If you’re just getting started with paid surveys, it’s pretty common to focus most of your attention on the top 10 paid surveys sites.

That seems like a great strategy. These popular and long-running paid survey programs have been around for years and have paid out hundreds of millions of dollars, so you know they’re totally legit.

What’s Wrong with Established Survey Programs?

Because they’ve been around so long, established paid survey programs like Ipsos and Toluna already have a massive stable of loyal and honest survey takers, making it harder for new members to earn.

  • First, you’ve got to compete against longstanding members who are more likely to get survey invites.

  • Then, once you get do an invite, you’re competing against more people to get in before the survey is full.

  • Finally, as a new-kid-on-the-block you’re even less likely to get invited to high-paying focus groups with these established programs.

All of this is not to say you shouldn’t join any popular programs, you should! But when you’re taking a multi-program approach to paid surveys, you’ve got to diversify.

What are the Benefits of New Paid Survey Programs?

While there are some risks to joining a new paid survey program (more on that below), there are at least three notable benefits:

  • It’s Easier to Get Accepted: New programs need to recruit lots of users from all walks of life to meet their client’s needs, so you’re less likely to get rejected based on your age or other demographics.

  • There’s Less Competition: New programs have fewer members which means you’ve got less competition for invites and fewer people trying to participate, all of which and help you increase your chances to earn.

  • You Can Establish Yourself Quickly: Taking more surveys lets you establish yourself as an honest and reliable survey taker, increasing your chances of getting invited to higher paying surveys and perhaps even focus groups.

Unfortunately, reputable new programs don’t come around that often. But don’t sweat it. P$U has got your back.

What are the newest paid survey programs?

We’re constantly on the lookout for new, legitimate paid survey programs. While they may not all be “winners,” here are some of the newest paid survey programs on P$U:

Can I trust new paid survey programs?

It goes without saying that paid survey “scam” sites pop up faster than pimples on a teenager. Fortunately they’re easy to spot if you follow these tips for how to spot a paid survey scam.

And while it’s smart to be a little leery of new survey programs, you can always turn to our detailed paid survey reviews to help you make a more informed decision about which programs are legitimate.

In Conclusion

To get the most value out of your paid survey efforts, be sure to join a mix of popular established programs and new survey programs. You’ll take a little bit of a gamble with the new programs, but you just might discover your next regular payday.

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