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Overall [4.4/5]
Opportunities [4/5]
Rewards [4.25/5]

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User Rating [4/5]

Product Report Card Highlights

  • Instant access to high-paying focus groups paying up to $150
  • Get an easy $8 just for completing your profile
  • Great transparency; know exactly how much you’ll make per survey up front
  • Very low disqualification rate
  • Take surveys on well-known brands and products like Google and Nestle
  • Great looking site and easy to navigate

Product Report Card invites are now open!

Our Product Report Card Review

How can I earn with Product Report Card?

Product Reviews

As you may have guessed, a site called Product Report Card features product reviews as its best way to earn. The variety of products you may be asked to test is completely varied. It may be an in-home product test of household products, or trying an online service and reviewing it.

In general, these projects will take a bit but you’ll be compensated for your time. The payouts range depending upon the amount of effort you’re expected to give. In general, rates will range from $25-$150.

Paid Surveys

Of course, you’ll also find surveys at PRC. As usual, payment will range depending length. Expect to generally earn around $1, but occasionally you may see special projects paying up to $10.

What payouts and rewards does Product Report Card offer?

Typical surveys will generally pay from $1-$3.50. However, exclusive high-paying focus groups is where the money’s at for this program. Currently their seeking participants for testing the deployment of a new Microsoft app on Google’s Android operating system. a new Google app that pays $150. Occasionally, you’ll also be invited to test products that payout at various rates, depending upon time required.

How do I join Product Report Card?

Product Report Card needs very precise data to ensure their market research is up to snuff for their high-end clients. Therefore, completing the 7 steps of your profile will take a bit longer than other survey programs.

You will be asked to provide a cell phone number and a home phone number, which are only used to contact you about new paid survey opportunities. The good news is that once you have completed all the steps, you’ll be paid $8 just for signing up in full.

Product Report Card invites are now open!

Is Product Report Card legitimate or a scam?

You may find many Product Report Card members that claim slow or no payment on many sites. However, these claims have no basis in fact. Product Report Card does have a somewhat lengthy payment approval process of up to 14 days so the confusion stems from there. The site is great responses to their users and have an established record of payment stretching over years. PRC is not a scam, in fact quite the opposite.

How do I redeem points and get paid with Product Report Card?

The cash out threshold for Product Report Card is $25, which is a bit higher than most of their competitors. However, with tons of high-paying opportunities, you should have no problem reaching this level. When you do reach the required threshold, all you need to do is login to your account and select your option of PayPal cash, check, or Amazon gift cards.

Does Product Report Card have good customer support?

Unlike some survey panels, Product Report Card makes support easily accessible. Should you encounter any problems, it’s very easy to open a support ticket from your account dashboard. Expect a quick and courteous response to you inquiry.

They even respond to inquiries on Trustpilot which is a consumer watchdog site. You can see their forum here. If that fails, you can reach them at (303) 345-4261.

What are the most common issues with Product Report Card?

While there’s a lot to like about this program, one drawback is the low amount of survey invites. While you may be lucky enough to qualify for high-paying focus groups or product reviews, on a day-to-day basis you will not get a lot of earning opportunities. This is partially due the fact that they have very discerning clients that seek detailed information.

You may also find some people claiming to have not been paid or paid very slowly. This is generally just people that are impatient or don’t understand the process and should be ignored.

What else do I need to know about Product Report Card?

The major plus about Product Report Card is their focus groups. If you get them at the right time you can really rake in some cash. Here’s an example of group they’re currently running, which looks amazing:

Closing Thoughts: Is Product Report Card right for me?

Product Report Card works with some of the most well-known companies in the world today, including Google, Ikea, Gillette, and many more. Big companies are willing to pay top dollar for in-depth research; this fact alone make this survey panel stand out above the rest.

While you may not receive a large amount of invites, the higher payouts and potential for high-paid focus groups easily balances out this minor drawback. Joining Product Report Card is a no-brainer. One great focus group or product review could make your month!

Official Product Report Card Description

Get paid for each online survey you complete. The more online surveys you take, the more money you will make. Earn cash, Amazon gift codes, or free products for each online survey you complete.

Product Report Card invites are now open!

Product Report Card User Reviews

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4 stars // 53 reviews

  • I personally absolutely love it product report card has sent me samples of awesome things from name brands I love and I get paid for trying all the products they send me and on top of that I get money cards sent to me and coupons if I want to do some online shopping and it’s just awesome for me I love it I even turned Mike onto it I recommend it’s all y’all for real

  • I am Very thankful for having the opportunity to jump on board with you all. To give my opinion, to hear other people’s while learning about certain things and teaching others. Thank you
    Nathan wilkins

  • I give them a huge thumbs up! they have really kept me occupied and also having a blast with these survey! Right now I’m currently working on two products one paying $10 Amazon card and the other $200. So I can say they have really helped me a lot!

  • I am happy with Product Report Card overall. I just received my first payout of 31.50 which went on a prepaid visa. It took six days from when i requested the payout to get it. At first they were slow getting my rewards in the available but i sent two emails and since then things have went well..

  • Since all reviews are moderated I doubt mine will go through. I requested payment by check on May 9, 2017. To date I have sent two support request for answers as to why I don’t get my check. Support doesn’t answer at all. My account says my request for payment hasn’t even been reviewed yet in nearly 3 months.

  • I enjoy being enrolled with They reward users in dollar/cent amounts instead of a crazy point system.

  • My daughter and I both joined ProductReportCard at the same time. My surveys began to roll in and I’ve been paid for each one that I have completed. My daughter has received 0 surveys from them. Hit or miss? I don’t know.

  • I have emailed support several times. NEVER! Got a response. I did a full product survey of zone bars. Tested four bars did all the surveys. Was suppose to get $20. I received .10 cents. I did my full profile which says I earned $8.25 but my available awards are only $4.25. I can’t get anyone to respond back to my open tickets.

  • I requested my first pay out last month on the 25th and my request still shows that it has not reviewed. I sent two emails to them and have not received a response back. I am very disappointed. #DontPlayWithMyMoney

  • Very poor support. I’ve requested payment for a month now and no response or payment. May be a scam.

  • I am NOT happy with this company . I requested payment in Dec. and haven’t received anything. I’ve sent several emails asking what happened and have received no reply at all. I’ve joined several survey sites and they send the reward at a reasonable time, or at the very least answer your questions in a timely manner. These people dont answer questions at all and don’t send the payment, either! I don’t know where to go to get a resolution to this mess, but I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, unless you like to work for promises, no replies and no reward.

  • Slow payments! I have requested a payment on December 17th and still have not got weeks later. Need some improvements in this area. Have sent an email and called receiving no response back…

  • I have been a member of Product Report Card for several years now, and only have positive things to say about them. They are a great means of adding additional income to my household, and they always pay me on time. I have been doing business with them for some time now, and am happy with the results.

  • product report card has some of the best and most interesting surveys available. i enjoy taking each survey i’m given.

  • I wish that more of the surveys were compatible with cell phones a majority of the time my home computer is either broke or the kids are using it and my cell phone is right next to me. Also I get kind of annoyed because I’ll start a survey and it will say thanks for your time in the middle of the survey and that’s it the survey ends. Or I’ll get emails and they will tell me I don’t qualify for the surveys. I kind of feel like why send the servey if I don’t qualify or if I’m going to get kicked out in the middle or if I can’t use it on my cellphone. I think these issues should be looked at and fixed. However when I am allowed to take surveys I do enjoy taking them. I haven’t actually cashed any points for rewards yet so I have no idea what that process is like yet but I’m hoping that goes more smoothly than the surveys themselves.

  • Ive had a great experience with product report card so far! I’ve cashed out $25 and had no problems with the cashout/get paid process! Although it does take a little while to get your money , its worth it when u do!! The surveys are fun and payout a fair amount! I plan on being a member of product report card for as long as I can!!

  • am still learning how to use site–seems a little different than other sites–more detail and better reviews will enjoy it more when i know how to use it—-thanks

  • Still have not really qualified for many ,or by the time I get to look at them its closed or met quota

  • The surveys are pretty interesting and what I like the most about them is that even if you don’t qualify you still get rewarded. The only thing I don’t like about them is the fact that they don’t send enough of them.

  • I love it! Its not your everyday survey site… they have decent incentives, and the design of the site is smooth, and not confusing like some othe sites I have visited…

  • I like working with Product Report Card. They have a very good site and always give you plenty of opportunties for surveys. I haven’t been working with them long but I have made a little bit of money and will continue to work on the surveys they send me.

  • I just signed up for Product Report Card. I found the sign-up easy to do, the questions were enjoyable and I look forward to our continued association.

  • I hardly ever get anything from them. What few invites that I have gotten it never fails that I never get past the qualification survey. Good luck if you join your luck may be better than mine.

  • Not been with this survey site but so far so good

  • I’m new with Product Report Card and has completed only one survey. I look forward to doing more. The surveys are easy to do and the reward associated with it is worth the time and effort I spend doing it.

  • Great way to earn money but not many opportunities or availability to earn money I only made $8.25 so far and I haven’t gotten no surveys or opportunities to compare products or any products to compare but I have made $8.25

  • I don’t always qualify for a survey but the time I expend when either the survey is closed or I did not qualify is acceptable. The rewards in that case have generally been 10 cents. All in all not a bad experience.

  • I think that they are all good but some are better then ather s but I like Microsoft the best cuz they have better customer help and prod will I hope u like my review and hope I can make some cash fine alee

  • Great surveys!!

  • I believe Product Report Card is a remarkable site.

  • I really like the surveys, focus groups.

  • I really enjoy product report card. It’s easy to get bored with a lot of survey groups but with them they keep it interesting

  • Great

  • i really like and have fun doing the surveys for product report card

  • The project reportcard survey group is a great survey place to take surveys. It was clear questions. Its awesome

  • The good thing about ProductReportCard they are upfront and honest about the surveys. The site is laid out in a fresh and understanding way, this is what attracted me to them. I am very appreciative to be a part in voicing my opinions about companies and products.

    Again many thanks for this opportunity.

  • I have been a member for about 3 months and I think I have been invited to participate in 2 surveys. I never intended to make alot of money be this is ridiculous. If invited, I would love to participate.

  • I think if the surveys actually worked then it would get 4 stars easy however, i did a survey and was suppose to make 2.50 and it never transferred over to my account then tried another today for 2.25 and it took me back to my account to which my survey section always says no surveys at this time and no credit to my account again. but i get emails a few times a week to take one..?? not to mention the few i have tried to take and it says its over when i just recieved the email that day… makes no sense and i am diappointed.

  • I haven’t really used the product report card too much but it seems like the surveys are actually real surveys and won’t tell you halfway through that you aren’t qualified

  • I like the site so far. I haven’t made it to a payout yet since I not to long ago just started using this site but so far I give it a thumbs up. They constantly have surveys.

  • haven’t had many surveys yet.I’m a new member,but so far so good

  • This company is a little hard to qualify for the surveys. But when you do, the surveys are interesting. They are not terribly long.

  • I have just joined the site and the emails aren’t overwhelming but pretty constant. I enjoy the surveys and having my opinion heard on so many products and services that I use everyday.

  • So far, so good. They keep there word. Looking forward to making more money.

  • I like product review.I get a little something even when I don’t qualify for surveys.I would like to receive more surveys that I qualify for.overrall it is a great company.

  • I enjoy doing survey with Product Report Card. They give you a lot of different kind of interested honest survey answer question to earn points and If you don’t qualify they still give .10cent for hard work towards your account. I’m still a member of this website throughout years. Thank You!!

  • The reason why it’s a 4.0 rating is because 1. I just recently joined. 2. So far it’s going good but I am still getting to know my way around this site. Like? What i’ll have to click on, what the paid email is about?!, and the links that’s provided… Soon I’ll get the hang of it. When I reach that goal. I’ll do an updated review and classify as a 5.0* app! 🙂

  • Pretty nice and cool way to do surveys and earn rewards.

  • i am reviewing a survey website called ipso isay…i have been a member of this panel for roughly three years and i cant give this company a better recommendation…the survey are plentiful .(at least three per day) they are also interesting…well written and generally not prone to repeating questions that drive the survey taker crazy…..the surveys are also reasonable in length and the incentives given are the most generous i have encountered…..payment is swift via paypal or preloaded visa and the continuing running sweepstakes keep one very interested (and hopeful!)….i highly recommend this site to anyone who is looking for an intelligent and reputable company.

  • Horrible service. No one ever answers ANY support question. Pay, when it finally comes is not correct at all. If you want to get paid for what you do and you don’t like completely wasting your time, do not use product report card. Plenty of other sites out there that don’t play games like they do. Really guys, get your crap together. Just being honest.

  • I just started and really haven’t had a chance to quantify for many of the paid surveys but think I made a little money But I’ll keep trying


  • I am writing this review for Product Report Card. I am happy working with them. They do a great job keeping u busy. My reward is knowing that my opinion gets noticed. Glad to be signed with them.

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