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Overall [4.67/5]
Opportunities [4.6/5]
Rewards [4.8/5]

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User Rating [4.5/5]

Media Rewards Highlights

  • Earn simply for streaming vids and listening to radio through the app
  • Additional earning opportunities taking in-app surveys
  • Fast and automated redemption every two weeks via PayPal
  • Wide variety of reward options including gift cards, points, and sweepstakes entries.
  • One of the few panels actively seeking teens (13+ older)

Media Rewards invites are now open!

Our Media Rewards Review

How can I earn with Media Rewards?

Running the MI app

Media Rewards is mainly a passive earning program, it essentially collects anonymous data on your device usage. Essentially the app mirrors how Nielsen works for mobile devices and PC. You get paid for how many devices and how frequently you let the app run.

Watching TV

When MI Mobile is running on your device, keep it with you when you watch TV with wifi/mobile data on. The microphone needs to be able to listen to the TV therefore if you can hear the TV. Once MI’s unique technology can hear what TV shows your watching, you’ll be awarded points which are uploaded weekly.

Here are some of the most popular ways to earn on Media Rewards:

  • Listen to Music Earn money or rewards by simply listening to music and providing feedback or ratings.
  • Share Your Data Get paid for allowing access to your data and information, earning rewards passively.
  • Watch Videos Watch videos for incentives, giving opinions or answering related questions.

What payouts and rewards does Media Rewards offer?

Media Rewards offers a number of choices on how you would like to receive your rewards, plus some nice loyalty bonuses.

Media Rewards gives away free gift cards. Take surveys and earn $10 gift cards from the best global brands and retailers, such as Amazon, iTunes, Uber, Tesco, Argos… Media Rewards works with the world’s largest brands such as Coca Cola, Google, Pampers, Warner Movies…, to see if their TV, radio, and outdoor ad campaigns are seen, heard, and appreciated.

Here are some of the top payout options on Media Rewards:

  • Amazon E-Gift Codes
  • Electronic Gift Cards
  • PayPal
  • Sweepstakes Entries

How do I join Media Rewards?

After filling out a short profile, simply download the app to your iOS or Android device and you’re ready to roll!

Media Rewards invites are now open!

Is Media Rewards legitimate or a scam?

Media Rewards has a very structured reward schedule and they always pay on time. So long as you meet their requirements for using their program, you can be assured of receiving your due rewards delivered. They have a long history of reliable payments so you can sure to get paid for your time.

How do I redeem points and get paid with Media Rewards?

Processing is automatic and you don’t have to specifically request a monthly payout. Get paid bi-weekly via PayPal if you like or choose from a host of other options.

Does Media Rewards have good customer support?

Media Rewards is really on the ball when it comes to responding to inquiries. They are very active and want to make sure you’re getting rewarded and your info is valid. Most users report getting responses to their inquiries within a few hours. Believe it or not they actually have phone support which is quite the rarity these days.

What are the most common issues with Media Rewards?

As with many programs, the main concern most users think of when deciding to join Media Rewards is privacy concerns. Fortunately, the company has an extensive privacy policy that should address any issues you may have.

Though you might be concerned about battery life and performance with a largely app-based program, there’s no need to be concerned. Media Insiders’ app is very lightweight and you shouldn’t notice any additional battery drain or decreased performance of your mobile device.

Closing Thoughts: Is Media Rewards right for me?

Media Rewards is a strong program that makes it a piece of cake to earn an extra $15 a month. They have a smooth running app and don’t annoy you with push notifications. Plus, they work with top notch media outlets including Facebook and Twitter. Best of all, their Tango Codes pay consistently every month. We recommend joining without reserve.

Official Media Rewards Description

Media Rewards has revolutionized the paid surveys for money and cash app industries by allowing users to passively turn their TV, Netflix, YouTube, radio, and outdoor ads into in-app points. The higher your score, the higher your chances to receive a paid survey that will allow you to earn rewards like cash & gift cards.

Media Rewards invites are now open!

Media Rewards User Reviews

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4.5 stars // 4 reviews

  • It’s ok

  • I can say that this app is 110% legit people! It’s so easy, it’s not like those other apps, setting there doing surveys all day long and getting disqualified at the end of them. Let it run in the back ground, let it run while ur listening to music or just setting watching tv, and do surveys that they send to you, you couldn’t get any easier then that. Just try it..

  • I love Media Rewards let app run in background.take survey when your selected to make an easy $10 .you won’t even know it’s running in background.its that simple

  • My personal experience with media rewards is like way try make bit extra money for really doing nothing but majbe review or survey and keep program running in background of my phone I give it 5star review base on doesn’t slow my phone down and most time don’t even know it’s running.

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