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Overall [4.7/5]
Opportunities [5/5]
Rewards [4/5]

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User Rating [3.5/5]

Survey Junkie Highlights

  • No waiting for invites, go to your dashboard and earn ASAP
  • Receive surveys tailored to your personal profile
  • Seamless account dashboard which keeps all your surveys in one place
  • Optimized for all mobile devices and desktop use
  • Registration bonus for completing your initial profile
  • Maximize your earning potential with 3rd party surveys
  • Receive redemptions instantly after cashing out

Survey Junkie invites are now open!

Our Survey Junkie Review

How can I earn with Survey Junkie?

Here are some of the most popular ways to earn on Survey Junkie:

  • Download Apps Earn some extra pocket change for downloading apps to your device.
  • Share Your Data Get paid for allowing access to your data and information, earning rewards passively.
  • Take Surveys Take surveys for money, just share your opinion and earn.
  • Test Products Test products by providing feedback, earning rewards or keeping the tested items.

What payouts and rewards does Survey Junkie offer?

Since Survey Junkie grabs surveys from such a wide variety of market research companies, payment rates will vary. For shorter surveys, you can expect to make from $0.50-$2, while longer surveys may pay up to $10.

Here are some of the top payout options on Survey Junkie:

  • Amazon E-Gift Codes
  • Cash via Check
  • Electronic Gift Cards
  • PayPal

How do I join Survey Junkie?

You must be 18 or older and reside in the United States, Canada, Australia or United Kingdom to join Survey Junkie. While registration only takes a few seconds, it’s highly recommended you complete your profile to receive surveys for which you’ll qualify.

Survey Junkie invites are now open!

How do I redeem points and get paid with Survey Junkie?

Once you reach 1,000 points ($10), you’ll be able to cash-out via PayPal, check, or even a wide selection of e-gift cards. Of course, this only applies to surveys you take through your account dashboard and not external survey programs joined through Survey Junkie.

Does Survey Junkie have good customer support?

Users report quick and courteous responses to inquires. Expect to hear back from customer service within 24 hours.

What are the most common issues with Survey Junkie?

Certain demographics will be likely to get more surveys due to higher demand. Some users report repeated disqualification. If this starts happening, you may want to look elsewhere for paid surveys.

Closing Thoughts: Is Survey Junkie right for me?

With over 3 million members, Survey Junkie is no doubt popular, but they’ve had a bumpy road to get there. Because the company does not conduct surveys on their own accord, they are often at the mercy of 3rd parties which had previously not been reliable in terms of payment. This was a major complaint by members that led to many in the paid survey community to label the operation a scam.

Today, this is not the case. Survey Junkie is 100% legit and has weeded out the bad apples in the bunch and streamlined their site to ensure easy access to paying surveys and reward redemption. The modern layout is ideal for all mobile devices as well as desktops.

Essentially, Survey Junkie uses your basic information to match you up with paid surveys from a myriad of market research firms. This program is certainly worth a try, but if you find yourself getting disqualified too often, you may want to look for greener pastures.

Official Survey Junkie Description

SurveyJunkie is a free online survey aggregator site which reviews and provides a selection of the most reputable survey panels from top market research companies for its members. Market research is a growing industry which relies on the opinion of everyday consumers to improve products and services of the future. We get your opinions heard by the companies and brands you use in your everyday life.

Survey Junkie invites are now open!

Survey Junkie User Reviews

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3.5 stars // 24 reviews

  • Survey junkie is easy to use and worth the time spent

  • Survey Junkie has a variety of surveys & are easy to understand.

  • Very easy … Something to do with my spare time and earn money doing can’t ask for anything better ..

  • Easy-to-use. One of the more organized survey panels

  • They take long too redeem ur credits I still haven’t got paid for taking a lot of surveys

  • There good at paying when you do there surveys.

  • This is my best paying survey site. I say that with RELIEF

  • It’s a very good app and very reliable

  • Well, I’m trying to figure out is how come I haven’t been paid the money I was promised when I did the first survey and also I purchased a subscription from SiriusXM radio and then nobody got back to me after that I haven’t heard from you since but I continuously get hundreds and hundreds of emails asking me to do other surveys

  • Great payouts easy surveys

  • Every time i try you say something went wrong or this is not the best survey for you please try again later so i just quit at times

  • It was really the best website ever it helped me earn money and it’s recommend a very terrific website

  • Easy sign-up, frequent emails notifying of surveys, $10 minimum to withdraw and consist of mostly good surveys to participate in

  • Love it

  • It does pay ,But it could take ALL day just to get $5.00. But unlike others, you do get paid as soon as you reach your $5.00.

  • Easy fast way make real money easy cashout

  • When your said it pay it tell you one thing do another thing like said my money task I did was pointing but they not said it on the game I completely on task I completely if just point you must make that clear but you said money show dollars amount your need stand by what your tell people or stop said your would give them doing these tasks be for real don’t lie or false advertising that when your should be held accountable.

  • How do you get paid from surveys junkie I’m still waiting on over 700 and still nothing and it says it takes a month to get it why so long

  • One of my favorites…low cash out requirements and get your money fast!!

  • I’m new with Survey Junkie, just joined yesterday so far i like doing my profile surveys completed all of them but i will do my review when i cash out to let you no my experience with Survey Junkie, but i have one question regarding taxes, how do we go about paying our taxes for the money we earn. Is there a section we can go to in our dashboard where we can do that or do we have to do it on our own and where would we go online to do that?

  • I have never seen anyone who actually got some money taking surveys and people have clarity does work here either!

  • The only problem with SJ is that for me to be qualified for the serveys. I am a college graduate in addition to being a G.I.A graduate. After being hit by a car some years ago and having severe injuries I am disabled. Most of the time I have at home I want to be productive and earn some money to help me get through the month. It is hard to make it on my disability income.

  • I have had paypal for a year now. Even had a paypal redemption from survey Junkie after being verified. Then I hit my second paypal redemption then they insisted I have to verify again . I sent them screen shots of my paypal account and proof of having a bank account they still refuse to give me my money.

  • Easy sign-up, frequent emails notifying of surveys, $10 minimum to withdraw and consist of mostly good surveys to participate in. I have not been in that many surveys so this could be wrong. Overall, the only special thing about it is that it has a simple, intuitive and modern interface that create an encouraging environments for survey takers.

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