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  • Professional surveys focused on national business and economic issues
  • Very entertaining and sophisticated surveys paying up to $3
  • Refer friends via social networking for extra earnings
  • Take surveys directly from you dashboard
  • One of the only programs geared towards business professionals


ProOpinion has taken the hassle out of signing up and made it easy to register with your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIN accounts. The profile process is a bit lengthy, but you’ll find it’s quite worth it as you’ll receive special surveys and rarely be disqualified. If you are a self-identified business professional, you are likely to receive additional survey opportunities.

Rewards Summary

ProOpinion keeps the rewards process pretty straightforward. Exchange your points for gift cards or PayPal cash right from your dashboard. Expect to know up front how long a survey will take and how much your reward will be. You can expect to be compensated with anywhere from $2-$3 per survey.

If you are feeling generous, ProOpinion is one of the more progressive paid survey companies that enable you to donate your earnings to charity.

Redemption & Processing

You’ll have to reach a minimum of $10 to choose your reward. Electronic transfers are instant while a physical check should take a week or so. If you are more interested in gift cards, the current offerings are iTunes and Amazon gift cards.

This program is accepting new users!


ProOpinion is pretty picky with the demographics they’re seeking, so some users may find it a bit difficult to qualify for surveys. As implied by their name, they are looking mostly for the opinions of business professionals. Since their target is on the more narrow side, they will give you sweepstakes entries if you are disqualified from any surveys.

Closing Thoughts

There’s no question ProOpinon is a terrific market research operation with a very professional look and feel to the site. Because they are so exacting, this can potentially have a bad side for people that are in a more common demographic. Whether they are actively looking for input from a popular demographic (i.e females 55-64) will affect the number of survey invites you get and if you will qualify.

The big upside here is that if you are in a demographic they are seeking, you can really start raking in the money. The surveys are high-paying by industry standards, so it’s definitely worth the effort to see if this survey program will work for you.

This program is accepting new users!

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Official Description

Here’s a summary from the official ProOpinion website.

ProOpinion is a free online community driven by research and fueled by thousands of business professionals. Find the answers to questions you may have about the latest business topics and trends. Earn a little something for yourself along the way as well as you can participate in online surveys to earn rewards.

This program is accepting new users!

Reviews of ProOpinion

  • Not a reputable company . Surveys kicked out as “not qualified” after spending 5-10 minutes answering detailed questions. Then terminated for some mysterious violation – I did not intentionally do anything wrong, lie or misrepresent myself in any way. Termination is supposedly under review, but after two weeks, too late. Have seen similar reviews at other sites as well. Please don’t waste your time, like I did.

  • I signed up months after my wife and mother in-law. My mother in-law lives seperately from my wife and I. I thought you could sign up as long as not more than 2 people from same residence, so I did. I used my own email, but after earning up to $15 I requested a payout in my account, the paypal I shared with my wife and mother in-law. Does not say anywhere in their guidelines you cannot use same paypal for payment. They basically took the money I earned, I know it is just $15 but it is still not right. My wife has money in her account that she has been saving to make a purchase, hope they don’t take hers it would be considered theft. I am hoping someone will contact me and correct this wrong or make the guidelines clearer.

  • cuz I just like it

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This program is accepting new users!

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