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Branded Surveys Ratings

Our Rating

Overall [4.71/5]
Opportunities [4.75/5]
Rewards [4.5/5]

User Ratings

User Rating [4.5/5]

Branded Surveys Highlights

  • Lots of surveys typically paying 100-300 points (each point=$0.01)
  • Surveys are fast, usually you’ll spend 15 minutes max on a survey
  • Focus group invites which pay $25-$50 per hour!
  • Highly paid in home product testing (not always available)
  • Fast redemption, PayPal payment received as quickly as 48 hours
  • Daily polls that pay $.10 in just a click
  • Low cash out threshold of $10 via PayPal
  • Referral program that allows you to earn 15% of friends you refer

Branded Surveys invites are now open!

Our Branded Surveys Review

How can I earn with Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys is heavily focused on surveys, with frequent invites that offer you a chance to earn.

If you stick around and prove to be a reliable market research participant, Branded Surveys will occasionally offer the crown jewel of survey sites: In-Home Product Testing. These rare opportunities are hard to beat with an hourly earning rate of $25-$50.

Here are some of the most popular ways to earn on Branded Surveys:

  • Do Micro Tasks Earn money or rewards with minimal expertise doing quick tasks, like data entry or image classification.
  • Play Games Play games to accumulate points or cash, making entertainment profitable.
  • Read Email Read promotional emails and interact with content for monetary incentives or discounts.
  • Shop Earn cash-back while shopping, saving money on purchases and accumulating rewards.
  • Take Surveys Take surveys for money, just share your opinion and earn.
  • Test Products Test products by providing feedback, earning rewards or keeping the tested items.
  • Watch Videos Watch videos for incentives, giving opinions or answering related questions.

What payouts and rewards does Branded Surveys offer?

Surveys are worth between 150 to 300 points each, and receive 5 points even when you don’t qualify to complete a survey. Redeem 1000 points for a $10 cash payment to your PayPal account.

Here are some of the top payout options on Branded Surveys:

  • Amazon E-Gift Codes
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Electronic Gift Cards
  • Electronic Gift Codes
  • Gift Cards
  • PayPal
  • Sweepstakes Entries

How do I join Branded Surveys?

Joining Branded Surveys is free (as all survey panels should be) and you can connect your Facebook account to save a lot of time. You can sign up at as young as 13, but you MUST have parental consent to participate if you are between the ages of 13-17 years old.

One outstanding bonus that Branded Surveys offers is a 300 point signup bonus accompanied with some interesting intro surveys. Most users are able to accrue enough for their first cash out within a few days.

Branded Surveys invites are now open!

How do I redeem points and get paid with Branded Surveys?

We’ve read multiple accounts of people getting paid within 24 hours of cashing out. Most users have reported they are able to reach the cash out level pretty quickly but it takes a bit for the surveys to be processed in a brand new account.

1000 point ($10) minimum account balance required to request PayPal or Amazon gift code. There is no option for a physical check.

Does Branded Surveys have good customer support?

Branded Surveys has a great reputation for getting back to their customers quickly and making sure your points don’t “disappear” which is the case with some panels. You can expect a response within 24 hours minimum to your inquiries.

What are the most common issues with Branded Surveys?

Unfortunately, Branded Surveys does have a 2 week waiting period to approve your cash out. Once it is approved you will receive it quickly.

Survey disqualifications on Branded Surveys have been known to occur which is pretty standard across the industry. You are at least awarded 5-10 points if you are DQ’d.

What else do I need to know about Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys has a terrific refer-a-friend program. You’ll receive 50 points for each friend you refer that fully registers. The best part of the program is that you’ll also receive 15% of all points earned by you’re referrals as long as they remain active.

Closing Thoughts: Is Branded Surveys right for me?

With a nice $1 sign-on bonus, solid paying surveys, and the potential to join highly lucrative focus groups joining Branded Surveys is a no-brainer. The best thing Branded Surveys has going for it is its proven track record on payments and transparency. If you want to take surveys and earn reasonable redemptions you can count on, Branded Surveys is a must-join.

Official Branded Surveys Description

Branded Surveys is the world’s most popular market research community. We pay you and thousands of others cash for participating in online market research surveys. It’s simple, it’s rewarding, and not a bad way to voice your opinion.

Branded Surveys invites are now open!

Branded Surveys User Reviews

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4.5 stars // 109 reviews

  • I Love taking surveys I’m very honest and Thank You so much for having me on board!

  • It’s great i personally love surveys i can do them all day long…

  • It’s Looking Good On This Survey Get Checks For Good Voting For The App

  • Easy fun and reliable

  • I never had the most fun time doing these surveys there easy and so simple it is great working the survey

  • So far Branded surveys doesn’t disappoint! They keep it interesting and fun and also easy. I would recommend others to try it out

  • Great surveys easy access to funds afterwards

  • Love the surveys

  • Branded serveys are easy and fun to do! I love how I can Stack up points quick and earn money within one day! Definaltley worth signing up for

  • Very good site . no scam they pay what you do one of the bests.

  • Branded surveys are great. It gives you a chance to really make some money writing your opinion about all sorts of things. I can’t wait to see my earnings start stacking up. Although this is my first time doing this type of work. I think I’m going to enjoy it

  • I’ve used Mintvine for almost a year, with absolutely no problems until earlier this month. My payouts were rejected, and I kept getting canned responses from “customer service”. I was told I was using a proxy server, which I had no clue what that was. They won’t remove the block on the account so I can access it from my home wifi, which does not use a proxy.

    Then today I was told that my phone number is fraudulent- even though it has been verified by their site! At this point, all I want is my $22.00 in survey points, and then I am done with this site. Although I am disappointed, as this was my favorite survey site up until now.

  • I’ve been with mintvine for over 2 years without an issue. This past month I’ve not received any surveys, sent in an email only to be told I’ve either moved out of the country or I’m behind a proxy server, to which neither are true. Mintvine will no longer respond to my emails. I have read on their facebook page, posted by other users, that they too are having the same problems. Mintvine is holding my money that I have worked for and will not pay me.

  • I love MintVine. Its so easy to earn enough points to redeem for a number of different gift cards. When I originally joined you got Amazon gift cards. Now there are numerous choices. Surveys are interesting and fun.

  • This place is a scam. Worked my way up for a redemption of $25. Tried redeeming and got a rejection for no apparent reason. Everything was verified beforehand now there is no response from customer support on website, Facebook or anywhere. Check other reviews lately and you will see the same. This place is scamming people!!!

  • I have only been with Mintvine for about 2 months, and have already cashed in 26.00 worth of points. I really like this site.

  • Mintvine is a scam. I have spent a lot of time on this site and gave them a lot of personal information. All I’ve gotten in return are disqualifications from surveys. This is a complete waste of time and it’s dangerous to give away so much personal information. I highly discourage anyone from using this site. There are much better and more efficient ways to make money that don’t involve giving away so much personal information.

  • I love mintvine its great

  • Very good survey site. I have only been using this site for less than 3 weeks and have already cashed out $10.00 I have another 2491 points (887 approved and 1614 pending) so that is another $24.91 that I will cash out soon. Only draw back is it can take up to 2 weeks for a survey to clear before you get the points. Some surveys pay instantly which helps, plus the daily polls. Anyway, a pretty easy $40-$50/month you can make.

  • Mintvine is great its the only company that will pay you for youer time. And no problems with the payout.

  • I really enjoy mintvine. I’ve signed up for various survey sites and this is the only one I’ve actually been able to make enough to cash out on. Most of the time, I don’t qualify for major surveys, but I envoy the ones I do. I don’t like to provide a lot of personal info, Mintvine has a variety of survey options. You get 5 points for trying, which isn’t worth much, but at least, they’re attempting to pay people for their time.

  • I love this site, I made $50.70 paypal in the last two months. One of the best sites out there

  • I just started with Mintvine and so far so good. I made $6 on the first day and have recommended some of my friends to the company as well. Good way to make ext
    ra cash on your down time 🙂

  • I like that Mintvine pays by Paypal or Amazon gift card, however it takes a long time to get you work verified. Payment can take weeks. It is difficult to qualify for a survey. After many minutes of screening questions, I am frequently told that I do not meet the “current demographic.” Overall Mintvine is good and I guess if you are lucky enough to fit the demographic they are looking for you will qualify for more surveys.

  • This site is really great for someone who is just starting the survey process- it is a sure fit! I am very pleased with Mintvine.

  • I enjoy receiving emails from mintvine their quick easy and fun.

  • Mintvine is the first site that I received a payout. 1,000 points equals $10.00. I like that you don’t waste time doing surveys that you don’t qualify for. The payout to my Paypal was within 24 hours. I would recommend Mintvine.

  • Overall I’m very satisfied with Mintvine. I love the fact that even if you don’t qualify they still award you 5 points and every so often you are awarded bonus points and that’s always a pleasant surprise to see that! The prize selection is great too and the surveys are always interesting.

  • I love this site. Many ways to make money.

  • Very nice surveys & points add up very quick. I love this site

  • I use Mintvine. Love it……. yes you can real get gift cards for taking surveys

  • This has been one out of all the survey sites that has had a good turn out for me!

  • I love taking these surveys they are fun and motivating. Ive tried several sites but none like Mintvine. I’m glad to be a part.

  • So far I have not had good results with mintvine. Most of the surveys I don’t qualify for.

  • Good survey taking site. Nice options for rewards. Have been able to complete limited number of surveys so far but continue to use and enjoy the ones I do take.

  • This is a great site, if I could qualify for surveys that aren’t already full. They aren’t afraid to redirect you to other surveys till you just can’t try any more. But all in all its a good site to work for

  • Was surprised how easy it was to join. It is very easy to use. The surveys are great as well very easy to understand and answer. Great way to earn extra money.

  • Was surprised how easy it was to join. It is very easy to use. The surveys are great as well very easy to understand and answer.

  • one of the best survey opportunities!

  • I have been with this panel for about 6 months now, and haven’t earned any money, just points, and the only thing you can redeem your points on is on percentage off of merchandise. You have to really earn a big amount of points to really get anything nice. I have put alot of time into this panel and the reward isn’t worth my time.

  • I haven’t had the chance to take very many surveys because I just joined Mintvine but so far the ones that I have taken have been very easy to take and I have actually enjoyed taking them and not get bored like I have on some surveys.

  • Earn money and rewards for doing interesting and easy to follow surveys. Great way to share your opinions and the convenience of being at home.

  • I do like mintvine but i often get told not supported by mobile. I would like to see more mobile surveys.

  • MintVine is very good survey opportunity. I like doing the surveys for MintVine because the pay is quick and easy

  • very respected,easy to understand,good & simple!

  • One of the best survey sites on the interweb.

  • Mintvine has several opportunities that allow you to earn money. Surveys,offers,and product testing. I enjoy fun opinion polls and making money on offers I would’ve looked into without mintvine. Theres always survey opportunities where other survey sites run out. Its fun and easy and most can B done on your mobile phone! You can make money while waiting at Dr office,dmv,wherever you have to wait.

  • I like that you get 5 points even if you get screened out of a survey, they have a low payout of $10.00.

  • when you show, you still get credit for it

  • I like all the surveys different variety

  • Mintvine is a great place where you can share your opinion and receive great rewards.

  • Mintvine is the most low down website, they started off good.Then one you start making more money, when you email them to let them know you didn’t get credit, they will make up some excuse not to pay you, I quit. And they still owe me money and never paid me several time,even when I sent proof in.That was a terible company they steal your money. I tell anybody if you want a good company to work for, don’t pick Mintvine as you well regret it, look at the reviews.

  • I am a big fan of this company just wish i could get more invites so I have something more to do during the day it helps me break the bordom

  • It’s a good site to have in your portfolio of sites

  • I absolutely love Mintvine because of the very interesting surveys and my time to complete those surveys does not take a year and a half to complete. Mintvine surveys are boring but refreshing!

  • This is the best survey site ever. I have only been using for a few days and I have 500 points.

  • Surveys are always interesting and pays for your views…

  • I have been a member for several months now, and have yet to earn ANY cash! All that they offer is points to redeem to get a percentage off of merchandise ONLY! I do not know where you get this money from, because on their site I don’t see anything about cash payouts, only points.

  • I love answering these surveys because they are so interesting to do

  • I was on mint vine for about 4 months I think in that time I did maybe 5 surveys that I qualified for the funnel is a joke not worth the time

  • I’m very enjoying doing survey with MintVine. They have a lot of different honest survey option to do on this website , Even they give you small points if you don’t qualify to certain answer question to survey programs and They give you more opinion to earn more rewards to your account . I have been a member with them for awhile over the years. Thank You!!

  • This is a pretty good survey site for the younger generation Surveyers (18 to 35) But personally I don’t like the way there Format is laid out. I also don’t like some of The Reward points offered for some of the surveys, I believe that some of the Surveys are too long for The Incentive that is offered.
    I also like Survey sites that offer money instead of points for their rewards. ( That way I know exactly what my acct. balance is at all times.
    But on the other hand I find a lot of there Surveys are unique and are offered by no other Survey panel

  • Lots of survey opportunities, they pay you 5 cents if you do not qualify for one. Payout can comeout via Paypal. Overall, a pretty good site

  • All I ever get wow we are all out of surveys.I had such high hopes joing. Mint Vine. I think you could do better joing some where else.

  • I have not been very successful at qualifying for surveys with Mintvine. It is a great concept I would just like to start earning.

  • Mint vine is okay, but more often, than not, there are NO surveys available for Retired people!

  • I really appreciate mintvine but GB I can’t get enough suryeys every time they say they have no more surveys try again

  • Had good results with most of their surveys

  • I’m enjoying doing different kind of survey with good opinions . They give you a lot of certain opinions doing getting your points with Mintvine . I have been with them over the years. Thank YOU!!!

  • love the site it is an awesome survey taking site

  • I do enjoy using this site I have got my incentives quick and on time and I can cash out at $10.00. really a good survey taking site.

  • Mintvine is a great site to join.

  • I like the surveys.

  • Very easy to navigate

  • I have been getting a reasonable number of surveys I qualify at a higher rat than on many other sites.

  • Mint vine is a good survey situation, I enjoy taking their survey and eARNING the many points they offer.

  • I enjoy the MintVine surveys, they are interesting and easy to answer. I like their basic format for surveys. I also know for sure they will pay, I recently got a payment from them and I am already almost ready for another payout. MintVine is one of the best survey sites in my opinion. 🙂

  • When I first joined Mintvine, I really enjoyed the surveys~~ not too long, relevant to me, etc. Then, one day… it just wasn’t good anymore. I rarely qualify for surveys now. When/ if I do, it funnels me to some other site and before I know it, I’ve wasted an hour of my time for NOTHING. Mintvine, in my opinion, is no longer trustworthy. I might even go so far as to say they are a bit unethical.

  • fast money here if you stick to it…

  • I enjoy the MintVine Surveys as well as the Funnel Surveys and the other fun type opportunities that they offer sometimes. Their surveys are a comfortable length and are usually interesting subjects.

  • I’ve been utilize Mintvine Review for a while now; and I have gone for maximum surveys allow; so far they do not disappointed

    thank you

  • I enjoy taking Mintvine survey for many reason , They are reasonable on the length of a survey and they compensate very well and you don’t have to take a crazy amount of survey before you can withdrawal your earning

  • I have never been able to complete a survey even if I log in immediate my. I’m tired of getting Wow we are all out of survey s for you

  • LOVE this panel

  • its ok,

  • Love Mintvine. Just redeemed points for the first time. Great survey site.

  • I been with mintvine for a while now. I love too take surveys and its great when you get too the amount for you too get a pay pal check.

  • the best one so far.easy and fun.

  • I recently joined this survey site and I am impressed with it. I look forward to doing more survey’s.

  • I’ve been a Mintvine member for a month now and I can say it is good for earning money online and the surveys are not that complicated. I’m sure if you join Mintvine survey members club, you’ll enjoy it.

  • I belong to alot of survey companies and Mintvine is at the top of my list, they offer great incentives and interesting surveys.

  • Very good

  • The surveys are short and interesting. Nice payout.

  • its a good one the surveys are fairly simple and to the point and the rewards per survey are fair

  • Looking forward to enjoying experiences taking surveys, participating on panels/watching videos for pay. on Mintvine. Many interests, fun,and easy.

  • I enjoy taking surveys and the perks are great, my husband and I are both retired so it really helps.

  • I just started but I’m hopen I can do enough to get a little summer pocket money!! Thank you.

  • It’s a great site and great cash rewards and they pay pretty fast. And the surveys are good you get points no matter even though if you get dq’d you still get 5-10 points.

  • I really enjoy doing surveys for mint vine. It really helps me to think about how to answer certain questions. Keep sending me surveys to fill out.

  • I really enjoy.This survey program is pretty cool.

  • Great program that offers real cash for the surveys you complete. I made my first $20 taking surveys with mintvine, straight into my PayPal account with no problems!

  • This is a real site. You get what they say. They a lot of panels that you can give your honest opinion and talk about health issues and political ones too. Good site !! !!

  • Mintvine is a great survey Program, its the best one I got so far, it pays on time, they have great things to talk about and most of all, it keeps you in the future tense of things as shopping and what’s to come.. Give it a try , I think you would like it…

  • I have had a great experience with Mintvine. It is very easy. You just answer surveys and once you get to 1000 points you can cash out and $10.00 goes into your paypal account. You are given 0.10 cents when you are disqualified from a survey which is really nice. The funnel surveys are good if you can qualify for a survey. Sometimes though, I will go through 4 or 5 screeners and never qualify. Other than that, I have had a great experience. It doesn’t take that long to build up 1000 points for the $10.00 cash out. It is one of the few sites I work on that quickly pays you. I would definitely recommend the site.

  • I don’t qualify for many Mintvine surveys maybe it’s my age, the participation I have had has been very favorable, thank you for the opportunity.

  • Its great reasonable pay and not a lot of your time. the best.

  • New to Mintvine and lovin it already.

  • I like the variety of fun impersonal everyday surveys!! I like the fact they gear the surveys based on things I like or am interested in. This site is fun!!! =D

  • I enjoy variety when I take surveys and I find that with Mintvine. They are also easy to understand and have nice graphics.

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