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Mindfield Online Ratings

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Overall [4.4/5]
Opportunities [4.5/5]
Rewards [4.25/5]

User Ratings

User Rating [3/5]

Mindfield Online Highlights

  • Updated in 2021 with a great new look!
  • Instant access to paid surveys via Facebook
  • Earn up to $3 per survey
  • Outstanding app with mobile surveys for iOS and Android
  • Increase earning potential with the “Personal Survey Cloud”
  • Accepts teens 15 and older
  • A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau

Mindfield Online invites are now open!

Our Mindfield Online Review

How can I earn with Mindfield Online?

Paid Surveys

Mindfield focuses mainly on market research surveys. You can access them in a variety of ways. Simply access your account onsite, connect your Facebook page, or wait for email invites. You should receive at least one survey daily.

Focus Groups

You may be invited to extended discussion groups for in-depth analysis on any given product or topic. Compensation for these groups depends on how much of your time is required, but you can expect to get $50 at a minimum for participating.

Here are some of the most popular ways to earn on Mindfield Online:

  • Test Products Test products by providing feedback, earning rewards or keeping the tested items.

What payouts and rewards does Mindfield Online offer?

Expect to receive $0.50-$3.00 per survey. Mindfield will let you know up front how long a survey should take and what your compensation will be. Once you reach only $5.00, you can choose from PayPal cash, check, or a variety of popular gift cards like Walmart and Amazon.

Here are some of the top payout options on Mindfield Online:

  • Amazon E-Gift Codes
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • iTunes Gift Cards
  • PayPal

How do I join Mindfield Online?

Registering is a piece of cake. Simply complete the registration process and fill out the brief profile survey. Shortly after, you should start receiving surveys that match your demographic.

Mindfield Online invites are now open!

Is Mindfield Online legitimate or a scam?

It’s pretty tough for anyone to argue that Mindfield is a scam when they carry an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. You’ll find minor complaints about them from time to time online but nothing to raise any flags. The vast majority of users report prompt payment and an overall positive experience with this program. Go ahead and join Mindfield with confidence.

How do I redeem points and get paid with Mindfield Online?

Redeeming couldn’t be easier. Simply login to your account and click “Click Here to Cashout!” under the Member Summary on the right navigation panel. Payment will be processed within 1-2 weeks, depending on the day of the week it is submitted and sent by the method that you select on the cashout page.

Does Mindfield Online have good customer support?

Customer support has plenty of options including a phone number for support which is somewhat unique. Regular support via email is also available.

What are the most common issues with Mindfield Online?

Mindfield has some stringent qualification conditions, which may make many of their surveys unavailable to users. On one hand, this proves they are a serious market research company, but if you’re not currently in the demographic they’re seeking you may have trouble earning with this program.

What else do I need to know about Mindfield Online?

This program has a couple of unique features of note:

First, if you like Facebook, there are some great opportunities for you here. You’re not required to associate your Facebook account with Mindfield, but if you do, you’ll gain access to live studies directly from your member page without waiting for invites. You will also be invited to Facebook only opportunities. Connecting with Facebook is not required, but doing so will quickly multiply your available survey opportunities.

Second, Mindfield Online members are able to set their accounts to receive surveys from the “Personal Survey Cloud,” which will help increase earning potential. Basically, Mindfield will import outside surveys that can then be accessed via the member page. By utilizing both these features, you will quickly find your earnings add up.

Closing Thoughts: Is Mindfield Online right for me?

Mindfield Online is a bit of a double-edged sword. Their innovative technology with Facebook and mobile apps is a huge plus and the payouts are decent. There is also no question about this company’s reliability.

However, since they impose strict standards on the demographics they are targeting at any given time, you may find yourself getting screened out of surveys and not receiving many invites.

In short, this program may work great for you or may turn out to be a small trickle of survey cash from time to time. There’s certainly no harm in trying Mindfield Online though as their reputation is second to none.

Official Mindfield Online Description

MindField Online is an outstanding for earning extra cash. You can work from home, the office or anywhere you have access to the internet. All you have to do is participate in a wide variety of interesting opinion research surveys. The good news is, you earn cash incentives for every survey you complete. There are no gimmicks, points or sweepstakes that frustrate you and waste your time and valuable input. Our members earn real money while helping major corporations make multi-million dollar decisions based on the input you provide.

Mindfield Online invites are now open!

Mindfield Online User Reviews

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3 stars // 15 reviews

  • Not worth your time. I have wasted so many hours & have about $20 in “pending” rewards that have been pending for months. Probably about 40 hours overall in completing surveys that I qualified for & only earned $3.00 which is not enough to even cash out. Tried to email customer support to ask why my money is pending but they don’t get back to you. While none of the surveys offer the greatest incentives, I have earned way more on other sites for less time involved. I’ve tried out many different sites & the only ones that actually let you cash out the rewards are Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost, Vindale Research & Survey Junkie. You have to watch on those sites too because sometimes you’ll take a half hour survey and only earn the equivalent of 10 cents but once you get the hang of it, you skip the low incentive surveys & just do the higher ones. Mindfield unfortunately shows a bigger incentive for each survey but then never pays out.

  • Over the course of several months I attempted to complete well over 100 surveys (most of which Mindfield invited me complete because it was “picked for me.” I was able to complete only one survey, so I finally canceled my account, forfeiting the cash I had earned. I assume the Mindfield pocketed my earnings, making think maybe that was their goal all along. Complete waste of time!

  • I did a 7 day diary for this group and was supposed to get paid $5. Instead of paying the FIVE DOLLARS, they shut down my account and will not respond to any messages. All this to screw someone out of FIVE DOLLARS! That’s all they were supposed to pay. They are a complete waste of time and nothing more than an additional source of aggravation if you try to get what you’re due. They may have been legit at some point in history but not now. Dont waste of second of your life on that website.

  • I’ve been a member for about 2 weeks now and have yet to qualify for a survey. Their home page tonight listed 73 survies. I went through EVERY SINGLE ONE of them. The majority of them I was told that I didn’t meet the criteria without even answering any questions. Then I had the ones that said the quota had been met. Out of the 5 or 6 that I even got to answer question I was told I thst I didn’t qualify after on 1 or 2 questions. This is not the first time this has happened.

  • I have been a member of this site for quite some time and have always been very satisfied with the way the surveys are set up, if you ever have a problem on their site and you contact them about an issue, they respond back to you in a timely fashion and make sure they always resolve the issue. Also, I LOVE the home-product test surveys 🙂

  • I think it’s a great way to earn money but they could work on creating surveys that pay more

  • Not really sure wat to say in this review besides getting referrals to other site or the same site that Ur already signed up for. Mindfield is very good at paying you for referrals.

  • I am offered a lot of survey opportunities using Mindfield online. I have learned alot with these services and I really enjoy Mindfield. Excellent Communication.

  • I’m a very opinionated person so sites like these give me a chance to give my opinion on what I like and don’t like and on different topics in general.

  • I have been with Mindfield online for quite a while, I wanted to get a little pocket cash to have when needed. They send many emails and everytime I try to get into one, I am not qualified. I don’t get it, I thought surveys were for anyone. I can’t even make $10 because I am not qualified. I guess my mind is too old. I am 68, but what that have to do with my mind. I just want to make a little extra cash. I am sorry I can’t give them a good rating, not only them, I have joined quite a few online companies saying I could make $10, $15 to $25 a survey, but all I get if I get one is $5 to join and the surveys are a dollar or two. Sorry to be so blunt but I am tired of being lied to.

  • This is proving interesting for me it seems like I give my personal info out and never really do a survey until today. I had a bigger or higher thought as to how this was going to work. I in too win it. YOUGOTTAWANTA.

  • Mindfield is a very good survey site, but if you don’t go there QUICKLY, the survey may have reached its limit. The good thing is that there are ALWAYS several available!

  • I think it’s a great way to earn money but they could work on creating surveys that pay more without requiring a credit card.

  • Friendly survey site allowing ‘free’ open opinions on how I feel or would feel about different situations or personal issues that affect my daily life. Politics, Shopping, Education, Jobs, things of interest, I feel I can maybe find here on every visit and get paid doing so., interacting by participating, taking as many surveys as I can.

  • Okay for the time, expecting better.

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