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Overall [4.75/5]
Opportunities [4.5/5]
Rewards [4.5/5]

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User Rating [4/5]

Tellwut Highlights

  • No waiting for survey invitations, just login and start earning
  • Earn for creating your own surveys
  • 250 point sign up bonus
  • 25-30 lightning fast surveys daily
  • Cash-out threshold of $10
  • Refer friends for extra rewards
  • NO Disqualifications!
  • Participate in the community and earn even more

Tellwut invites are now open!

Our Tellwut Review

How can I earn with Tellwut?

You’ll get paid and rewarded for filling out the surveys of other companies and members. Generally you’ll only earn .20 cents for taking surveys from other members but they’re only a few questions long and usually off-the-wall and interesting. Plus, you can take as many daily surveys as you like. You’ll also receive surveys from third parties which can vary greatly in terms of payment.

Here are some of the most popular ways to earn on Tellwut:

  • Take Surveys Take surveys for money, just share your opinion and earn.
  • Write Reviews

What payouts and rewards does Tellwut offer?

The only cash-out options at Tellwut are gift cards, but they offer a wide array of choices. If you can be patient, points become more valuable the longer you wait to cash out. For example, you can cash out 500 points for a $5 gift card, but if you wait until you have accrued 950 points, you can redeem them for a $10 gift card. That’s a 5% bonus just for being patient!

Here are some of the top payout options on Tellwut:

  • Amazon E-Gift Codes
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Cash / e-Wallet
  • Electronic Gift Codes
  • Gift Cards
  • PayPal

How do I join Tellwut?

You must be at least 18 years of age and also a resident of the United States or Canada. Your account will be credited $1 upon registration. There’s no extensive profile to fill out, so you should be able to get started rather quickly.

Tellwut invites are now open!

Is Tellwut legitimate or a scam?

Many TellWut users have posted reviews online that display primarily positive experiences. When it came to reward redemption, users were able to redeem their points easily for their reward selection without difficulty. The site has a solid record of paying survey takers on time. Tellwut is completely on the level and you should have no apprehension about trying them out.

How do I redeem points and get paid with Tellwut?

The account dashboard at Tellwut if very user friendly and gives you the option to easily redeem your points for gift cards. A $10 minimum balance is required to request rewards. Some gift cards are mailed, others are e-mailed in the form of e-vouchers. The method of delivery is stated in the rewards catalog, so be sure to read carefully. Most store locations will accept electronic gift cards in store, but if you want to be safe

What are the most common issues with Tellwut?

Although it doesn’t take very long to accumulate enough points to cash out, processing does take about two weeks. Don’t forget, Tellwut only offers gift cards, so cash or Paypal is not an option. If you are looking to make cash-money, take a look through our list of survey sites that pay in cash.

What else do I need to know about Tellwut?

Tellwut is unique, because you can earn points for creating your own “quick survey” on more less any topic that strikes your fancy. You can also earn for taking quick surveys. It won’t help you earn a ton of points, but they only take a few minutes to complete and you’ll NEVER be disqualified.

From time to time, Tellwut will also send you special surveys that direct you to third-party sites and offer an additional way to earn. You will also find these opportunities on your custom dashboard when you log in to your account.

Closing Thoughts: Is Tellwut right for me?

The best part about Tellwut is the surveys themselves, which are created by Tellwut and its members and tend to focus on trending issues, movies, TV, and a bunch of generally interesting topics. You won’t be scratching your head or writing long responses with these surveys!

In general, you earn 5 or 10 points for these options, but over time they start to add up. With relatively little effort, you can rack up about 150 to 175 points every day. It takes, on average, a little more than 1 month to get a $25 Prepaid Credit Card (which is 12,500 points).

Tellwut has done a fantastic job creating a very user-friendly site and is well worth investing your time and effort into!

Official Tellwut Description

Tellwut is an online survey platform that organizations and individuals can quickly and easily crowd source information on a variety of topics, from the Tellwut voter panel. Tellwut’s voter panel members provide insight and perception by answering surveys or posting their own questions online. Sometimes it is so much fun, you forget you are earning valuable rewards awhile you are enjoying the Tellwut Community experience.

Tellwut invites are now open!

Tellwut User Reviews

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4 stars // 36 reviews

  • Customer support isn’t reliable. They may or may not respond to concerns, depending on who you are. Much favoritism. Some members are allowed to say whatever they want; others face suspensions. Use at your own risk.

  • I really enjoy their panels and they are relatable topics

  • From what I’ve heard Tellwut is one of the better sites in its category. People seem to like it’s content and has unique and fresh subjects and the incentives are comparable to none.

  • A fun way to past your time !

  • Tellwut has changed significantly for the worst. Reviews dated 2016 and older are irrelevant. Approximately 13 -15 member-generated surveys are given daily
    (about 100 points)…that is, if you qualify and complete a third party survey once every 14 days. If not, you will receive only a handful of member-generated surveys, unless you live in Canada… it is a Canadian company. Daily surveys have a tendency towards redundancy, e.g., “What is your favorite pie?” or “Coke versus Pepsi”.

  • Tellwut Survey is a sight where you can easily earn points without ever being disqualified. They also have other available surveys where you can qualify for but these surveys need to be improved because I can have about 75 surveys but I may only qualify for one.

    Also like I said earlier they have other mini surveys that you don’t have to qualify for and you can earn 5 to 10 points for these surveys and you never get disqualified. F or instance I always apply for the $25 Walmart Card and it takes you earning 10,000 points before you can qualify for this Gift Card.

    They do pay you in a timely manner. They do answer your questions and I really don’t have any thing bad to say about this company.

  • So at first I thought this was actually a great survey site first gift card for twenty five dollars came pretty easily, but when I started to get close to the next 25 dollar gift card all of a sudden I’m no longer getting the daily surveys that were so readily available before I’m lucky now if I get 1-4 surveys which makes it pretty impossible to get the gift card you want. I guess it’s true all survey sites are a scam. Too bad.

  • Fun site. So quick to be rewarded. One of my favorites.

  • I received my Home Depot Reward really quick. I was so happy to receive the card and it made me feel like doing more of the surveys.

  • So far i have nothing but good to say. Tellwut’s surveys been interesting make you think not too long. The compensation i think is fair and up to par and i have not run into a boring survey.

  • I just received my $25.00 gift Card for Amazon from Tellwut. This is a great survey company where you never have to fill out 15 minutes of questions to be told you do not qualify. On this site you get points for every question you answer ,plus you get points for making up questions to be submitted for other panelists to answer .Have to say you just cannot go wrong with this company , even when I had computer problems they were right there to walk me through it . Thanks again Tellwut

  • surveys are short and they are on tons of different subjects which make it more fun than all the other surveys about your money and health

  • Great company helped me out when I first got started doing surveys in my spare time. Would definitely recommend to my Friends and Family.

  • I have been with this panel for several months now, and have only qualified for about 5 surveys. The minute I click on the email link, I disqualified!
    This will be one that I quit wasting my time on this week.

  • I enjoy voicing my opinion on an array of various subjects. The great positive aspect is earning gift cards.
    This is one of my favorite survey sites.

  • This is a great way to earn money and it is entertaining. I just love doing surveys. You just give your honest opinion and earn money in the process. It’s great!

  • They are easy surveys to complete but it takes a long time to get enough to cash out

  • Lots of daily surveys to do, easy to follow and answer. Make lots of points and get rewarded.

  • I’m new to the site but so far I like it and haven’t had any troubles.

  • I feel this is a safe company to work with. They are on top of things and answers your questions in a timely fashion.

  • Nice survey site. It delivers as promised.

  • takes for ever to earn, get most point from doing poll 5- 10 points

  • Well, so far I haven’t qualified for any surveys! I mean I start them and about 5-10 minutes into them, I’m disqualified. I have really been dissatisfied with this site, because I kept hearing all this GREAT stuff, but it hasn’t ran true for me at all. I’m giving it another month, and if I still haven’t earned anything, then I’m cancelling my account.

  • Love the surveys and all the different panels you can choose from!

  • It has different type of opinions survey programs and It give you a lot certain kinds of options doings to earn honest answer question of me being a member Tellwut to my points account for along period of time over the years. I’m grateful and to be apart of this website. Thanks You !!!

  • Have been a member to Tellwut for some time now and have found the survey’s informative and entertaining. The rewards, honest and prompt. Looking forward to what tomorrow’s going to offer!

  • Seems to be a decent survey site.I am fairly new but things are good so far.

  • I am restored with Tellwut. The topics ar also very interesting compared to the other panels I belong to

  • Its really easy to make money here

  • This website is one of the better survey websites and I have a large amount of experience with these different sites. TELLWut is nice in the way that you can sign on and just take a few short polls while you are waiting in line at the store or doctors office.

    All of the polls are short, so my experience was that I stayed on the site a lot longer than i planned. Other people create the new polls and answers so the topics are always changing and you rarely fail to meet the requirements.

    Basically, you can spend 5 mins or 5 hours on the site, it’s up to you. Only thing i disliked was that it takes too many points to get something cool. Especially when you are only making 5 points.

  • When I qualify, … I find the majority of the Surveys, can be a little repetitive, … None the less, interesting! & $ is a WONDERFUL incentive!!! Thanks

  • telwut better of your better panels,it let’s you make up you’re own surveythey have great rewards easy to sign so give it a try the like it 1 the better ones I’ve found anyonethey have great rewards easy to sign so give it a try the like it 1 the better ones I’ve found anyway.

  • It’s a great way to share your opinion.

  • Quick and fun!!!!! That is how you can discribe this company

  • Tellwuth surveys are concise and to the point and quick to use and easy to complete. They are one of the best I have seen.

  • Totally love this site it is the greatest. They have good things and categories that are fun and unique to do.

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