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Overall [4.62/5]
Opportunities [3/5]
Rewards [4.5/5]

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User Rating [4.5/5]

Nielsen Mobile Highlights

  • Earn at least $60 in passive income
  • Earn more for every device you connect
  • Scan receipts of everyday purchases for real cash
  • Get paid for simply installing the app on your devices
  • Get paid for simply installing the app on your devices
  • Enjoy world class customer service
  • Choose your rewards from a huge array of merchandise
  • The Nielsen Company is the world’s leading provider of marketing information

Nielsen Mobile invites are now open!

Our Nielsen Mobile Review

How can I earn with Nielsen Mobile?

The Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is a popular online market research program that rewards its members for sharing their internet usage data. By downloading the Nielsen app and installing it on their devices, users can earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and other rewards. One of the benefits of joining the Nielsen panel is that it allows users to contribute to the improvement of online services and products while earning some extra cash. Additionally, the app is easy to use and does not require much effort on the part of the user. Overall, the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is a great way to earn rewards while helping to shape the future of the internet.

Like many Nielsen programs, participants in the PC and Mobile panel may be rewarded for their participation. These rewards can come in the form of points redeemable for prizes or direct monetary compensation.

Here are some of the most popular ways to earn on Nielsen Mobile:

  • Download Apps Earn some extra pocket change for downloading apps to your device.
  • Listen to Music Earn money or rewards by simply listening to music and providing feedback or ratings.
  • Play Games Play games to accumulate points or cash, making entertainment profitable.
  • Share Your Data Get paid for allowing access to your data and information, earning rewards passively.
  • Watch Videos Watch videos for incentives, giving opinions or answering related questions.

What payouts and rewards does Nielsen Mobile offer?

For being an active member, you’ll be rewarded with Nielsen Mobile Rewards points worth up to $60 a year to spend at the Nielsen Mobile Rewards online store. In your first month with Nielsen Mobile, you will receive points every week. After that, you will continue to earn points monthly.

Here are some of the top payout options on Nielsen Mobile:

  • Amazon E-Gift Codes
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Cash / e-Wallet
  • PayPal

How do I join Nielsen Mobile?

To get started, fill in a form with some basic information about yourself. All you have to do is download the Nielsen Mobile App or install a profile, depending on your device, and then continue using your mobile device as you usually do. Once you have completed the installation, you will be an active member of the Nielsen Mobile and PC Panel and will start earning rewards immediately.

Nielsen Mobile invites are now open!

How do I redeem points and get paid with Nielsen Mobile?

Redeeming your points is very simple and fast. In fact, Nielsen has an entirely different web site completely devoted to rewarding their users. Nielsen is a huge operation with many sister sites so it makes sense that they would have resources devoted exclusively to rewards.

To request your rewards, simply log into your account and review their catalog for rewards. Each reward is assigned a point value. If you have enough points, select the item and Nielsen will send it via US mail within a few days.

Does Nielsen Mobile have good customer support?

Being in business for decades, Nielsen has their operations down pat. If you encounter a problem you can email or call. You should expect little to no delay in response to your query.

What are the most common issues with Nielsen Mobile?

Unfortunately, while installing Nielsen Mobile is easy money, they are only accepting certain groups, at least for the time being. If you’re a tablet user, you simply have to be 18 or older. For smartphone users, the company is currently only accepting members 45 or older. These requirements may change as Nielsen’s demographic needs shift.

Closing Thoughts: Is Nielsen Mobile right for me?

Nielsen Mobile won’t earn you a ton of money, but you won’t have to do much of anything to get your $50 in yearly rewards. If you like passive income, this program is ideal.

You can install this app with confidence as Nielsen has an impeccable reputation. They’re simply trying to do for mobile device usage what they’ve done for TV ratings. The company has an extensive privacy policy to allay privacy fears. They simply want to know what you’re watching on your mobile device.

In short, there’s very little, if any, downside to trying this app. Users have reported no slowdowns in their devices and no privacy breaches. If for some reason you don’t like it, it’s a one-click uninstall.

If you fall into the demographic that is currently being accepted, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give Nielsen Mobile a try!

Official Nielsen Mobile Description

At Nielsen Mobile, we’re all about understanding mobile trends – the types of applications you use, the content you view and listen to, as well as the websites you visit on your phone, tablet, e-reader, or other registered mobile device. Your everyday activities as a panelist will help us understand how people use their mobile devices.

Plus, you will be rewarded for your participation! All active members will receive up to $50 per year in Nielsen Mobile Rewards points for participating in the panel!

Nielsen Mobile invites are now open!

Nielsen Mobile User Reviews

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4.5 stars // 9 reviews

  • Easy to understand. A little slow but I like the app.

  • I have dealt with this company in the past and they are people of their word and the surveys are good to do. I would do this app again ,..

  • The easiest app ever

  • Nielsen makes you work for those rewards, but how generous is it of them to do this!

  • It’s good and fast

  • Excellent service love it

  • The service is great and very reliable !

  • Fun & easy!

  • I like it but it’s slow other than that it’s quite easy you don’t have to do anything except for installing and put your information in and then you’re done and let it run in the background their menu area could use a little bit better set up though it’s a little confusing sometimes especially if you’re new they could use a tutorial to help people who are new.

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