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Overall [3.5/5]
Opportunities [3/5]
Rewards [3.5/5]

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User Rating [3.5/5]

MindsPay Highlights

  • Instant $3 bonus on sign up
  • Make up to $50 reviewing products & services
  • Occasional high-paying focus group invites
  • Read emails for up to $0.25 each
  • Low disqualification rate
  • Free coupons and samples just for being a member
  • Refer new members and you get 10% of the earnings they generate

MindsPay invites are now open!

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How can I earn with MindsPay?

Here are some of the most popular ways to earn on MindsPay:

  • Shop Earn cash-back while shopping, saving money on purchases and accumulating rewards.
  • Test Products Test products by providing feedback, earning rewards or keeping the tested items.

What payouts and rewards does MindsPay offer?

If you are looking for cash, you are in the right place. MindsPay exclusively rewards its members with PayPal cash. Compensation varies from $3-$25 and sometimes even higher, with The majority of surveys taking about 5-15 minutes to complete.

Although higher paying surveys are rare, you will get matched to them on occasion. Expect to spend a lot of time on these, but you will be well compensated.

Another unique way to make money with MindsPay is by reading email. Even though you only get a few cents for each email, you will find this start to add up quickly.

Here are some of the top payout options on MindsPay:

  • PayPal

How do I join MindsPay?

Registering with MindsPay is simple and only requires a valid email address. Once you confirm your email, you will be asked a few basic questions on your interests that will help MindsPay in gathering your qualifying paid offers. Plus you’ll be compensated for any additional info you add to your profile.

Please note that you must be a US resident and 18 years or older.

MindsPay invites are now open!

How do I redeem points and get paid with MindsPay?

While MindsPay has a higher cash-out level ($50) than other programs, they pay via PayPal like clockwork on the 1st and 15th of every month. There is also nothing additional you are required to do in order to get paid.

What are the most common issues with MindsPay?

If you are a Mac or a mobile user, you may find MindsPay a bit frustrating. MindsPay surveys are specifically designed to work with Internet Explorer. The company highly recommends you use IE for your browser to ensure your opinions are properly recorded.

What else do I need to know about MindsPay?

MindsPay is different from most paid survey programs in that many of their offers will require you to pay for product or trials service. Though this makes some people nervous, in most cases you will be compensated for these “paid trail offers” immediately upon joining so it’s more like more like cash back shopping.

Plus, as long as you’re on top of your calendar and don’t forget, you can always cancel (usually after some required period) the service. So for example, if you do sign up for programs like Netflix and then provide a review, it will easily pay for your first couple months of service.

It’s also worth nothing that MindsPay has a great referral program that can really increase your earning potential. You’ll get 10% of what your friends and family earn for completing offers just for referring them to the program.

Closing Thoughts: Is MindsPay right for me?

If you’re interested and trying new products and services, and you’re willing to shell out a little money up front, MindsPay is be a great way to get paid for sharing your opinion. Just be sure to keep track of your trial offers and when to cancel them. Give MindsPay a try today.

MindsPay Video

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Official MindsPay Description

MindsPay is an internet site that compensates its members to test out products, services and give feedback on those tested. MindsPay organizes the information needed from several advertisers and wraps it to show to the public. From your answers, MindsPay will separate the opinions from members and report back to the advertisers.

MindsPay invites are now open!

MindsPay User Reviews

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3.5 stars // 35 reviews

  • I have not been able to reach someone. It asked for email/password. I clicked forgot password. I never get the email to reset. I’ve checked spam folders. I have $55 waiting to be redeemed. Can someone contact me on this matter?

  • I think it’s a great way to earn the extra income that you might need, so far it has a fairly good amount that you can earn dailey..

  • Ever think who writes these reviews and how do they get to do it. Well you can to. If you’ve got a mind that can pay then they will do that for you. Easy to sign up and easy and fun to complete. So join today and start putting your mind to use and make some money.

  • I like MindsPay. I have finished and was paid. I have been trying to login my account and now it will not let me. I will be happy when I am able to login so I can make another $50.00. That is my review. Annie Wilson

  • just really started and nothing yet just like the other survey sites long surveys to take and no to little reward for it waste of time and a waste of my free time

  • I am really up in the air about MindsPay. I have completed many offers and surveys that have been in review for 2 weeks. I write them and have yet to get a response.
    As far as their offers and surveys most of them are really easy.

  • I have always think that making money online was all a crap but mindspay had proven me wrong. Mindspay, you are simply the best!

  • I enjoy evaulating sites and taking surveys. I wish there was a faster way of them acknowledging my completed offers. Overall good site.

  • MindsPay seems to be a very good survey site sofar; however, I have not gotten too many offers from it yet. I just signed up hope to soon find out more.

  • MindsPay is a great way to earn money on the side. The surveys are easy and fun.

  • Such a great opportunity! I love being a member of MindsPay.

  • I enjoy going on Minds Pay to look for new sites to check out and give my opinion. Today, my son signed up for this website, using the website ad and he filled out the survey for them. He enjoyed going to that website and said it was easy to sign up.

  • I have been on this site for over 2 years and have yet to cash out. You can only get so far and then nothing —-no more– There is nothing else any good to do

  • Best paid email site… Easy to navigate through the website and all

  • I just joined but I’m so happy I did I can’t wait till tomorrow to start taking the Surveys of things .I will do my best to be as honest with you guys okay and Thank you very much.

  • Great site. Keeps the surveys different and interesting. Would recommend it to other people.

  • I have been with MindsPay for a couple of years now. It is a real site that pays real money. You can make money from home or where ever you want. It would be nice if you could cash out at any amount and didn’t have the waiting period. Besides that they are a good site. I would recommend.

  • The customer service line is only open standard business hours, Eastern Time- but that’s not horrible and the people are GENUINELY pleasant and very helpful. IT IS REAL MONEY…. BUT… unless you make purchases through some of the survey opportunities and are honestly searching for auto insurance, it can be very, very sloooooow going. If there was one thing I’d change, the ONLY thing would be to drop the payout amount from $50 to $20 after the first (minimum) $50 request was processed. I think that if the payouts could be requested at $20 intervals once respondants are vested this would be THE BEST site of it’s kind and I’d rate it at a 7 out f 5 stars…. and I’ve tried out 4 different sites including MindsPay! It would be NICE if the PayPal payout didn’t take 3 business days to clear, especially with how long it can take to build up enough to cash out, but I DID say only ONE thing ;).

  • Mind-pays is an fast and easy way to make extra money just signup i made $3.00 then later i made 6.39 later the best way of making money on mind-pays is to complete 10 offers the same day then and wait until pay then off then complete more offers and get paid.

  • I haven’t been on the site in a while but I receive interesting offers for making money. I wish that they had more studies and free offers so that we can make better money.

  • It is a good site.

  • great company just wish I could hear from you people more oftewn

  • Easy to follow survey instructions. Fairly interesting topics. Would like for it to pay better.

  • I would not recommend this website. When I was a member, I completed these surveys and the rewards went pending for months on end. When I tried to contact someone about this, all I got were these mechanized responses, which were no help. I finally unsubscribed because I was sick of waiting!

  • You don’t make a lot of money but it’s fun and easy:

  • This survey site offers a lot of daily opportunities to take surveys and earn cash. You decide how often you want to take surveys so you decide how much you earn. The surveys are fun and interesting.

  • Great way to earn money at home

  • I am so upset!! I invested alot of my precious time working so hard to earn a little extra money for me and my 2 children.I am a single mom with a 12 month old baby boy an a 16 year old. I was hoping for this money for diapers and back to school shopping. My account is almost 400.00 and all thats been approved is 18.51 since the beginning of july, I don’t want to keep on working because nothing is being approved. I’m trying to be patient and I keep writing to mindspay, and they just keep blowing me off. Sooooooo sad mom of 2.
    Audrey Mandeville

  • This is a great way to earn a little extra cash.

  • Been a member here for many, many years now. Have over $35 in my account, But they do not have any sort of payment option set up here!

  • Everything is reasonable for a survey. I have done a lot of these and hope I finally will get paid.

  • it is one of the best site to me it has great prizes im just waiting my turn i believe it would come, but it is not a buggaboo site its easy to me love working with it

  • I really enjoy completing certain tasks, jobs, surveys on Mindspay and am happy to have become a member; however, it would be nice to have some tasks/emails screened for possible malware?

  • This site is both educational and practical. It gives you all the information about a product or service,then pays you for taking surveys. This site is very consistent and we’ll thought out and designed

  • I like Mindspay, but i never feel like i get through one survey or I’m accomplishing anything. I feel like I’m answering the same questions and i get so turned in whatever site that i signed up for five other things. I always get bumped, knocked off, or there’s no ending.

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