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Overall [4.72/5]
Opportunities [4.7/5]
Rewards [4.5/5]

User Ratings

User Rating [4/5]

MySoapBox Highlights

  • Surveys are generally short and pay between $0.25-$1
  • Redemptions are instant in the form of gift card codes
  • $2 (2000 points) sign up bonus
  • No minimum cash out threshold after you reach the $25 level
  • Control how many survey offers you wish to receive
  • Surveys are creative and interesting on various topics
  • If you are DQ’d from you’ll know before you take the survey and waste your time

MySoapBox invites are now open!

Our MySoapBox Review

How can I earn with MySoapBox?

MySoapbox focuses exclusively on paid surveys. There’s no set time or payout, so you could take short surveys for as little as $0.50 while longer surveys could net you up to $5. You can access your account dashboard, or simply wait for email invitations to see what surveys are available to you.

Here are some of the most popular ways to earn on MySoapBox:

  • Take Surveys Take surveys for money, just share your opinion and earn.
  • Test Products Test products by providing feedback, earning rewards or keeping the tested items.
  • Watch Videos Watch videos for incentives, giving opinions or answering related questions.

What payouts and rewards does MySoapBox offer?

MySoapBox only offers gift cards from various retailers for redemption. You can generally expect to receive about $1 USD per survey taken which are generally short in length.

Here are some of the top payout options on MySoapBox:

  • Amazon E-Gift Codes
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Electronic Gift Cards
  • Gift Cards
  • PayPal

How do I join MySoapBox?

You must be at least 13 years of age and be a resident of the US. Your account will be credited $2 upon registration. Be sure to fill out the additional profile surveys to ensure you receive surveys for which you’ll qualify.

Also, unlike many survey panels households are permitted to have multiple accounts and use the same IP address.

MySoapBox invites are now open!

Is MySoapBox legitimate or a scam?

Formerly ClickIQ, MySoapbox is aan established market research firm with a loyal base of users

Users thus far have had a very positive reaction to what this program has to offer and there’s plenty of proof that payments are made on time without exception. There is no doubt here; MySoapBox is in no way a scam.

How do I redeem points and get paid with MySoapBox?

One of the most popular aspects of MySoapbox is the fast redemption. You do have to reach the $25 level first in order to cash in for gift cards, however processing is instant and there is no minimum for future withdraws after your first transaction.

Does MySoapBox have good customer support?

MySoapBox is a top-notch operation that treats their users with respect and courtesy. They have a well-established track record of excellent customer relations fast response times.

What are the most common issues with MySoapBox?

Some users aren’t the biggest fan of the relatively high $25 initial cash out rate. Coupled with the fact you may experience a high rate of disqualifications depending upon your demographic, reaching the cashout threshold can be a bit trying. In their defense, aMySoapBox will let you know if you don’t qualify before taking a survey so you don’t waste your time.

What else do I need to know about MySoapBox?

The number of surveys available may vary from time to time, depending on the demand and requirements of the brands utilizing the platform. Users may experience periods when there are fewer surveys to participate in, potentially impacting their ability to earn rewards consistently.

Closing Thoughts: Is MySoapBox right for me?

MySoapBox has developed a positive reputation within the industry. Earning a monthly $25 cashout shouldn’t be too much of a stretch if you keep up with taking surveys. You can also choose how many and what type of surveys you want to make. In short, low effort, decent rewards.

Official MySoapBox Description

Welcome to MySoapBox, a fresh platform to voice your opinions. Our job is to get your feedback on all sorts of things you use, buy, and do every day. Whether you like it, love it, or hate it, we want to hear it.

MySoapBox fits your lifestyle. How you participate, when you participate, and how you are rewarded is all up to you. It’s your stage. Speak your mind, be heard, and make a difference.

Get on your Soapbox today!

MySoapBox invites are now open!

MySoapBox User Reviews

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4 stars // 53 reviews

  • To be honest it takes too long till she give you some amount and the gift cards are a thing. In the past everyone wants PayPal cash app

  • I honestly think it’d a great place to staryboff earning money its trustable

  • Surveys are short n easy give it a try

  • This is a very moderate website to earn extra cash that is MySoapBox. The money venture website allow, MySoapBox to assist everyone who try will succeed will make it at the end. I enjoy checking with MySoapBox on extra cash.

  • This site is better than most the rest I’ve tried so far. Easy to qualify for surveys and also other options to do besides surveys. Would give it a try if looking for a site that pays. Very easy to navigate and use.

  • This survey site seemed promising, but the 25000 points minimum was a bit disheartening. Each survey is worth around $1 – $1.50 so it isn’t all bad… but I have been stuck at around 9000 points because disqualifications are really all I get anymore. The surveys seem to be focused on more technical professions… but that isn’t why I’m writing this.

    I’m writing this to eventually change it.. but for now it gets a one since it’s been 2 months with no word on a live chat I had done for them. Not only has there been 2 months of not receiving an incentive (for an hour long study at 9pm, which is late for a weekday), there was no return of support for weeks and they claim to not have any estimate or clue as to how or when the incentive will arrive.

    I get very mad when my time is wasted, especially time I set away a good while ago. When they pay me I’ll update, but you should probably stay away from this exhausting platform that does everything not pay you.

  • I have completed one survey of 50000 points but they never credited my points to my account and haven’t replied for any customer request. I won’t recommend this site to waste your time.

  • Had my membership revoked about a month ago for failing quality checks. I asked what the problem was, and they said I was speeding through surveys. Sorry, but, it does not take that long to read short questions with multiple choices for answers. They also do not list time requirements for a survey and none of the surveys listed a specific time requirement, so, they ended up stealing over 30000 points I had earned and been paid for over a rule they don’t specify having. Avoid this site at all costs. I also second the many complaints about not qualifying for much. It took forever to reach that 30k amount.

  • Good, not overly aggressive, but the right amount of surveys.

  • It seems every time I go to take a survey I’m not eligible. It’s bs. I’ve wasted so much time and never been reimbursed for it. I wouldn’t refer anyone.

  • Not enought opportunities and screened out most of the time

  • love this site, easy to make fast money

  • My Soapbox is a good way to give your opinion on a variety of things

  • i love that the surveys are not that long or if they are they are interesting enough that you dont notice they are long i love it

  • I think MySoapBox is easy to use–understandable and thought provoking surveys. And gives me a chance to make a little extra $

  • Not getting many surveys that I qualify for I figure in about a year I may get a reward but will keep plugging away at it when I can qualify

  • Love this!!!…. I get to voice my opinion

  • Still not getting many surveys I qualify for ,but still hoping soon that will change ,thanks

  • Need more shorter serveys

  • I hardly ever qualify for a survey

  • Haven’t had much time lately but of all of the survey companies I have signed up to participate in, this is the least annoying.

  • Keep them coming

  • God I have now discovered a feature missing here …..where’s the edit button????
    Obviously on my last review of the non positive attributes of Soap Box. It was supposed to say why I WON’T rate it a 5. Sorry for all the other typos. That comment needed clarification!

  • Love their surveys,offers,and rewards. This website isn’t a scam like so many are! Definitely worth trying,you probably won’t regret it! Plus Christmas is only a few months away

  • I did just post to the positive aspects of My Soapbox and here’s why I rate it a 5:

    Like others here I often don’t qualify for surveys or offers. I think it’s because I am 40+ years old. Hopefully sooner than later companies will realize the value of age and experience and not just survey/ask opinions /test products using 18-24 year olds or women with children. My Soapbox IS one of the better companies and they pay on time, every time.

  • I do surveys for a lot of surveys companies and this is Is one of my favorites ones

  • Can’t qualify for any surveys, ever! They send so many emails for surveys but never let me qualify yet many other paid survey groups I can do surveys all day

  • I am a recently new member to MySoapBox but look forward to sharing my thoughts and opinions. A great sounding board and way to communicate and well as feeling apart of a community.

  • Joining soapbox was fun and the surveys and the rewards are great you really have to check it out

  • I NEVER qualify for any surveys they send me! I signed up here because the site I was a member of for
    TEN+ years stopped all together. I was much happier with the surveys I was getting there,
    Now I rarely or never qualify for any surveys they send me, It’s very frustrating!

  • This site offers fun and easy surveys with great rewards. If you like taking surveys and earning rewards for doing it then this site is the best one to join.

  • I have just recently joined and have gotten a few surveys. They were easy and fun. However, I would like to get more surveys.

  • I like the surveys but I qualify for very few. Its frustrating!

  • MySoapBox is a very good Survey Program if one can qualify for their surveys! I qualified for some, but those who aren’t Retired may have better luck obtaining their Surveys!

  • Not enough surveys. I never get anything either not there or do not qualify

  • I enjoy the surveys posted with “My Soapbox”. They offer a variety of surveys that do with topics about government, race issues. They get the word out about issues we all are dealing with.

  • I enjoyed doing survey with MySoapBox. But you have to do a lot of different opinions to earn your points on your account to get a lot . I ‘m still a member with this website for quite awhile . Thank You!!

  • this is one of the easiest survey companies I have dealt with in a while and I enjoy doing my surveys for this agency

  • I’ve just became a member and i like my soapbox because it has good surveys about things I like.

  • Though I belong to a number of survey sites, I find this site to have more surveys that I qualify for

  • I have been a member of soapbox for a few months now and have screened out of more surveys than I qualify for. That’s frustrating.



  • I am a new person that just started your web site soap box right now I can not say much about it let me do a couple of surveys and then I could tell you my honest opinion

  • I am/was a member of “My Soapbox”. It has opportunities to earn points. The only thing that has discouraged me from continuing to be a participant is that you have to earn 25,000 points when you start before you can request a payout. It has taken me about 5 months to get 9989 points and they are useless until I reach 25,000.

  • Fun and interesting surveys– Look forward daily to interesting topics.

  • Very good survey company. This company gives great opportunities to make money.

  • just would like to say that this site is good, I like the surveys

  • It is not easy to get surveys you always disqualifying me.

  • I enjoy the IPSOS, but I’ve never had contact with the other 2. For some reason 87 year old females are not deemed worthy of participating in very many surveys, because even my contacts from IPSOS are sparse.

  • I am new to this site but I find it easy to use. The opportunity to earn money is great. Looking forward to making a lot of money!

  • I’m just signing up, I believe from what I read it will be worthwhile

  • The surveys are short and easy! Give it a try and see for yourself.

  • If you like to earn a little extra cash and get it quickly then this is the place to be. The surveys are not very long and you get to play a one question quiz for chances to bid on some extra prizes. I love it so come on over and lets have some fun and earn a few bucks along the way. I highly recommend it. Oh by the way the prizes are great.

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