get paid without spending a dime!

Sorry, this program is NOT accepting new users.

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Reviews of CashCrate

  • I’m just starting, and I don’t have enough time to experience the going on with CashCrate but anyway I suppose based on the idea that CashCrate is the best there is, I’ll take it on it’s face value. I’m happy with it, thank you!

  • All surveys so far have not taken hours of my time. The survey questions are straight forward and easy to answer. Plus the points are perfect for the amount of time taken. I would recommend this site to anyone who has spare time and enjoy earning points toward a prize that they truly want.

  • I find this site to be ok as far as survey sites are but im still waiting to get paid from a recent redemption.

  • I love this site and the surveys that I get in my inbox from them. I’ve already cashed out. You can earn money quickly with this site.

  • I have been complting surveys for years with They are fast paying and very helpful when something goes wrong.They pay you all the money that you’ve earned and fast.I love them and would recommend them to anyone.

  • I have a hard time with all the credit card deals but other than that i love it

  • I’m really impressed with the site. I like the idea that you can go to the site everyday and click on a button that takes you to RewardTV and get cents for that and Also get cents for playing on the site. I’ve already cashed out on the site. The homepage is very organized and it’s easy to navigate around.

  • cashcrate was one of the first sites i signed up with and made money fairly consistantly surveys seemed easier to qualify for . there are many ways to earn money from searching infoon other websites to joining various survey sites. i really love cashcrate!

  • I enjoy CashCrate, but they are just not enough surveys that I qualify for.

  • I enjoy this site tremendously! The fun and exciting things you can do on here are endless! Making money is a PLUS of course!

  • I joined CashCrate just about a month ago and I haven’t had one single solitary survey in fact no communication from them at all. I keep reading how they can bombard you with offers and surveys but I sure haven’t seen that. I would love to learn first hand what CashCrate is really like.

  • It sounds like a good thing. I would like to have a chance to get some cash.

  • I have just started to use Cashcrate! I feel like it’s going to be of great benefit to me. I can hardly wait to get started. That’s Cashcrate
    Michael lowe

  • Very easy way to earn some extra spending money. Absolutely love it

  • I have been a member of cashcrate for some time now. I love their honesty and loyalty to their program. When ever I want to cash out my account they let me do so as long as I have reached the minimal requirements. It’s just that easy and I refer everyone to give it a try at their best convenience. Good luck and thanks to all for having me as a member.

  • It’s a legitimate paying survey site. Very similar to SB. It’s not going to pay the rent, but will put gas in your tank. Play games, download apps, watch videos, and much more.

  • Very nice survey site

  • I enjoy this site. I enjoy the surveys for cash!

  • Although I am fairly new to cashcrate.My overall experience is good.I like the fact that you allow me to take all my surveys on my android cell phone.I will give a more detailed review to cashcrate at a later time

  • I hope that this account site pays faster than the rest. Some websites say you get cash on the spot but when you go to collect your cash, they upit to 50 dollars before you can get your money. If you get through the survey correctly than you should get paid for your work not like another website i’m thinking of they tell you that you have all of this money and you can cash out then they have these hidden fees and you end up with nothing. I think that when the fcc watches the internet then they should partner with the ftc to make sure these websites pay when they should. Dont you?

  • I joined their website, a few months ago. It was going good for about 3 weeks, but as soon as I finished all the profile information, and referred to friends, my total has not changed. I go on once in awhile to do surveys, to she if they will credit me, but no matter what they say I got credited at the end of the survey, it never does get credited. They don’t answer the messages I send them either. I gave up on their page.

  • CashCrate offers plenty of opportunities and is actually fun overall.

  • A lot of opportunity and rewards in many avenues.

  • According to their promotion they offer many ways to provide surveys and watching videos as well. The target the best surveys because they focus on the demographic. They provide huge earning opportunities
    for everyone that is taking a chance and participate. So you can not go wrong.

  • Large content with numerous opportunities.

  • I enjoy doing simple tasks on cash crate, its easy, simple fun.

  • They are great! Don’t drive you crazy with ignorant emails. Love that!

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