Paid survey programs come in many shapes and sizes, most notably in terms of how often they send invites, the various research opportunities they provide, and the rewards and compensation they offer.

If you’re all about the fast money, focus on programs that offer cash payouts. If you’re patient, look for programs that let you earn points and exchange them for gift cards or other rewards. It’ll take a bit longer, but you’ll earn more for the same effort.

If you’re pressed for time, look for programs that pay you just for surfing the web or running a mobile app. You won’t make much, but it’s hard to complain about making a bit of extra spending money without much extra effort.

In the end, which programs you join is completely up to you. It really depends on what you’re willing to do and how you hope to get paid for it.

Once you have a feel for what type of program works best for you, read on to see how to sign up for a paid survey program, then find survey programs that meet your needs.

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