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Overall [2.5/5]
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InboxPays Highlights

  • $5 sign-up bonus
  • Get paid to review free and paid trial offers
  • Hundreds of ways to earn daily
  • Well organized account dashboard to access surveys and offers

InboxPays invites are now open!

Our InboxPays Review

How can I earn with InboxPays?

Here are some of the most popular ways to earn on InboxPays:

  • Download Apps Earn some extra pocket change for downloading apps to your device.
  • Play Games Play games to accumulate points or cash, making entertainment profitable.
  • Read Email Read promotional emails and interact with content for monetary incentives or discounts.
  • Shop Earn cash-back while shopping, saving money on purchases and accumulating rewards.
  • Take Surveys Take surveys for money, just share your opinion and earn.
  • Watch Videos Watch videos for incentives, giving opinions or answering related questions.

What payouts and rewards does InboxPays offer?

Compensation for surveys in on par with other companies, ranging from about $0.50-$1.50, depending on length. Expect to get about $.02-$.05 per paid email. Rewards for other activities on the site can range from a few cents to $10, with trial offers being the highest paying options.

Here are some of the top payout options on InboxPays:

  • PayPal
  • Sweepstakes Entries

How do I join InboxPays?

Becoming an InboxPays member is very easy. Simply register with us on our homepage and verify your email address. You will be guided to a profile page that asks you a few simple questions to help match you with paid surveys.

InboxPays invites are now open!

How do I redeem points and get paid with InboxPays?

All payments are made in multiples of $50, which is the minimum cash out level. For example, if your balance is $52.70, you will receive a payment of $50. If your balance is $102.70, you will receive a payment of $100. Essentially, Inbox Pays passes the transaction costs on to you. Payments are processed on the 1st and 15th of each month.

What are the most common issues with InboxPays?

InboxPays has a high cash-out rate at $50. Users have reported problems cashing out, as a minimum of $25 in completed offers and $25 in paid surveys is required to cash-out. This is to prevent members from cashing out just using paid emails and watching videos.

In addition, InboxPays incorporates a lot of “paid trial offers”. These require you to pay out of pocket to participate. If you do sign up for one of these, be sure to cancel after you sign up, unless you like the service. It is possible to just stick to the free stuff to avoid potential problems.

What else do I need to know about InboxPays?

Mobile users may not receive credits for reading paid emails and watching videos. InboxPays recommends using a desktop or laptop to access to their site.

Closing Thoughts: Is InboxPays right for me?

InboxPays certainly falls into the “Get-Paid-To” genre of sites, rather than pure market research and paid surveys. While there are plenty of ways to earn with this program, you may find some difficulty with the complicated cash-out procedure and high redemption level.

Having been in business for over 10 years, they do have an established track member of paying members. Inbox Pays is definitely legit.

On the plus side, if you’re looking for more earning opportunities, you’ll find no shortage here. Either way, the $5 bonus makes InboxPays worth a try and will surely keep you busy.

Official InboxPays Description

InboxPays gives you the opportunity to earn some extra CA$H. Become a Member and earn CA$H to Read Emails, Refer Your Friends, Play Games, Complete Offers, Coupon Clipping, Shop Online and more! We have hundreds of offers ranging from cash surveys to free trials and credit cards. Then, simply “cash out” your balance and get paid directly to your PayPal account.

InboxPays invites are now open!

InboxPays User Reviews

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1.5 star // 20 reviews

  • I never get paid for my surveys or any thing this is a sad sight

  • Everything was going good until I almost had enough to payout and suddenly I was blocked from taking more surveys! It literally says blocked when I try to go to the survey page!I spent hours updating my account, completing surveys, wasting my time on a joke of a website! Don’t waste your time.

  • I been doing inbox pays for almost a year. When I got to $25, it said I needed $50 to cash out. I have been at $30.45 for over 3months now and I’m not getting credit for opening emails. I will just leave it at $30.45 and not mess with it anymore! I’m good off this site. Time to move on!!

  • It’s despicable how you can spend minutes to hours, answering surveys, completing offers. But never get rewarded; until they see fit, even if it’s long after their time frame. All of your complaints go unanswered and then closed.

  • I have completed several offers for cash game spins as well as completing offers for payment, completing almost $200.00 and only receiving credit for $13.20. I have sent several e-mails over the course of about 2 weeks for assistance in receiving what is supposed to be owed to me for doing these offers and surveys along with whatever else and I have yet to receive any type of feedback. If the company can’t even respond to an e-mail to support their customers then they’re certainly not going to pay any money to satisfy their customers! If you can skip this site and save your time finding a legit company!!!

  • In the beginning I was gettin credit I got 28$ approved but really completed 230$ worth offers. So 202$ have been pending for years and still at the viewed level. Meanwhile the offers have been completed with valid credit cards. I don’t know what’s going on I just don’t understand why the offer stay viewed for so long? How long will they have to view an completed offer to approve it cause it been years. I just want my money. . Can we get what they owe us???

  • I get offer’s from them even now in my email account! When I click on them now the site say’s warning this site is not secure anymore! I haven’t done one of there survey’s or offer’s for some time! Doe’s anyone else know what is going on?

  • This company can’t be emailed obviously only way is snail mail they give no contact information other than an address. I’ve been a member over a year they veiw my 400 bucks of surveys but won’t approve the first one only thing they credit is for opening emails. When I first started it was 25 bucks to cash out when I got close it changed to 50 this is a scam to get personal information from us there’s no phone number no email just USPS I quit trying to get paid awhile ago no use and panda research same thing they owe me 400 bucks I’ve never got a dime I hope BBB shuts this down.

  • I signed up for the site to try and make some extra money. I even signed up for a couple of the offers so that I could reach the $50 payout threshold. I submitted my payout request on Feb 8th. I waited the 30 days and then some, and still no payment.
    I tried clicking on the link to email them, but it continually says that I have the wrong password. So I can’t even contact them without sending a letter in the mail.
    I am solely convinced that it’s a scam. An affiliated marketing scam. They make money off of us signing up for the offers through their affiliates, but then never pay us back for it like promised.

  • Same here. I reached 45.38 and no matter how many offers I complete I am not credited. The customer service ticket just gets closed without a solution. I submit screen shots of completed offers , no additional$$$$$$. I think I will try snail mail to the parent company a and a in Chicago. I have wasted so much time with this I just want my $50. Any ideas about filing complaints

  • it’s ok still waiting for a Deposit

  • InboxPays has been around awhile. It’s not nearly as big as Swagbucks or InboxDollars – strikes me as having a much smaller group of people running it, if not solely one person. Now that being said, they wouldn’t still be around if they didn’t pay. All morals and fairness and yadda-yadda aside, ripping people off as a business model isn’t exactly the most logical choice if the brand’s designed for sustainability – in other words once too many people catch on you’re done because nobody will want to buy from you. What makes people think because it’s the Internet that it’s any different than in “real life”?

    Haven’t had my coffee yet so I’ll let you ponder that on your own while we address the classic overpanicked cyberworld outcry – “OMG SCAM!!!!!!!” Uhhhhhhhhhhh… from what I’m reading of these reviews, it looks like none of you know how to follow directions. You probably didn’t get paid because you didn’t meet the required stipulations, you probably discovered a bug on the password thing (here’s a revolutionary idea – why not send in a ticket reporting it and give the developer a chance to FIX the problem before crying wolf, or “scam” I should say), and reflecting back on what I said earlier, if it’s a small team or just one individual, then chances are they don’t have the time or resources to follow up on every last crybaby email or handhold them through the instructions. If you guys need that kind of ABC block breakdown, you’ll get a credit from InboxPays if you join ABCMouse through their link. Hell, I’m sure the developer keeps that up there on purpose because clearly some of you need it.

  • I had reached up to $30.00 and it didn’t let me go to another link when I try to it wouldn’t let the link add nothing to my money that I have with them so what do I do about it when I try to email them it said incorrect password so do that means I will not get my money $30.00 they going to keep it.

  • i got close to cashing a 50 bucks now they wont even answer any emails when i contact them .This is nothing but a big scam

  • Liars!!! Had not credited my account for days..

  • It’s a SCAM!!! Met a bunch of their requirements for the minimum payout of $50 to see if they would payout and of course, no payout. It’s been OVER 2 months now. Tried getting a hold of their support page and it just goes in circles. Seems the only way to contact them is via snail mail, and even that is iffy. I read on another review site that someone sent a letter and got it back from the post office marked “not at this address”

  • Well since I received 32.50 it no longer credits my account bull crap. I am upset but no way to contact them just tells me they are a scam and wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

  • They don’t credit your account for most sign up offers. I have yet to be credited for offers I completed over a year ago. It’s a real waste of time.

  • @Christine harris. Your situation is EXACTLY what has been happening to me. If you do find out how to contact them, please do let us know. Although I have not been able to contact them on their site, because it’s not accepting my password. I continue to receive new surveys and blank return emails, with no password information. This is really crazy!!

  • I had reached over $35 dollars and then it stopped adding to my amount when I clicked on the link. When I tried to contact them, it said my password was incorrect. I requested to have it sent to me several times and each time I got a blank email from them. When I tried to contact them, the only way to do it other than to write to them, was to send an email, which it won’t let me do because it says my password is incorrect.

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